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  1. Recently I started using Rss feeds more, but in so doing I chose Firefox to always use bloglines as my default way to save an Rss feed. Whenever subscribing to an Rss feed I could choose which source I wanted to use and I believe I checked the always remember checkbox or whatever it was when selecting which service I wanted subscribing my feeds. How do I reset this so that whenever I subscribe to an Rss feed I get an option of which service to use?
  2. Hey guys, I mainly use FF as my primary browser, however, there are the occasional times I need IE. I've been trying to find a way to backup my bookmarks online, but this hasn't come easy. I'm looking for, but yet to find: 1. An online service or a tool that will work with both browsers hopefully 2. The ability to Import/Upload my locally saved bookmarks I've tried... A] Foxmarks and Google Browser Sync for FF and I like them, but they don't work with IE. << This would be the perfect solution if it worked on IE for me. B] Yahoo! Bookmarks, but don't really want the toolbar and the same with Google Bookmarks, I prefer to go without the toolbar. << Also a good solution, but I'm not a toolbar fanatic C] del.icio.us which works in both FF and IE, but I don't like their layout. The bookmarks aren't kept in folders like they are in any of the other online apps/tools I've mentioned. D] Kaboodle and this one does offer folders as a way to organize each group of bookmarks but doesn't offer the ability to Import/Upload any I currently have. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.
  3. I just went to Ewido site and IE won't allow me to install an ActiveX to do a scan from their site. So, what's the solution to sites that require ActiveX to run a certain service on their site? My default browser is FF, however as I stated above when going to Ewido to try an run a scan of my system it won't run in FF therefore when loading IE now nothing happens? Is there a workaround solution to this?
  4. Since applying the latest patches from M$ I am not able to log into Hotmail via WLM or Hotmail site directly. I can with firefox, but not IE. How can I fix this?
  5. UDMA is enabled and the CPU usage didn't go above 24% when playing a song in winamp. I have tried different players and same problem exists.
  6. Would turning off on-board audio and adding a Sound Card improve this audio problem as it either could be a bad on-board sound device or by installing a Sound Card help aleviate some CPU processing power from the CPU?
  7. My girlfriend has a Dell Dimension 3000 desktop and whenever she plays audio directly from the HD it's all choppy/lagged out. However, when she plays audio from a cd in the dvd burner, audio is fine as long as she don't do much. Is this a cpu problem where it's not able to handle the load as it's only a Celeron 2.66ghz?
  8. I have 2 pcs sharing an internet connection via a Linksys router. My pc dual boots xpro and vista. The 2nd pc runs xpro. Whenever I am in Vista I lose connection on the 2nd pc and need to boot into xp 2x and unplug the power to reset the connection on both my dsl modem and router before I get internet connectivity back. How do I fix this, any suggestions?
  9. Just installed Vista and lovin it so far however it doesn't seem to have a driver for my NIC. I have built-in NIC on an Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe which uses the Marvell Yukon Ethernet Controller. Any suggestions? Plz tell me there's a solution.
  10. Is there a way to fix this error without formatting? I have put my xp cd in and went to system recovery. I didn't do anything besides type exit and reboot and it gets me back into windows. The error has happened 3 times so far today. I checked my boot.ini file and it shows 1 partition. I have one physical drive but 4 partitions. Windows XP Pro is the only OS installed. I have scanned my pc for viruses and for malware. Title Edited - Please follow new posting rules from now on. --Zxian
  11. I am looking for an app that will allow me to password protect folders under xpro. I am currently testing Lock Folder XP v3.5 and it doesn't allow me to do what I'm wanting in such an app. It allows me to hide the folder, but from what I see that's it. I tried searching my pc for a specific file that I knew was contained in the folder I had hidden with the app and it not only found the file, but also allowed me to preview it without requiring a password to view the file I had searched for. I am looking for an app that will allow me not only to password protect, but not allow the preview of such files that are hidden and or if found at least ask for a password to view the file. I fail to see the point of just hiding a folder/file/drive if it's going to allow me to still find it and still view the files that I'm trying to hide. If there's an app that will do such things please advise me where I can obtain such an app?
  12. My brother and I share an Internet Connection via Linksys BEFSR41 router. I am trying to setup file sharing on both our pcs. I can see my pc and shares under My Network Places and I can see his PC however I cannot access his pc. He cannot see my pc and obviously therefore cannot access me either. Also when he goes to My Network Places, he isn't even seeing his own shares. I had him do the same steps as I did to enable my file sharing but obviously he's experiencing problems. Any and all suggestions are greatly welcome.
  13. I currently have a cd-burner and am wanting to upgrade to a DVD Burner. My current cd-burner is a Lite-On and I am very happy with the performance and compatibility with many media brands. I want compatibility first and foremost with my new purchase as I have been down the road with previous cd-burners where media brands were a problem. Lite-On is the first cd-burner I have purchased where brand type wasn't an issue. The 2nd thing I look for is speed - I want the quick burn times, BUT with the best results and also the best read times. Noise isn't really a factor unless it's to a point where I have to warn the neighbours it's just me using my pc and not a Jumbo Jet taking off in the backyard. Any and all suggestions are welcome.
  14. My girlfriend has forgotten her Windows XP Home password that enables her to login to windows. Is there a way I can recover her password?

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