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  1. Ill try avast. Only reason why i thought to use SAV was because it was a coprate version from my last job, and we could always update it and not have to worry about a serial key, or activation.
  2. SAV is very good imo, and what version of the norton removal tool? the one i have seems to cause issues, such as only partially removing norton. And i forgot to add the line for the spyware part, im using the spyware pack from lunarsoft.net ;D
  3. i just got a core 2 duo e6600.... and i want one of the quad cores.
  4. With some installers it is possible, some its not. Im not an expert, but programs like photoshop CS allow you to say were you want it to be installed by what you supply in the answer file.
  5. Thanks bro. This version is really sweet.
  6. Yes it is bad. Some programs NEED a page file. If you must, make it as small as possible, windows will only use it when it has to. If theres no page file and one is needed, i believe that you will get an error and maybe even a BSOD.
  7. I now work at circuit city as a PC tech. Im looking to build of good library of tools (software) that are good to have. I now have Bart PE UBCD Dial-A-Fix Pest Patrol Crap Cleaner SAV Winsock Fix Double Driver CWShredder, SpywareBlaster, Microsoft Anti-Spyware, Ad-Aware, Spybot S&D, ewido Security Suite, CCleaner, HijackThis, Ad-Aware, ewido & Spybot updates/definition files Looking for some recommendations. Thanks
  8. That is because you cant re-intergrate the pack over its self.
  9. i remove the one that i know i will never need.
  10. Verry good sir, ive been waiting for 3.0
  11. Yea, its good now, but dx10 will be out soon... and BAM its outdated
  12. My preorder is in... has been in for 2 months. I just hope my new system can handle the game on high settings
  13. You can directly integrate the ryanvm pack in 7z format just as you would a cab...
  14. Thats isnt that big of a windows dir. Mine is 850 atm with all my software installed and such. I also use a pretty striped down nlited windows XP. When you make the iso, most of the files are compressed. So as the installation goes on the files are decompressed and moved onto your harddrive.
  15. Read this o_O http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=203
  16. Anyone know what it is? i cant see to get it to stay silent.
  17. I dont think it really needs that much... i remove almost everything and it works fine.
  18. Does anyone know the Ventrilo, Teamspeak and Steam switches?
  19. EDIT::: I didnt use the same plugin, i used a earlier version. If you need anything else, let me know.
  20. Well after 2 days of testing it was a Firefox addon i got from ryanvm's forums. KTT_Firefox_1.5.4_addon.cab I use it in my brother install and all went well. I guess i just had a conflict somewhere.
  21. I didnt use ryans pack, i thought 2.0.7a was the issue. This build i used xables. I didnt know that they were intergrated in an order. I did intergrate Ryans WMP addon, ill try difrent configs.

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