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  1. Thats awesome! At my high school, few years ago one of my friends overclocked a really old system (I don't remember what the cpu was exactly, Maybe a P2? or a P1?) but it was like 600mhz and he overclocked it to like almost 2ghz lol. This wasen't in the BIOS either, it was switches on the motherboard.
  2. Thats pretty good, I don't want to get into extreme overclocking where you have to mess with the voltage. But I have only overclocked a couple times before so i'm quite new to it. My current motherboard didn't have the capabilities to be overclocked. But I have build a few machines for a few friends of mine and one was a p4 3.2ghz (about 4 years ago) and I overclocked it to like 3.8ghz and I guess it's still been running strong. But anyways this would be cool. Cheaper, but faster CPU than the i7, in some ways I suppose.
  3. Wow! Thats pretty crazy! Now what if I overclocked it to like 3ghz? I think I am totally going to get an i5!
  4. So I may not need a sound card then. I would like to use digital, but I know I would need to buy new speaker system. For the ram, I probably will get 8gigs. why not? It would be worth it. I know it will be better working with a high res images, like panoramics. Well thanks dude, I'm going to keep this option I think, Who knows by the time I am ready to order, stuff could lower/and or have sales. Thanks so much for your help! Oh I am just wondering, Why the i5 is faster than the Core 2 Quad?
  5. Thanks man, The i5 is Quad Core, correct? I'm almost thinking to do this, even though it will cost more, but I would use it a lot more. I would most likely be more productive. I love either you listen, I already have a brand new dvd writer (sata, lightscribe, you know a good one) So I wont need that. Would a the Antec 430 watt still be enough to run the i5, Video Card, and the 8gb of ram? I mean I would like to get a little better sound card then what I have, you know one that is like supported for Windows vista/7 With the extra money I "should" put it toward another 22inch monitor and get rid of the 17inch. I'm hoping to sell a couple computers that I have, birthday coming up, christmas, I might have enough. I guess we will see. Anything can happen. But I totally need to build a new system, that is for a fact. Though I do need new camera lenses, webcam, condenser mic. But I could live with out it for a while I assume. But I most likily woulden't need to upgrade for a while. But I would have that option there if I wanted to!
  6. I don't know man, I'm a sound man Random Question, does anyone have anything against Full Tower cases?
  7. Well I decided to wait a bit more longer and see if I can just build a whole new system. Case and all. I will try my best to get my budget as high as a I can. I need to go and figure a few things out before hand but, if I can do this it should be worth it, maybe I could even go with an i7. I don't know yet. What would $750 bring me? (don't bother with the case, I can get that anytime. I do want A video card, I don't need two, but would like the extra spot available for one, just in case. I would prefer I nice sound card, but I guess it depends. I'm just trying to get a few options going in my mind. Thanks guys for helping me, I really appreciate it.
  8. haha, Well a Professional Photographer gets paid, I don't get paid, but I do some photography jobs in the side when I can, some I get paid and some I don't so I call my self a semi-pro photographer. You may be right, I don't need 3 monitors, but I do want 2 monitors, currently I have one 22inch and a 17inch. Not the best set up, but it works. And Photoshop and Lightroom runs like crap on my system! it's so incredible choppy. When using brushes, it's not smooth, it takes a few seconds for it move the brush. Did it a little in vista, but not as much in Windows 7. Man, I really don't know what to do. I guess when the time comes, I can figure it out. Most likely next month, I'm not 100 percent positive right now. I just need a better computer than what I have. I can't using photoshop/and or Light room. Just getting sick of the slowness, sometimes it can put a stop to my productivity. EDIT: BTW, my video card is a Nvidia 7600 GT KO. Also - I am extremely tired, so forgive me for my spelling/grammar mistakes
  9. Thanks CoffeFriend, This is going to turn into a $500+ project, haha. Only if I had the money. The only most high graphical program I use is Photoshop and Lightroom. Thats it, and I can run those with out any problems (unlike my current machine) This I would be happy. I really wanted to have dual video cards, for triple and quad screens. Being a semi-pro photographer, The more screens the better! haha. I do need a hard drive, that is high priority. Mine is getting old, just don't want it to fail and don't have anymore spare hard drives laying around. Indeed i5 is better, but to be honest, I don't really need it. The Wolfdale CPU I chose would be plenty for me, I would think. Most likily I would bump it up to 3.2ghz though. One of my friends had the very same mobo and cpu combo and ran it at 4.5ghz on AIR! Until summer hit and it started over heated. But he said it's a really great combo. I hear good things from both sides, it's a hard decision to make. It really sucks not having a job, no luck on wining the lotto either. But hopefully good things will come my way, at least that's what most of the fortune cookies I eat says...
