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Computer Commando

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  1. Computer Commando

    USB to IDE cabel adapters

    WinXP and Win2k usually have built-in drivers. Win98 will need drivers, they should be included on the CD that came with the adapter.
  2. Computer Commando

    Help! Win2000 not detecting my external HD

    Is external hard drive enclosure powered from USB or from external power supply?
  3. Computer Commando

    Motherboard BIOS question

    Every Dell has a Service Tag, enter it in here: http://support.dell.com/support/downloads/...s=19&l=en&s=dhs
  4. Computer Commando

    USB sticks or other alternatives

    How about CD business cards? http://www.ebusiness-cards.co.uk/
  5. Computer Commando

    Partitioning Hard Drive

    Partition Magic http://www.powerquest.com/partitionmagic/
  6. Computer Commando

    Useing twin monitors

    Works for me. 1 AGP card and 1 PCI card. PCI card should be in slot nearest AGP slot. Win98, Win2k, WinXP, all support dual monitors.
  7. Computer Commando

    Adding a Hard Drive to a Dell

    Find some kind of brackets to fit.
  8. Computer Commando

    viewsonic pf790 problem

    I'm not so sure your monitor is bad. Viewsonics are very good and your model is even better. Maybe you're just unlucky and it was time for it to go. Don't turn it off, let the computer "turn it off". I've got a 19" MAG and it does the same kind of clicking. I never turn it off, when the computer shuts down, the monitor "goes to sleep".
  9. Computer Commando

    viewsonic pf790 problem

    You've got a 3 year warranty. Clicking is normal. Don't turn off monitor. When you turn off computer, monitor will enter PowerSaver mode. http://www.viewsonic.com/support/desktopdi...roseries/pf790/
  10. Computer Commando

    Laptop hardware installs?

    Tell your cousin to read the Owner's Manual.
  11. Computer Commando

    Partitions: Primary vs Logical?

    Bootable partitions MUST be primary. Non-bootable are logical.
  12. Computer Commando

    Help with Control Panel Tab

  13. Computer Commando

    Win 2k3 Workstation conversion questions

    What you want to know is here: http://win2k3.MSFN.org/ All you applications will work, but many peripherals will not (mouse drivers, digital camera drivers, scanner drivers). Win2k3 was designed to be a Server, not a Workstation, but it can be tweaked to perform more like a workstation. I used an evaluation copy for several months. If you want to try out your copy, create a separate partition and configure for a multi-boot (I use Partition Magic/Boot Magic).
  14. Computer Commando

    Need and anitvirus for 2k3

    AVG-Free Edition works.
  15. Computer Commando

    Win2000Pro as a personal PC?

    2 Versions of Windows 2000 (Win2k) Windows 2000 Server Windows 2000 Professional Windows 2k-Pro is what you want for your desktop.