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  1. 2003 Word - collapsable outline

    Got it. Obvious. "outline view" Surprised no one replied, though.
  2. I'm almost positive I've seen this, but can't find it in my copy of Word 2003. By "collapsible outline" I mean a display that allows you to see only up to a single layer of an outline. It's quite similar to the way folders are displayed in Windows, where the "+" in the box is clicked and it opens the next layer of that folder. But the as I recall, Word will display down to a particular level is done across the entire outline rather than for just one item. Maybe I'm dreaming, but if you know how to do it, please tell me where to find it. Thanks! Michael
  3. SAVE AS folder tree jumps around

    I think it's every application but I notice it most when I'm in Firefox (3.5) and saving pages of content to read later. Most other apps I use I save new files in the same folder every time and the apps remember where that was, so there is no need to move to a different folder. But, with articles from the web, I move around a lot. Last time I posted about this problem (prior to SP1 and not on this forum) several people knew exactly what I was talking about and at the time they said they thought SP1 would solve the problem. But, for me, it didn't.
  4. SAVE AS folder tree jumps around

    I do a LOT of SAVING and probably the most annoying aspect of Windows 7 is that when I perform a SAVE AS, the first time I scroll in the folder panel, it jumps back to the location where it opened. In another forum someone suggested this would go away with the release of SP1, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I'm hoping that someone knows how to fix it. Or, maybe I just have to live with it.
  5. I've moved from a desktop running Outlook 2003 to a W7 laptop running OUtlook 2003. One strange behavior that is different is that the REMINDERS WINDOW doesn't close when I EXIT from Outlook. It always has closed at the same time on every other platform I've run on.
  6. Moved to a 64bit W7 machine. Backup WAS working and then it wasn't able to write to my backup folder which is in the My Documents folder. I tried to fix it (don't recall exactly what I did) and now when I go to BACKUP and then click OPTIONS - there are "no .pst folders set for backup". argh. Can someone pls help me?
  7. outlook 2003 automatic updates

    Just moved from a Vista laptop to a netbook. On the netbook (XP, asus eee, 2gb) I ran a Windows update via Firefox. There were 13 important updates and a few others, but nothing for outlook. That struck me as weird. Is there a setting to tell Windows updater that other apps are out there and might need updating? [ps have had no major problems running outlook]
  8. How to load office 2003 on my new netbook

    Here's how I finally did it: I put the CD into a drive on a computer on my network. I made the optical drive sharable. From my new netbook, I used the network to get to the drive and ran setup.exe. It was like the drive was in the netbook. This was a lot faster than copying all the files from the disk to other media. Of course, you need a network with a pc with a drive. Thanks for the help!
  9. How to load office 2003 on my new netbook

    OK then. I'll give it a try. I've also heard about creating an .iso file from the disk and using that. You know about that approach? Doesn't sound necessary if your way works, but several people have done it this way.... with MS Office specifically
  10. How to load office 2003 on my new netbook

    Have you done this? I've always thought that this wouldn't work for any app.
  11. I have Office 2003 on my current laptop. I just purchased a netbook and want to move office there. But, Office came on a CD and I don't have a reader on my Asus and do NOT want to buy an external one just for this. How can I do this?
  12. Suddenly (nothing was installed), the Task Manager window changed. It now cannot be minimized and right clicking on it's process in the task bar generates no response. I can still close it by closing all windows, but if I open any other app, the task manger window also opens. I'm running Vista Home Premium with SP1
  13. WiFi dropping out

    Here's the short version of my problem: When connected via WiFi, my HP Vista laptop always drops it's connection. After this failure, if I go to CONNECT TO A NETWORK and hit the refresh button, the router can't be found. I can solve the problem (this ALWAYS works) by entering SLEEP mode and coming back out - or by rebooting. Long version: I'm running Vista Home Premium w SP1. My WiFi hardware is working because when I'm in a location with multiple WiFi signals - all the other signals are still visible and can be reached. it's not my router at home, cause the same thing happens with other routers in other locations. The time it takes to drop the connection MIGHT BE connected to how much traffic there has been with the router. So, if I'm watching a video stream, it seems to happen sooner than if I'm just reading mail. I'm less certain about this. Please: I know I can reinstall the Operating System. I'm looking for a solution that avoids that..... Michael