  10. Alright, sounds good then. If anyone is willing to round up the parts for me, that would be appreciated. Oh one more question though, What about a sound card? I listen to a lot of music, I got almost 15,000 songs and i'm a musician. Just wondering what would be a good sound card, or if the built in sound card would be really good. Also - What about a PSU, I got a Antec 430 Watt, that should work just fine right? Since these i5 use less power, right? Thanks guys EDIT: That mobo you suggested, the PCIE X16 only runs at 4X, I do not want that. I want full 16X. Like the one I chose. I'm going to be setting up 3 or 4 monitors so I would need another video card, I would prefer the board to be bigger, well more PCI/or PCIe slots.
  11. Well the i5's that I find are 200 bucks.
  12. Thanks, I don't know if i would trust that mobo after reading all of the reviews. Hey my current machine is a P4 3.2ghz 2gb of ram and sata 150, so anything will be better!
  13. My computer has been acting really strange lately and I said I guess I will just build a new system since I built my computer in 2005 and it's just starting to slow down or what ever. I just want something to get me buy at least till I get a job or something and then I could build a much better system. But what I am going to do is still continue to use my case, video card, dvd burner, and possibly sound card (not sure yet) Anyways here are the items I plan to purchase, just wondering what you guys thing/or what I should do. 1. GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3P LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard 2. Intel Pentium E5200 Wolfdale 2.5GHz 2MB L2 Cache LGA 775 65W Dual-Core Processor 3. G.SKILL 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) 4. Western Digital Caviar Blue WD6400AAKS 640GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 5. ZALMAN 9500A 92mm 2 Ball CPU Cooler So what do you think?
  14. I recently installed Windows 7 and I'm loving it besides a few problems. I also got a PS3 and I thought it would be cool to use the Media Center Extender function in Windows 7. I can see my computer on the PS3 but it will not connect to it, it tells me to enter some sort of code but I can't find it anywheres. Also the Media Center on Windows 7 is not detecting my music, photos and videos. Even though I have it pointed to the correct directories. So if anyone knows about Windows 7 Media Center's ability to connect to the PS3 so I can play music on the PS3, help would be appreciated. My second problems is Flash not working right in Firefox. I have the latest version of Flash and Firefox and I'm a big fan of South Park and I go to Southparkstudios.com to watch full episodes. When I try to watch one it just gives me a white box where the video should play and the page just keeps loading. I tried it in IE and it works fine. Youtube also works fine in Firefox and other flash sites. There are a few other sites that use flash but don't work right either, same symptoms as above. I created this video of the problem to show whats happening. Everything worked fine in Vista, but just wont work right in Windows 7 and I have contacted a few other people that use Windows 7 and Firefox and they said it works fine, but why isn't it working for me! Thanks guys.
  15. Hello! Welcome to the forums!
  16. Well I don't know but We should see what the mods say before we discuss this any further.
  17. Yeah but I believe when you maximized it, Windows adding the big blue bar. But i'm not positive, I really don't think it's possible, unless you know what file, and or you will also have to know what code to change so it does have the blue bar. Like W3bbo if you did change it to the blue bar, it may not look right. I might look really bad. I think your best bet is to just leave it.
  18. haha! True! But I always will be Windows guy anyways (well at least for right now anyways)
  19. Hello Woody!! Welcome to the forums!
  20. Well those are most likely from 3rd party program that can change the login such as LogonStudio
  21. If you want it to look right, then you will have to downgrade the 8.5 or switch to vista/7
  22. Sure is. Make sure your system is updated with any latest patches for outlook 2003 I think you want to check this out: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook/...0872971033.aspx That should help you.
  23. What are you using to download "this" music? Please include more information so me and others can help you.

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