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  1. I have a table with A-G columns and 20 rows. If I do not select column A then the "Sort & Filter" is enable. The "Format as Table" also works. As soon as I select column "A" with the rest of the columns then these two functions don't work anymore. It's disabled or grayed out. Any suggestion? I'm using Excel 2010.
  2. Here is a weird thing that happens every now and then to multiple computers. We have a login script that maps to our network drive. Every now and then when the user go into Computer, the mapped drive "S" is no longer listed in the Computer. However, the user can open some Word files from within MS Word/Open. If I go into the Command Prompt and type "net use", I'll see all the mapped drives including "S" drive listed. However, when looking through the Computer, I no longer sees the drive. We are using Windows Vista 32bit OS. Any suggestion is much appreciated.
  3. I'm trying to use the Group Policy to control the Content Adviser and so far it's not working. There is no error and the gpresult showed that all my group policies are applied successfully but it's not working. I have combined the following links to create my Content Adviser. Controlling Web surfing with Content Advisor And: How To Lock Down Internet Explorer Any other suggestion is appreciated.
  4. I have a dual Dell monitor and Nvidia Quadro FX 4400 video card. When I tried to delete the Dell monitor's profile 2005FPW, I kept getting this error: An error occurred while disassociating 2005FPW.icm This happened to three computers that uses those two Dell monitors. None of the three computers can delete the 2005FPW profile. Here's how I delete the profile. Right click on desktop/choose Properties/Settings tab/click Advanced button/Color Management tab/select the 2005FPW color profile/choose Remove/then OK. When clicking the OK button, that's when I got the error above. Dell suggested that I connect the two monitors directly to the computer instead of using DVI KVM switch. However, I don't think will make any difference. The reason I want to remove this profile is because I have an overlay problem. Whenever I play my video footage in Avid NLE, the image brightness looks okay, but as soon as I pause or stop playing, the video image looks much darker. And so I want Nvidia's settings to take over instead of using color management profile. Any other suggestion is welcome.
  5. Does anyone have a problem with the Daylight Savings? I thought I updated my computer for the changed in Daylight Savings but somehow it's not. I'm using Windows XP Pro and it kept giving me one hour behind. Anyway to resolve this?
  6. I think IE7 has some serious problems. Has anyone has problems with IE7? First of, every now and then IE7 would automatically opens hundreds of tabs until the browser freezes. Other times IE7 would cause other applications to no function properly e.g. can't open My Computer, Visual Studio, or other applications. It happens randomly so it's hard to troubleshoot this problem but it does happens. I wonder if I'm the only who have these problems.
  7. After installing Windows Vista Enterprise, I noticed that IPv6 is on automatically. I am not sure if that is the problem. However, I saw five Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection showed up when I do an ipconfig/all in command prompt window. How do I turn these five connections off? I'm thinking that these Tunnel connections are the cause of sites being very slow and sometimes not even loading the page. I also have a Windows XP Pro as a virtual machine inside of this Vista host machine and when I logged into this Windows XP virtual machine, the page loads fine and/or much faster than it was in Vista. Windows XP virtual machine also uses IE version 7. So I want to turn off the Tunnel connection first and go from there to diagnose this problem.
  8. I have created a form in Outlook 2003. I've published the form but when using the form fine. The problem I have is, perhaps during the design steps, when receiving the form the custome build fields and textboxes are not lost. Any idea why? Help is appreciated.

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