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  1. oh sory didm'pt see ur helpful post Xperties.. dam how come last time i searched for EXACTLy the same ands still didn't get as much. oh well thanks both of you guys!!!
  2. umm sorry that site wbchug didn't help much. but dam THEY are nice icons!! gee ur gewd whereever u get em from if even u made them YURself! and i like that layout too ehehhehe and how it pops up with bigger view on mouse over!!
  3. well i was just checking a spam today (i dont usually spam-check but!!) From : "Okristin Maria " <idkpyuhoSusan9wgu@S3S5erealtyvaluations.com> To : <Undisclosed Recipients> wtf.. some kind of trick in some advance options, some special thing for the mail server or in outlook express. how do put as <undisclosed recip.. thing> a faster way to spam to multiple people with HIDING the To: bar!!! wow!
  4. i remmebver da old coolmon. was pretty good bu WINBAR 0wnz!!!!!!
  5. rofl wasn't hard? yer rite! was for me at least THankyou! so much im greatful!!
  6. lol thanks for the move. i guess it was in the wrong place o.O dum me
  7. Yo look rite here, i cannot get mcafee antivrius! ROFL it might sound dumb. but its the hardest freeware (or *cough* warez findinggz = impossible* ) software to get!! i am not kidding. u can't get freeware anywhere. fine fine. they wont give me freeware , BUT shareware at least!!!!!! i mean cmon i can't even find shareware for win2k/or/xp
  8. Look.. i've looked everywhere i can't find ONE mirc or msn icon. lol dont mean to be rude, but without it. my desktop looks like d0gs d|nner! all good (fooood's) icons and 2 crapoy programmish mirc and msn ones wiht old style mirc icon old and grump andyone cna make it 3d or lightish the corners or put in bubble IN ICO format . or anyoene kjnwo where to get tone!! thanku for ur help! YER u! sorry for my bad english. but im being attacked by 240 guys for computer :/
  9. DAMMIt that's a good one for a firstie!! dont make the letters too up and down'ish it makes it harder to read. and yeah not too dark in the middle!! oterhese that's very good work!!
  10. Would you know what these certain programs are? DONT say no lol
  11. Hey, well i just formatted a brand new WIndows 2000 (secure OS) havn't got the Video drivers yet so its look a bit (say 16colors only) YUCK!! but anyway usually my brother setup his modem in his room and connected and let me use LAN. bt this time i use the modem in my room with the phone line and it still connects to the ISP same speed and all. but sometime sit just hangs dead. and you can't do anything at all, like surf or anything. I drew a basic paint picture to show you what lights flash (externall modem) but rite now the computer is about to hang so i'll show you the pic some othe rtime. It currentlt lasts 10mins.. som,eitmes it lasts more someitmes 1min... its just crap!! [7 lights on external 56k] [Left - To - Right] = [the LED red light thing shows 2 5 7, then quikly flashes 2,4,5,6,7] back and forward and the computers in the lower right hand corner just shows 1 comp flashing insdtead of 2 meaning the internet is not active. but it shows we are sitl;l connected? anyone know such thing that could make it die out? its not the option where it goes 'If internet is not active in 5mins then drop line' i'll already put that dropdown to 'Never' but iuts some other reason!!!
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