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  1. ty, studio48 well, why didn't i think of it? that might be the problem. will try and let you know.
  2. hi, i've got the same problem. im trying to vlite vista x64 and get the same messages with both vlite 0.95 and the previous ver. currently, im using xp x64 with sp2. so, im thinking of building the iso myself using cdimage.
  3. Logitech Z-2300 2.1 is the choice. i have them and i don't regred a single cent i paid for them. enough power, crystal clear sound, no distorsion of the sound even at the maximum power, etc, etc, the only drawback being it hasn't digital connectors.
  4. c'mon ppl, dont tell me there arent any *** fans here! for me, games are like music - if you will listen to/play it for a month or a year, then forget about it right from the start, it's just not worth your time, not even worth mentioning it. i play *** for,... hmm, let me see... hmmm, wait, wait... hmm whoa, whoa!? i said whoa, man, is it really 11 (yeah, eleven) years!? whoa, THAT is the game! THAT must be something. so, *** III here, ps: '***' stands for CIVILISATION
  5. oh, Xyberz man... you win!!! yes, that's right, you win. really. now go home. please. oh, Xyberz man... you win!!! yes, that's right, you win. really. now go home. please.
  6. a local radio station called me to fix their pc. they were my old clients. but this time i picked a wrong boot cd with me. it was made to automatically format complete drive and install nlited xpsp2. when i put the cd it booted and started its job. when i realized what was happening before my eyes i completely froze. then i quickly ctrl+alt+delete but it was way too late. then i had to call the manager and lie about their faulty hardware. in the end i had to setup the pc from scratch, but i was paid really goood. thats luck i guess. sure, i felt guilty, but what could i do?
  7. DigeratiPrime: yeah, i think i'll try AutoFLAC - it sounds like quality. just to ask, those .flac images, are they suppoerted by burning programs? as of dvd43, yes, i tried it and i couldn't see the content of my original dvd at all. but i downloaded AIO_DVDBACKUP_PACKV1.2_ADDON.CAB (DVDDecrypter_3.5.4.0.exe, dvdshrink32.exe, FixVTS.exe, RipIt4Me.exe) and will try it, but, as i said, i don't like it from the start beacause its 3-4 programs instead of possibly one.
  8. thanks guys, but i was looking for all in one tool. eac really is the top, but for extraction, and i want to make iso/bin/img/whatever image of a cd. seems like i'll have to stick with ccd. it's the only one that i know of (besides alcohol) that can image both cd's and dvd's. now, is there a freeware tool like anydvd?
  9. hi, i spent like last 2-3 days googling for an all in one cd/dvd utility. i'd like to make 1:1 copies/images of my audio cd's AND dvd movies with only one application (freware if possible). so, is there any such tool? right now, i have clone cd/any dvd combo, and i got the feeling that clone cd is just perfect duplicator but the disadventage is that there not freeware and i don't like them because it's TWO progs. of course i can use only clone cd without anydvd but then i wont be able to rip dvd movies. i also tried alcohol120% but it can't rip movies. so, any tip/help?
  10. has anyone integrated wmp11 in xp sp1? i plan to do so but i'm not 100% sure if its going to work ok. i know it refuses to install on sp1 machines but i reckon it would run ok once it gets integrated.
  11. now, that explains my trouble. thanks!
  12. fine, thanks. welcome to the board!
  13. what is the structure of you cd root folder? if you have any folder named i386 try renaming it too. i used to have similar problems during instalation and i just had to quit. later it came to my mind that a i386 folder might cause errors. so, try renaming that folder too to somenthing like wxph or whatever.
  14. zeko

    airplane joke

    no, really, it's not a joke. honest!
  15. zeko

    airplane joke

    think over! i heard it about 15-17 years ago in bosnia. of course the characters were different.
  16. It says the price right there in the description whats the matter, can't you read?
  17. i see no happy ending here. tcsenter, you surely are an, very mildly put, inconsiderate noob. bts, i suggetst you give the man his money asap and spare yourself further trouble.
  18. thanks for the tool, {_carnificina_}. works great. what i would like to see in a future version is the option to choose compression level. for some addons i'd like to choose fastest compression level, and for some, on the other hand, i'd like to choose ultra level of compression. thanks for the tool once again. it makes my life easier.
  19. have you checked the installed codecs? some may be incompatible with you hardware.
  20. yes, i can see that i wrote "been using kerio" instead of "was using". i do not use kerio any more. i use lns instead
  21. look'n'stop. (EDIT: was using kerio v2.15 for a long time.) i can say that lns is really awesome fw. there is a certain guru-guy named phantom who made very tihgt rules for lns. all i can say it's almost unbreakable. and it's minimalistic in terms of system resources - aroung 3mb of sys memory at peak times. i've been running a special test on my pc for about a month now with look'n'stop. i'm trying to exclude antivirus programs and antispyware progs from my system. so, it's a month since i havent been using any antivirus or antispyware (i hate the fact they hog the syszem). the system is setup as follows: -installed look'n'stop (with phantom's ruleset) -using restricted user account -installed DropMyRights (awesome) -installed MakeMeAdmin (same as above) -using mozilla ff (with no script extension) NO av, NO antispyware the results, so far, are really amazing. not a single virus or spyware on my pc for the time being. of course to examine the pc i installed lawasoft ad-aware and upodated the definitions, then installed ms antispyware, and did a full scan on the system. then for av check i installed clamwin (latest definitions), which according to the tests, has one of the best scan engines. also did a full scan with it, and again no virus. this may be a little bit off toppic, but i presume it will be interesting for some of us who like to 'experiment' a little.
  22. have you ever tried third party drivers for your sb live? i've been using them for a few weeks now and their way better and more stable than the original crap. visit this site: http://kxproject.lugosoft.com/
  23. i used to have the same problem. eventually, i isolated the problem - my teac cd-rw unit was scre*ing. the cd's burnt using my asus dvd-rw were flawless. as a matter of fact, after flashing it with the newest firmware, teac cd-rw works ok again. so, im saying you either update you cd-rw firmware or use another cd-rw.
  24. 1. cd shell / bootscriptor (which i am using) for managing multiboot/menus + mkisofs or cdimage (which i recomend) for campiling bootable iso 2. either ms vm or vmware will do the job, but ms vm camplains if the iso is too large (700mb+) but, zer0frost man, i warmly recomend you register at 911 cd forum and do some serious work regarding the multiboot cd/dvd because once you get the grasp of it, you'll never want to stop.

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