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  1. why you dont do from windows it,s mor god and it esy lik WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-KB924667-v2-x64-ENU and you mak rename lik thes q924667-v2-x and type in run it cam lik thes q924667-v2-x.exe and comblt it lik thet /integrate:C:\W in coblit lik q924667-v2-x.exe /integrate:C:\W w thet wehr the windows you bot Iam sore for my lang I,am arab and thet what ido evre taime wthe my windows ihoop you get it
  2. i forget my pss for my email and i hav the sam email in anther windows in outlok but i cannot see the pas so ined to any way to recavr my pas ward i hop sm bdy andr stand my inglch thnks
  3. how i can get my mo de pass for my amil in Outlook 2003

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