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  1. Well, I managed to find my way to this topic from Gizmodo. Haven't posted on msfn in a while. Anyway, I also am an owner of the 1tb 7000.11 series. The very first one I ordered was DOA, and the second one started dying within a month. Since then I have bought seagate hard drives so I have more space to have backups.
  2. hmm. i wish i could try something like that out. my motherboard has two ethernet ports.
  3. i've known someone who has had the same Maxtor hard drive for 6 years...
  4. i don't see how that affects it....i used the same ISO on windows 2000 for Roller Coaster Tycoon 3...and it worked then.
  5. the reason i post this here is because i've only had this problem on XP and not any other OS. i usually make ISOs of my games and put them on my hard drive so i do not have to change cds when i want to play a game. i use Alcohol 120% for this. always worked for me on 98SE and 2000. but on xp, i can mount it fine, and install it fine, but when i try to run the game, it tells me to insert the disk, when it is already mounted on a virtual drive. what's causing this? is there a setting i need to have on to be able to do this or something? *edit* it also happens with Daemon Tools
  6. i found that Mess Patch is pretty useful for getting rid of crap that isn't wanted (like text ads and other things) http://www.shiftthis.net/?p=6
  7. 1. WinRAR 2. Firefox (and extensions) 3. MS Antispyware 4. MSN Messenger (and msg plus along with msg discoveryx2) 5. Alcohol 120% 6. Winamp 7. Free Download Manager heh..that's actually all i really need...
  8. yeah i don't get how things look better on a TV..which is bigger than a computer monitor....but i heard TVs have really low resolutions...
  9. Wolf_Demon


    now wait just a minute! how is this possible? your screenshot shows that you have 103 posts, yet you have 103 posts....you would have had to have 103 posts at the time you took the screenshot...this does not make sense to me!
  10. Wolf_Demon


    lol Jeremy, I see how you have 3000+ posts. that was pretty humorous
  11. I gotta say, i am loving this site. the functionality of the forums and everything is great (gotta love that quick edit that i've never seen anywhere else) and there are great users here! i look forward to another wonderful year here
  12. I don't see the problem with the second joke being posted here.. its related to the first one.. and people do it in other threads too
  13. hahahahaha. i just saw it....on a beer commercial!
  14. yeah i tried moving large files on my old computer. ended up corrupting my whole windows partition twice O.o
  15. hmm...well the thing is...i used to simply press "Ctrl+Alt+Del" to get the task manager. now it doesn't bring that up directly, and is rather a hassle to have to click on task manager (us americans...always so picky ) and my computer has always automatically logged into my account because i'm the only one on the computer. but thanks for the alternative ways. i can use them in case someone can't tell me how to change it back to how it was
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