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  1. Basically, Mini-AV-OSis meant to be a Linux-based livecd anti-virus solution for Windows Users. Packed with the best, fastest, and most powerful AV programs in (and to be added to) the repos . with ntfs support, the idea is to make a livecd to scan win systems for threats and remove them without compromising the system. USB persistance would be nice as releasing an iso every few days to keep up with everyone's av updates would be insane. A livecd with USB persistance makes the most sense if ALL systems, new and old, will be able to benefit from this remaster. http://www.mypclinuxos.com/forum/index.php?topic=2237.0
  2. remasters - good or bad?

    I AM NOT GOOD WITH WORDS AND A FELLOW BLOGGER DOES A GOOD JOB OF SAYING WHAT I,D LIKE TO SAY HIS THREAD http://www.johnlpreston.co.uk/why-more-peo...ubuntu-to-mepis SO I COPIED AND PASTE Hi I think its a good idea to do remasters , as i was out on the look out for a distro that JUST WORKS, I havent got the bandwidth , net connection and all to download all the rpms etc I was trying to show off Kubuntu to some friends last Tuesday, and because Kubuntu doesn’t contain any proprietary software, I couldn’t play MP3s or video. Needless to say, they instantly thought it was rubbish, because they, along with 99% of the population of Earth, didn’t understand the whole concept of “built with free, open-source software”.This is why more people don’t use Linux, it’s a pain to get set up correctly. The thing that really annoys me is vendor lock-in, which is one reason why many Linux distributions use only free, open software. But it’s gone so far, that now Linux is on the brink of exerting vendor lock-out. It’s this kind of behaviour from many distributions that is causing the slow down, and in some cases reversal, of Linux; people want to be able to do everything they can on Windows on Linux, with minimal fuss. It’s exactly this reason why I switched to ultimate1.7 and pclinuxos2008 he. According to the poster of pclinuxos2008 he Quote: As i've mentioned, this is a distro i've made specifically for an Israeli/Hebrew user. Which is why everything is pre-included in the system, in the US it may be illegal but not in Israel. Even all our DVD Players here are region-free. Also i'd like to note, that this has nothing to do with official PCLinuxOS, this is a PRIVATE remaster done from it, and it is not endorsed by PCLinuxOS community. You could basically d/l PCLinuxOS 2007 and do a full update and then add the MP3/DVD and what would be the difference ? I definately would urge newbies like myself to give it a spin also do try out ultimate 2.0 that also rocks .Most of my friends use xp black edition ie the remastered xp with all the software preinstalled , funny thing is i can get a copy of that in the local market and linux -- no , i dont think so!!
  3. I install lots of distros. Several each week. I am a self-confessed distro junky. I have a collection of ISOs that go back many years. In fact I have boxes of spools of full CDs and DVDs. Aside from the space and environmental concerns, it is an expensive and time consuming obsession. Now, I have a solution. Better late than never as they say. My solution is a utility called Unetbootin. It allows me to copy an ISO to a usb key in less than five minutes. The usb key is bootable in the same way that a live CD or DVD would be http://linuxcanuck.wordpress.com/2008/09/1...end-unetbootin/
  4. TV Tuner Software Alternative

    A project aimed at building a Linux distribution for media center PCs has achieved a major new release. LinuxMCE 0704 is based on Kubuntu, and offers lots of flashy features, such as whole-house high-definition video distribution, optional alpha-blended graphics, gyroscopic remote control, and much more. LinuxMCE appears to comprise a set of add-ons -- such as the MythTV DVR (digital video recorder), for example -- that sit on top of Kubuntu, the version of Ubuntu that uses KDE (K desktop environment). It adds numerous fancy features, including the optional alpha-blended UI (user interface) http://www.linuxdevices.com/news/NS6449672401.html
  5. hi I,ve got software that spans on 12 cds and during installation it asks for changing cds ,is there any way i could compact or compress it to 1-2 dvds thanxx
  6. PCLinuxOS 2007

    PCLinuxOS 2007 has been released: "Texstar and the Ripper Gang are pleased to announce the final release of PCLinuxOS 2007. Featuring kernel, KDE 3.5.6, OpenOffice.org 2.2.0, Firefox, Thunderbird 2.0, FrostWire, KTorrent, Amarok, Flash, Java JRE, Beryl 3D and much more. Almost 2 GB of software compressed on a single bootable live CD that can be installed to a hard drive provided it is compatible with your system and you like the distribution. Over 5000+ additional packages available through our Synaptic Software Manager. Please note: PCLinuxOS does not ship with Win32 codecs or DVD decryption software. Proprietary NVIDIA and ATI drivers available after hard drive install." after installing follow tips below http://www.howtoforge.com/the_perfect_desk...linuxos_2007_p5
  7. Which is a good Linux For Me?

    hi I know its confusing with all the choices u get with linux , I,m also a noob when it comes to linux and i,ve also got an old system p3 733, 15gb 128ram and from experience the only distro able to run decently were slax -- but i could not install it puppy linux --same case no hard drive installer dream linux 2.2 -- works like a charm and my personal favourite pclinuxos2007 tr2 --- everything just works ,even the layout is like windows ,I,m using it and have installed it on my friends pc , he,s not a computer guy ,so evey time hes in trouble , i have to reinstall windows,and do a spring clean etc I actually made a dual boot with xp but he says he prefers pclinux2007 , it really is that easy By the way i,m downloading pclinux2007 tr3 right now and will keep u posted on how i find it.And plz don,t be put off by the beta release , its more stable than some of the other distros i tried . Plz do tell ,how it went with the distro hunt Thanxxx
  8. Features of Download Manager

    hi what about download using url pathway a feature i like in getright, so even if the download file has same name it can be placed in different folder automatically also Download List Generator would be great for downloading pics etc thanx