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  1. how are you getting it so small with no 3rd party addons?
  2. Im in the netacad program but cant sit and read infront of my pc, i can print it out if i had a pdf of it.
  3. They are apps, ie Erd Commander, Ultimate Boot cd... and so on.
  4. I have 3 or 4 isos of diffrent programs, insted of puting them on 4 cds i want them on one. How can i go about doing this?
  5. To change the admin password, all you have to do is boot to NT password cracker. Done.
  6. How can i clean it out? Its taking up 10gb on my e: drive.
  7. Im trying to clean it out and i cant.
  8. Fall 2006 i will be starting my engineering major aswell.
  9. Alright, i got my A+ back in june, the test wasnt that hard. However come vista launch, that IS on the test ASAP. Im getting my ccna as of now, along with net+ server+.
  10. Another vote for OOL, they are upgrading all to 15/2. If your a new subscriber you can get the "Tripple play" Internet, TV and VOIP. All for 99$ IF you insist on DSL i vote for Verizon.
  11. I would try windows 2000, less of a resouce hogg... Anyway in safemode go to Start > run > msconfig > startup and make sure that nothing odd is starting up that isnt compatable with windows xp.
  12. Does it allow you to move the file?
  13. you want everything? or do you want to say for what software?
  14. Well, the line in my .cmd says DEL "%AllUsersProfile%\desktop\*.lnk" However some icons are made at first login and rent deleted. How can i fix this. BTW, this is ran via runonce.
  15. Now, does it detect that i have 1gb of ram or does the 1024 tell it i do?
  16. so [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management] "PagingFiles"=4000 c:\ ?

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