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  1. Thank you, John! It works!
  2. Hello everyone! I've recently switched to Win7 Pro on a three year old notebook and I am very pleased. The machine went from "bogged down hard and soon to be replaced" to a performance machine. In order to save resources when I do not use Vmware Workstation, I have set all its services to manual and wrote a batch file to stert them only when I need to - and stop them thereafter: @echo off net start "VMware Authorization Service" net start "VMware DHCP Service" net start "VMware NAT Service" net start "VMware USB Arbitration Service" start /wait "C:\program files\VMware\VMware Workstation\VMware.exe -x C:\VM\Windows 7\Windows 7.vmx" net stop "VMware Authorization Service" net stop "VMware DHCP Service" net stop "VMware NAT Service" net stop "VMware USB Arbitration Service" taskkill /F /IM vmware-tray.exe exit Now.... the services start and stop just fine but Vmware does not run, with or without "start /wait". I've also tried the %programfiles% variable but it just doesn't work. Now I changed it to this: "C:\program files\VMware\VMware Workstation\VMware.exe -x C:\VM\Windows 7\Windows 7.vmx" Now at least I get an error message: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect. Could somone please point me in the right direction?
  3. After another few hours of research I seem to have found the heart of the problem: I am not amused! It may indeed be illegal to track somebody else's time but surely not ones own. I believe this should be a choice option! So... I have little motivation to change my region, as many other factors are affected by that (currency symbol, date format etc). Any ideas for a feasible approach to spoofing office with a different region / unhooking the check etc? Maybe a good ol' registry hack?
  4. Hello everybody! I have recently re-discovered the Word (2007) feature "total editing time": Office Button -> Prepare -> Properties -> Document Properties -> Advanced Properties -> Statistics (a long way, I know) I have also learned how to display the total editing time in the document itself: http://www.informit.com/articles/article.a...0&seqNum=12 The problem is: It doesn't work. In the above statistics the minute counter stays firmly rooted to 0. The edittime filed does the same. Now I've looked in every possible option I could find and there is no trace to enable this feature anywhere. How can I enable "total editing time" in Word 2007?
  5. Here is a rough idea: Now I've seen it was possible to assign a different computer name depending on the mac address. Wouldn't it be possible to distingush between the two pcs by their mac addresses and then have a batch file determine the cd drive letter and copy over one of either 2 install folders depending on the mac address... ??
  6. Could someone please have a look at this batch file. The file seems to run just fine but the settings aren't imported.. Any idea why? (and yes, I did get a nights sleep before asking this ) @echo on title Applying Visual FX Settings... ECHO. attrib -R /S "%USERPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\visualfx.cmd" REGEDIT /S "%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\visuals.reg" REM start /wait del "%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\*.reg" /q DEL "%USERPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\visualfx.cmd"
  7. Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004

    I just came up with a very nice way to circumvent Dreamweaver's readme (without using sleep): dreamweaver.vbs Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell") WshShell.Popup "Oi! Keep your flippers away from Pistol and Shooter!",5," - Warning - ",48 WshShell.Run ("%systemdrive%\install\dreamweaver\setup.exe /s /sms") While WshShell.AppActivate("Welcome to Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004") = FALSE WScript.sleep 2000 Wend WshShell.AppActivate "Welcome to Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004" WScript.Sleep 500 WshShell.SendKeys "%{F4}" WScript.Quit This way it doesn't matter which (default) browser the readme is opened in. Tested on IE6 and Firefox.
  8. Unattended Mozilla Install

    It was indeed Alanoll who gave me the idea to try the Mozilla installer on Firefox. Thus he deserves the credit for it. Issues remaining unsolved however are XPI extension installations via Firefox's config.ini (or any other way of installing Firefox extensions silently and unattended). Any help with this issue is greatly appreciated. Why hexing the installer when it works just fine this way? The files have more than 200.000 differences...
  9. Anytime, zippy. You way also want to check this site for some infos on redirecting batch output.
  10. i'm noob, never find any redirect command like this... where did this syntax came from? I found that syntax here.
  11. I got it to work now. (A nights sleep helps things enormously...) Apparently, it isn't possible to use the redirect command like this: >logfile.log batch.cmd Instead one has to use the old-fashioned command: batch.cmd > logfile.log Now that still doesn't work from within winnt.sif and cmdlines.txt so I had them call batch files with the respective commands, turn on @echo in the batch files and abfter fixing some paths it worked like a charm and I am now finding 2 nice log files on my desktop after installation. Thanks again for the help!
  12. Thanks GreenMachine, that surely works, but the problem is simply this: It doesn't seem possible to use commands like this: >"%AllUsersProfile%\Desktop\installs.log" "%systemdrive%\install\installs.cmd" or the ones you suggested in the [COMMANDS] section of cmdlines.txt and in the [GuiRunOnce] section of winnt.sif. I've tried using batch files in these sections to call the commands but that didn't work either.
  13. For reasons of debugging I would like to capture the output of my installs.cmd and hotfixes.cmd into two logfiles on the desktop ready for inspection after installation finishes. I've tried many ways of doing so but they all have failed I'm using this command to enable the output to a logfile: >"%AllUsersProfile%\Desktop\installs.log" "%systemdrive%\install\installs.cmd" Now it works just fine in the lab but not in a virtual machine. I know the cmdlines.txt and the RunOnceEx section of winnt.sif don't like the commands such as the above so I'll have them call a cmd file with the above method but they won't even start. I've checked for spelling mistakes, folders etc. There must be a way to do this... How can I log the output of my hotfixes.cmd and installs.cmd?
  14. WS_FTP Pro 9

    The installer seems not to be implemented properly... It turns out an iss file but refuses to install silently afterwards. Even the method described on the ipswitch website knowledge base doesn't work. Knowledge base - silent install I've tried unpacking the file with no success. I managed to capture the files extracted by the installer in the temp directory but they are only 1.5 Megs compared to 6.5 originally. Also setup complains about data2.cab missing...
  15. NotePad2

    Notepad can be easily replaced with the enormously powerful UltraEdit. They even have instructions on their website to do so. UltraEdit also installs silently but its not free though.... www.ultraedit.com