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  1. I am wondering if I can do this, if we integrate an update and it gets removed later, how do we remove it from a xp disk that we have already created?
  2. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to create sub folders with ones favourites in the winnt.sif. for example if I want to want a folder called training, and under that folder have all the relevant training websites, how would I do that? Ron
  3. I am wondering if anyone could help me, I have a client who purchased a laptop with vista home :-( She asked me to t/fer data from her old laptop to her new laptop. Her pc also had keyboard setup for UK and she needed it to be setup for US. I changed it to US and after a few mins, the pc wanted to reboot to install updates. It installed 32 updates, rebooted and came back to the login screen, after logging in, it told me that it was doing more updates, but did not say how many. After about 5 mins, it rebooted again and I was able to log in. I started to t/fer her word docs etc to her new laptop
  4. Nope, these are clone pc's I just would like to use my own oem key so that if I have to build 5 or 6 pcs, I do not have to open the clients original oem cd, so that when he gets his pc and opens it, he can put in his own contact details as well as his own genuine oem key. This gives me the freedom of installing everything quickly. Thanks
  5. Thanks for you response, I however want to keep the classic look, but if the users want to change it themselves to the new look, then that is ok. I am a system admin for a few businesses and just find it a lot easier for myself to use the classic start menu. I have tried a few more settings and will let everyone know how this turns out, but if anyone can see fault in my reg file, please do not hesitate to comment or even criticise, your comments and criticism is welcome ;-)
  6. I am a pc technician and build a lot of machines on a regular basis, so what I would like to do is have my unattend disk which will put in an oem key as well as load all the appropriate software that I instruct it, but when it is down, I can remove the oem key because it does not belong to the relevant client and then box and ship that pc, along with an original OEM license, so that when the user gets his pc he can put in his unique OEM code himself :-)
  7. I am wanting to know what I can do to make a user "register" his/her windows when they receive their pc back. I have noticed on installs from HP etc, that when you get your pc "new" from them it goes through a whole registration process. This would be ideal for technicians who setup a new pc and then can give it to the client and they can put in their contact details etc. Thanks
  8. Can anyone please assist me, I am trying to get my unattend to use classic start menu and everytime I try this, it does not work. I have read the articles and have tried using both ; Classic start menu [HKEY_CURRENT_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer] "ClassicViewState"=dword:00000001 ; Classic start menu [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer] "ClassicViewState"=dword:00000001 neither of them seem to work, once I login I still get the "new" microsoft menu. I have added all my pretweaks so that you guys can take a look i
  9. I am running into a potential problem My PST file is 1.9 gig and I am moving the files into my archive, but I need to always refer to my old mail and am scared to restore, what can I do as I know that outlook limits you from have your pst over a certain size. Please help, this is very urgent. THanks
  10. Hi there I am new to unattended install for winxp, I have come a long way, but I am wondering how to add folders for Internet Explorer with Links underneath so that my favourites are always there after I have done a fresh install. Looking forward to a response.
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