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  1. Woah! That is really cool looking!
  2. Hmm normally when inverters goes bad or at least starting to go bad, the screen will either go blank, but you can still see the desktop if you shine a light on it. But the system still works. What you described, sounds like the video card/driver. Hook up the laptop to a monitor and see if it does it on there. That's good trouble shooting thing. Another thing you could do is run a Linux live cd, like Ubuntu and see if the screen goes white that way. If not then its some sort of driver/software error. If it does go white then it's probably your video card. That's the only thing I can think of. I hope I helped!
  3. Thats awesome! I could sleep in there! When I worked for the state we had the main server room for all the state departments in state of Vermont and man was that loud in there! They even had ear protection hanging on the wall! Awesome video though!
  4. no no no.. it isn't that sound. its hard to turn a sound into a text Its not like windows xp/vista email notify sound, but its almost similar, as in the length of the sound. Here's the sound I recorded over my mic from my dads iPhone - http://nerwin.net/downloads/sound.wma I want a desktop version so it sounds better!
  5. Man I can't remember what it sounds like, but have you ever listen to Chris Pirllio's live stream? Cause you hear that a lot on their AND on my dads iPhone, when he gets a email it will make a certain sound and that's the sound I'm looking. It's not when I send email, Its when I receive it. Email Notification.
  6. Hello guys, I didn't know if there is any way to get the email sound from the latest version of MAC OSX?
  7. I was going to go to my High School graduation, but they never told me anything. The start of my senior year, they told me I have already graduated! I wasn't even on the student list! I had nothing but problems with this darn school in my senior year, I guess some other kids had the same problem too. I don't know what was going on... So I end up didn't go because they sent me everything AFTER everything that was done. But I didn't really go to my high school because I went to a vocational school for the most of my high school career. So kind of was thinking not going anyways because no one knows me! they would be like, who the heck is him? lmao. But did you go to your High School graduation?
  8. Mines all aluminum thats the main reasons why I bought it No you have to take the whole front panel off by using a hex tool. Thats the only down fall. But I use a vacuum or a blower to clean the bottom filter out. When I bought mine, I but replacement fans for it. I got 4 80mm blue LED fans and it just looks cool
  9. Twitter is pretty cool! But I bet you can't guess my handle
  10. I heard the Netgear Readnas are pretty good, But I also heard the HP MediaSmart is really good, I plan on buying just for my photography.
  11. I personally love my Coolermaster Praetorian, I paid a lot of money for it and it does it's job well, sucks that it only works with 80mm fans, but it still keeps my system cool! No metal on this baby (plus doesn't it sound cool?)
  12. I hope this isn't breaking the rules, if so, it would be my first. Just me know if I am Well I finally got a decent camera with interchangeable lens, but since I am not the original owner, I can't replace the lens that I had on it and its busted. It's expensive! And I need to get another one so I can get back out shooting again. I also want to get a flash so I can do portraits or when I am at party's or something, I don't want to miss the good moments. Since I no longer have a job and can't find a job currently, I can't afford to replace the lens. The lens is more expensive because I am upgrading it for better zoom. One of my friends suggested Fundable, So i'm giving it a shot and I donated 10 dollars to my self to get he ball rolling, but I just don't think its going to work. If you have another way of doing this or something that could help me to reach my goal, even if its not to do with fundable. I just plainly don't have the money [ Removed. See below. ] Thanks, I don't know what else to do.
  13. I use DVD-R when recording VHS to DVD. (or Anything) DVD-R are more expensive, but they are better than DVD+R
  14. Sims 3! I can't wait for it. I love The Sims!
  15. Yeah, I thought its broken, because I have a old Film SLR, and the lenses do not do that. I'll probably go ahead and get the same exact lens, maybe with a better filter.
  16. Alright, well I made a video of what it does. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfQDrP6eajU I know it sounds like I am doing it hard, but i'm moving it very lightly. I don't know. I think its broken!
  17. Hey I want that on my wall XD That would be cool to do, if it was possible, which I think it is. "The Wall...(something)..."
  18. Well I seen a Voo-Doo PC for $48,000....
  19. Like taking a photo of my floor or something? BTW, how do you change the F-Stop number on the D60?
  20. Thanks, Well I think the Camera Body is alright because it just feels it. Still has that new plastic smell if you know what I mean. There is no defects in the images, just the blurred corners. Which I am sure if something was wrong with the body, there would be other issues with it. I was going to get the 18-200 VR lens, but its just not in my budget. I can get the 18-55mm VR though, that's not a issue. My parents are going to get me the 55-200mm VR lens for my graduation. Just wondering, is there anything that I can do in the mean time to confirm the camera body is in perfect condition? Anyways, just letting you know when I took off the lens, the sensor and mirrors look perfect. Nothing seems to be loose or abnormal, so I assume its good. EDIT: Heres a sample image that I took with the supposedly broken lens, this was also taken on automatic mode and auto-focus. http://i41.tinypic.com/2exablh.jpg That was the worse one, other ones seem to be a little better than that, but you get the picture!
  21. Yeah, I think its busted. It totally not parallel to the back (where the zoom ring is) from the side, you can tell its tilted down. There is just a lot of play, like it bounces up and down when I walk, its that bad. Sometimes when I zoom out around half way, its get stuck and I have to really force it to zoom more. after I do that it wont auto focus until I turn off the camera and turn it back on So do you think a new lens should fix this? Maybe it will fix the blurry corners too? This is the lens that is on it right now that is broken. http://www.amazon.com/Nikon-18-55mm-3-5-5-...9498&sr=8-5 Should I just get the same one?
  22. I have a Nikon D60 with a 18-55m VR Nikkor Lens, you know the one that comes with the D60 kit. Well it does not seem to take photos right, all four corners of the image is all blurry, looks like crap! but in the center, its perfect. I have no idea why it's doing this, I look at other peoples photos they took with the same camera and same lens and its perfect. Also the lens barrel has a ton of play. Like say when I switch it to manual, it moves and makes my shot blurry. I mean it moves up a lot and if you look at it when the camera is level, you can see the lens barrel (not the zoom ring) and it looks a little tilted down. Help?
  23. I doubt it. I'm sure just some one created a bunch of these accounts to just pick on them. I don't know really. But it is funny
  24. I just saw this in PC World and It made me laugh really hard, check it out: http://www.pcworld.com/zoom?id=162166&...1&zoomIdx=2

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