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  1. Its not actually over the mains, its over the mains cable (think of the amount of cable buried in the walls to carry mains). Secondly I dont think house to house will work because there is isolation at the supply board/fuse board/breaker board to stop any shorts in your wiring from effecting the entire network etc.
  2. FAT64 - Nor does the earth revolve around the sun in 365 days. its 365 1/4 days, hence a leap year My brother is a carpenter, and he just loves the measurement system. Wood comes in 8x2 (measured in feet) x 9mm thick but, and here is the major thing, the boards are actually cut in 8ft x 600mm x 9mm . Screws come in metric, piping comes in imperial.... Basically it dont matter what he has to work on he always has to convert one of his measurements into imperial or metrics to order the materials *lol*
  3. Philips screws may not be the best but are alot better than flat-heads because at least you can get torque. I prefer using Torx (star drivers) etc, but usually use posidrive (most people refer to them as philips too) when building something for someone else. Also most countries dont actually sell pints of beer. In Ireland and England you get a pint, in Europe you get a half litre. Its not that much of a difference but us Irish like the extra 64ml
  4. addition to Jeremy's post. ipconfig /all will give you the ip address, MAC address and all the info you may need (like gateway address etc)
  5. Sonic~ Using a program like lynx you can surf the web from command line. Lynx and other browsers like it are text only, so will "render" the text portions of the web pages. As Ponch suggests portable firefox would probably be the solution you require. this will run from a USB devoice (or allow you to copy to the HD to run) without installing like normal. The reason why most programs dont work without installing is because they require registry keys and dlls to be installed. Portable programs bypass this problem (by emulating the registry keys etc) so they can be copied anywhere then run.
  6. little addition to above. When the file is edited you should run modifype (google for it) then makecab /D CompressionType=LZX /D CompressionMemory=21 logonui.exe to make the file back into the logonui.ex_ (or run a file archiver like winrar that will allow you to make a cab archive. add the logonui.exe to a cab archive and rename the cab file as logonui.ex_). Then just replace the original with the one you just made.
  7. to remove then Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [-HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run] "DAEMON Tools"="\"C:\\Program Files\\DAEMON Tools\\daemon.exe\" -lang 1033" by adding the - it removes the key
  8. I was just thinking the same thing. shortcuts have the extention .lnk or .Lnk as in link
  9. change to DEL /Q "%AllUsersProfile%\Desktop\DAEMON Tools.lnk" .ink is not the proper extention
  10. can you take the phone apart and take photos (even take photos of the board if possible). This could be caused by numerous things, and i would need to see the board to tell if it can be recovered (i have had some success before, and used to work in a Nokia certified repair shop)
  11. you have to extract the boot files seperately, using a utility like PowerISO (commercial) or BBIE. Dexter is right, the guide only tells you how to make windows based disks (as it uses CD Shell as the boot loader and menu). If you are confident enough to change from cd shell to isolinux the you can add linux based distros also.
  12. An upgrade cd requires an OS to upgrade so you cant format the hd to remove 98 (you could format the drive and reinstall 98, then upgrade). dont know about the legalities of using an upgrade cd's key, but would say its not ossible. Why would they give you an upgrade cd at a reduced rate that could thne be used for another install with a retail cd.
  13. Sometimes you can do what you requested, sometimes you cant. If the installer searches for a the next file then extrcating all the setup files and folders to one disk usually works, but if it requires a volume label (e.g. Disk 2, Disk 3 etc) then it causes a problem.
  14. actually all power supplies heat up after time, including in the desktop PC. Laptop power supplies usually heat up if used for long periods (because they dont have any cooling or heat vents usually) and is a normal effect in most power supplies, like the batteries heating up during charging or the laptop heating up on your lapp when being used for longer periods). The other bit is that is is very unlikely a laptop power supply will "fry" the laptop when it over heating becasue they contain current limiting circuitry and fusing so the power supply will fail before the laptop will be damaged . The noise is a differnt thing. This could be a normal thing (mains frequency is at the ;low end of hearing range) and laptop power supplies are usually switch-mode devices. The only true way to get an ancswer for this is to contact the supplier to ensure there is no know fault with the power supplies issued.
  15. Just in addition to above. You have to buy a seperate 64 bit install disk, 32 bit and 64 bit are seperate products and require seperate licences. Its like Vista N and XP N developed for Europe only release with media player unbundled, (also the product MS say are not selling) they are seperate to the "rest of world" release.
  16. 2 pases should have wiped it, but to make it properly secure run Darik's Boot and Nuke, run it with a DoD 5220 or a Gutmann wipe to totally erase the data.
  17. what did you use for hdd wipe and shred, and how many iterations did you run? Secondly the setup.exe may have been overwritten but the FAT or NTFS file info may not have been
  18. it seems no matter how many times its said, some people think that they might get an answer if they just push it *lol*
  19. Both of those are looking good. The layout is simple yet also pleasing to the eye. The only other suggestion I could give to you is, on the second image you have the text in the page, take the text and make it into smaller paragraphs of about 5 or 6 lines. If there is too much text in a paragraph it can cause problems with readig/straining eyes as it makes it more difficult to follow.
  20. i use upx --best --all-methods --compress-icons=1 "path to exe"
  21. i also hate sites like this. Lie ripken i will tell you that this can be done in php too. Its down to you now.
  22. word is really bad at making web pages, so im not going to even suggest how you may solve your problem with it. But if i were trying to solve your problem (i use notepad to code html, but you could use dreamweaver, frontpage, 1stpage 2000 etc) i would add a javascript to check the resolution of the monitor then create the gallery dynamically e.g. use javascript to find the window size. Then add a table (containing thumbnails of the pictures) that has its width and height defined by the javascript. That way the page resizes according to the window size.
  23. Firstly you asked the question in the wrong section, this is nothing to do with nlite (although nlite can be used to create the windows versions for the dvd you want to create). Secondly, look at the mulitiboot forum and guide and try the info there. Then ask questions when you have problems. There is alot of information on the forums regarding the exact topic you require, so try searching (as it gets tedious saying the same thing over and over again). Multiboot CD/DVD Forum Multiboot CD/DVD Guide
  24. Is the the Linux version "Read The Friendly Manual" or the RTFM us engineers send back to people who ask stupid questions on why their technology doesnt work

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