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  1. Do you think i need something better?
  2. because i don't know were to put it
  3. What do you guys think about a mac mini? becasue i'm been thinking to switch to mac
  4. i just noticed a big decreased in my computer performance because i have reformatted my hard drive about 3 times and it seems slower any reasons why?
  5. i'm just wandering if anyone know which is the best way to build a computer. is there like a kit that i can buy and build or could i just buy all of the parts then bulid it or is there another way, what do you guys think.
  6. About a 2 weeks ago Why?
  7. Well i ran a antivirus and spyware nad ad ware remover came up clean still dose it
  8. I just wandering why my computer is so slow Because it takes a while to open my computer, the start button and takes a while to close, And on my picture slide show for screen saver it takes about 15 seconds to change when it is set on 6 seconds. Some one please help becasue i'm about to throw it at the window Its a 2.8GHZ celeron processor 80 gig hard drive 1024MB of ram Windows xp pro Why is that so slow
  9. it says that in system information
  10. My friends computer has 256 ram and it only shows about 24 MB of ram instead of 256 and there is hardly anthing installed on it. should i tell him to go and buy more ram or is it a problem that i can fix. It's a emachine Windwos xp pro has a amd processor 2.0 GHZ But it only shows 1.3 GHZ Can anyone help
  11. i have pro on my computer and i like it! i would recommend it to people.
  12. Just Choose which one is the best
  13. Just Choose Which one is the best
  14. does any one know which browser is better? Mozilla FireFox VS Internet Explorer?
  15. I'm just want to know if i can log on other computer with the same user profile but with out a server. Can i do that? There all pro 2 computers are wireless

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