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  1. After i couldent find the adapter for my joystick, i went out and bought a Xbox 360 controller, works great; even better in racing games.
  2. That was the issue, just updating so future users can search and see that it is SOLVED! 0x00000019
  3. i had the same issue with a password yesterday, had to use a full version of windows.... :(:(
  4. Try installing ie7. That may resolve the issue.
  5. Whats the name of the folder?
  6. Whats changed on the forums in the last month? All threads now have a branch structure? Ive looked in the board options on how to change it back but cant see it. I see all topics but when i go into one i only see the first post and the list of replys at the end of the page. How can i fix this?
  7. I have an ING and a HSBC.... i find myself using the ING 99% of the time.
  8. i feel really stupid now... thanks. Will look at it in the morning. Im 100000% sure i never changed it from the AMD rig i had
  9. I have a new Conroe rig and my nlite setup wont work. I think i may of removed something thats needed =X. Here are the errors. When i select "other" i get the error shown in screen number 2. When i select the 1st option i get a BSOD. A normal xp install works fine. A nlited one with no add ons wont work ether. So i know its a tweak or a removed file somewhere.... i will also attach my last session. LAST_SESSION.INI
  10. I used to get this issue and it was b/c i had windows firewall/internet connection sharing service removed. Try that.
  11. Yea, its on its own line. Not on the internal network. My manager said alright.
  12. Thats the thing, im at my place of work (circuit city). I cant make my Wireless card act as a wap?
  13. Hello, i have one pc thats connected directly to the main switch. Now, what i want to do is to take the internet that i get via my nic and to broadcast the internet out via my wireless card. How can i do this? Pic below.
  14. Any way to run app1, wait for it to close, then 2 wait for close then 3 and so on?
  15. If you include your own, yes you can. If your unsure, leave them intact.
  16. Yea, at work i can never update their pc's b/c of the download time. This will allow me to do so if they want to wait the extra 1/2 hr it takes .
  17. Will that que them? Or run them all at once? And is there anyway where i can get them ALL at once, not one by one like with the microsoft catalog.
  18. Is it possible to get all the updates and then install only the ones that are needed OFFLINE? I thought i saw a program a bit back that allowed this. For clarification:::: i want to be able to put all the updates on a thumbdrive, rn a program and then it will update windows.
  19. your crazy.... Nuhi has been doing this for a long time... no need to go and destroy the community. I scanned aswell, CLEAN
  20. ive been waiting for 3.0 for months... its so close
  21. Works fine on the main drive lol, it has to be a registry issue.
  22. Im trying to install bf2 on my 2nd drive (storage) it installs however once i format i cant join games anymore. I can open the game but when i go to join them the game crashes. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  23. You have to RE-nlite from a CLEAN or FULL version of XP, you cant just re-add them in.

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