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  1. Personally, I'd add Mono to the project. http://www.go-mono.com/mono-downloads/download.html You'll want to select Windows, then the option "Mono for Windows, Gtk#, and XSP" * When installing, I didn't install XSP, so I don't know whether it will break compatibility. * I also have not tested without KernelEx - I assume it will fail. After a long google, all I was able to find is this: http://lists.ximian.com/pipermail/mono-list/2005-November/029656.html
  2. I prefer "Common Sense", but I'm sure some people would prefer one with more aggressive scanning
  3. you can set the source directory to anywhere, providd it has the win98 subfolder. Personally, I put it in the winbuilder directory
  4. I'm looking for a program that will run in the background, and Launch/Kill certain net-specific programs - Such as a twitter client, RSS reader, etc - when I connect/disconnect from a network. Does anyone know of a program that can fill these requirements? If not, a program that will just launch/ignore a specified program when activated would also be useful. I hope that made sense.
  5. You could check the location of the Application Data folder and check it in relation with the windows folder. IE: If %appdata% is in "%windir%/Application Data" it's single User, if it's not (%windir%/Profiles/*/Application Data), it's multiuser. This is however a *very* bad way of doing it, and would probably fail with translated versions of windows. I'd have to start digging in the registry to work out if there's a simple way to measuring it. Oh, and remember that even when multi-user is enabled, you can still hit cancel, and load up the single-user profile.
  6. Swapping MSN Messenger for Pidgin would be a much nicer idea. Pidgin can use all the popular IM networks, and has more features than MSNv5 anyway.
  7. Just a question, Where's your system tray? Otherwise, it looks awsome, and I'm gonna install it now
  8. "I ***ing hate Vista! Why didn't they leave Word as it was in XP?" I *know* people don't understand what an O/S is, when they call office 2007 vista.
  9. kamahl

    Unable to Update?

    >ping updates.microsoft.com Ping request could not find host updates.microsoft.com. Please check the name and try again. >ping downloads.microsoft.com Ping request could not find host downloads.microsoft.com. Please check the name and try again.
  10. I'm unable to connect to download.microsoft.com or use Windows Update on my Windows 7 Machine. It works fine in both my other computers, so it's not a DNS or other connection issue. Any Ideas?
  11. I'd recommend doing a full windows update (Including Optional Components), and then try installing it again. It worked for me
  12. I'm looking forward to that boot screen As for the theme, it's too blue for my liking... But I stole the start button to add to my (majorly) modified version of XPEnergy.
  13. In my experience, Windows 98 doesn't like data DVDs... May I suggest using XP for this one?
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