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    vlite 1.0 final

    1.0beta has been out for quite sometime now. are you sure about the info you gave? it looks like you are a junior member so i wouldnt think that you would know. if your judging by when the beta will be out by the 1.0beta that dont really me anything since its been out along time is what i would go by
  2. NunyerB

    vlite 1.0 final

    just wondering what the progress is or an eta. btw keep up the great work.
  3. In case you don't know, the "Core" - labeled builds of Codename Longhorn Server are DX10-capable and can be reduced to a ~ 400 Mb disc. If you are comfortable with installing a new shell over the command prompt, it's a pretty tempting option. now what is this??? sounds very intresting could you explain a bit more? the only thing i got out of what you said was that another shell will be installed over the command prompt which i dont have any problem with....can it be bash ok so are you talking about the "CORE" - labeled builds of Codename Longhorn Server as the vista edition? explain more pea
  4. im with ya on this one...(i see where you are coming from) alot of us want our games to work great on vista we are willing to lose any components nessessary to achieve any frame rates. aviv00 i think nuhi is achieving this in another way with vlite....but with the same result (but no tweaks yet specific for gaming) but by removing components it does free ram and resources up making the games actually work better i would like vlite (for me) to be like the xbox live OS just so we can play games fast no extra servvices or anything just enough so our games will work "Online" maybe nuhi can give so
  5. with all components checked on what is the size of the iso it creates for all flavours including x64 i would assume the vista home basic x86 with all components checked on would be the absolute minimal install... im going to test that one now and will report back with info please post the size of iso you created ONLY with all option checked ON and please post what install size it boots upto minus page file and minus hibernation file and before any updates would be nice to see what each version is doing in both x86 and x64 just for the hell of it ok with all options on and tweaks = anything tha
  6. nuhi what are the only components that will be left when vlite is finished (goal wise) will the core be DX10? or some other component AND also MS releases DX10 bi-monthly if we update to the latest (fixes lots of game problems in vista currently) will it affect any other component in vlite if we did all the checks on (to remove everything we can) just wondering what your plans will be for the minimal install using vlite (what will have to stay on the HD to make vista boot)
  7. thanks nuhi yea i was looking in that "C:\Windows\winsxs\Backup" and mine measues 357MB and this is with the original vista ultimate x86 edition i boot into the original so that way i can get vlite, nero and acronis working then i "Make ISO" of a vista home basic by checkmarking all to on (that will be like my base install) but i cant get there cause i just got a new sony dru830a and it had a firmware of SS25 and i got the latest firmware on sony site for that drive and it said it was SS22 so i installed it hoping there would be an option to back the bios up but there wasnt one so it flashed i
  8. sweet im going to do the same thing as far as trying services and files to disable/delete im having some problems for getting a good base to start with though so im going to need a bit of time what im trying to do is make a true image first (this is of the vista ultimate x86) full install with no options turned off in vlite yet then im going to install that then install vlite and then im going to make to more dvds (one with no options in vista home basic x86 and the other same thing but in x64) THEN when that boots i got to make 2 more dvds for trueimage so that way i can easily restore back t
  9. yes i am aware of that. that is why in my 1st post in this thread i mentioned both services and cleaning up directories i know it dont take 4gigs of disk space to have DX10 and net working this kind of a project is to get the "Bare minimum" as far as install size and services. vlite does a pretty good job but it still leaves a 3gig install and i know it dont take 3 gigs for DX10 and net to work (there has to be some more stuff we can delete) dont forget the actual games these days are around 4-8 gig dont think vista has to have 3-4gigs to make a game work in multiplayer so if anyone is intrest
  10. hi all so far this is how far i have gotten picking vista home basic x86 vlite = every check mark ON installed all my drivers and windows updates that would let me (had problem with net3.0) and didnt dload extras or language packs installed DirectX april im sitting right at 3.Gigs (after i delete temp files and everything in "C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download" maybe someone can help me what i want is just a DirectX 10 gaming box with net connection i dont care if the box is a security risk here is my system specs amd x2 4200 OC to 2.6ghz 2gig ram asus a8n32-sli-deluxe (latest bios) 4 s
  11. in memory yea they arent whql but i thought they dont have to be whql (thought they only needed to be signed) being signed and whql are two different things to my understanding
  12. my bad on thinking aero theme was aero glass. it dont need to recopy the source....it just needs not to touch the source (only read from it) like when you "make ISO" it makes the ISO in a new dir outside the working dir from within vlite...when i get to the "Drivers" step i added all my drivers last night...chipset, nvraid, monitor, sound and video card (note all COMPONENTS were checked ON in vlite) so there was no drivers so i added mine vlite i used "multiple drivers" located in one dir with subdirectories and it seen and added them fine so i made the ISO and burnt it went to reboot and inst
  13. hey all i just wanted to give an update i switched to fooling with vista home basic x86 (all i want is a good game machine for DX10 as i have a geforce 8800gtx) and i will use linux for my main OS on another partition i turned on everycheck mark in vlite i inserted all my drivers (chipset, raid, sound, video and monitor) the image is at 650 im buring as i write this... i had a problem with windows update on the prev image (which was all check marks on also) i couldnt dload net framework 3.0 update (actually i think it was the whole thing not sure) but either way it would fail everytime not su
  14. ok i browsed to the x64 dir on the dvd (copying is almost done) from vlite hope it works ok will give feedback
  15. if so what do we browse to on the dvd for the x64 version (will it still get the boot sector right?) last time i tried was a really long time ago.
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