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  1. Just a FYI... Removed 17Megs of Fonts and the did the job. Also to answer the BDD \ ZTI deployment CD's yes it is custom WinPE not WinPe 2005. If you want to boot WinPE into Ram you can use either WinXP SP source or Win2003 Srv SP1. I recommend using Win2003 SP1 as your source to build WinPE via BDD \ OSD as it reconizes HW and performs a lot cleaner. Thx...
  2. Hello Fellow Members.. I'm working on a Windows XP Project Where we are using Miccorsoft BDD amd SMS to deploy and upgarde the client workstations. The one thing we have been able to is load and Boot WinPE from Ram. The down side is that if we have a PC with 256Megs of Ram and run the BDD CD from RAM it blue screens. Now when we run the same process on a PC with 512Megs of RAM everything run exactly as expected. So my thought is that my 170Meg WinPE ISO needs to be trimd down by 20 Megs as I read that you should have 100Megs free of Memory after your image is in RAM. So needless to say I'm short on memory. Anyone have any idea? or tools that could help? Thanks, RS
  3. Good day All, I have a request from my customer to provide a sysprep image to the Hardware vendor for imaging onto the Ordered PC's. However the cutomer has multiple OU's in which this computer can live in. So I was wondering if anyone know's how if the following can be done and How to do it... Or at least point me to some website... - system boots to DIAG (partition or Ram Drive) - Run scripts based on Diag boot - Injects files from Diag Part to 2nd Partition that houses PQI image of system - removes first partition and makes the 2nd Partition as the active.. Anyone have any experiense doing something like this? -RS
  4. Hey, I've been reading a lot of the threads but haven't really found what I'm looking to do. I'd like to create a WinPE cd that is bootable and will connect to my server and then start a Window XP Pro SP 2 Unattended install. I'm sure it can be done just not sure how to go about it. Can someone point me in the right direction. Thanks,
  5. Hey, I have added the "Add\Remove Programs" Shortcut to my "\$OEM$\$DOCS\All Users\Start Menu". Everything installs correctly howwever the icon in the "Start Menu" is now "ADDORR~1". Does anyone knwo how I can fix this. Thanks
  6. Hey, Was going throught the regtweaks and didn't see anything about adding "Add\Remove Programs" icon in the start menu Was wonder if anyone knew how to do this during the Unattend installl. Thanks, addRemove.bmp
  7. Good Morning to all!... I'm sorry for asking this but the connection I have to the internet is dialup running at 28.8 so running a search would take all **** day. Can someone tell me how to disable the windows activation?.. My uncle rebuilt his machine and is being asked to register with Microsoft. Any help would be apreaciated. OdOpEy :-)
  8. Good Day all, Just wondering if anyone knows how to have the "My Computer" name on the local desktop icon to read the workstation Netbios name?.. Thanks,
  9. Hey There, I've followed the XPCD "unattended.msfn.org" site and created the following, [Version] Signature="$Windows NT$" MajorVersion=5 MinorVersion=1 BuildNumber=2195 [setupData] CatalogSubDir="\i386\Update" [setupHotfixesToRun] js56nen.exe /Q KB811114.exe /Q /O /N /Z KB823182.exe /Q /O /N /Z KB824105.exe /Q /O /N /Z KB824141.exe /Q /O /N /Z KB824146.exe /Q /O /N /Z KB825119.exe /Q /O /N /Z KB828026.exe /quiet /O /N /norestart KB828035.exe /Q /O /N /Z qchain.exe But it doesn't run.. Now question I have is do I need to have the correct "VERSION" information?.. Any ideas?
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