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  1. [Desktops] 2005

    @vizionz Hey what did you do to your solitare? I want it for my mom she loves to play it! lol thanks
  2. [Desktops] 2005

    It's pretty plain but I cant do much with it since my comps so crappy.
  3. royale...?

    Will there be new Royale Icons in this package?
  4. Anyone have a good monospaced font?

    www.dafont.com Your Welcome!
  5. Adding a Hard Drive to a Dell

    I dont have another bay free at the time but im pretty sure i can find a mount to fit on my other HD mount, either that or take off the mount , take out the old HD and screw myself some new holes in the sides of the original mount (Put a mount on another mount)
  6. Adding a Hard Drive to a Dell

    I have already double checked there is no where to mount my extra HD but i was thinking i could just like getto tape it to the side plate that comes off or the bottom, would this be ok?
  7. Does anyone know where exactly i can mount another Hard Drive in my Dell Dimension 2350 its really crappy the one that came with it is only 27 gigs and i want to add a 36 my dad just gave me for free ----Someone please help me out.
  8. XZ-B-ONE Cursors 1.00

    Yeah these are cool thanks man im so glad they didnt come with alot of spyware like alot of other cursors ive DLed.
  9. Emachine Drivers HELP!

    I cant find my friends emachine drivers HELP ME PLEASE!!! i just reformated his emachine and i cant get connected to my lan for the internet cause i need the drivers so if someone could help me out its a Desktop number T2885
  10. ScreenSavers?

    Anyone know of any 3d cool (free) screensavers i can dl please help me out i need one!!!
  11. Boot Screen?

    anyone? please?
  12. Boot Screen?

    My friend tryed installing a different boot screen on my comp and it messed everything all up so i uninstalled it and the normal boot screen is enlarged now and i dont know how to fix it...? its not a life and death thing but it is anowing so if anyone knows how to make it the real size please help me
  13. The royale theme's wallpaper

    i have found that the wallpaper that came with my Royale theme is very nice fits in just right and to me is better then the ones on the site above. Try it! http://img97.exs.cx/img97/5364/energybliss.jpg
  14. Selective Screen-shot

    Alt+PrintScreen is very usefull thanks ive always wondered on how to take a screen shot of only one window
  15. My List of Free Programms

    vondaher where did you get PDF Creator (PDF)?? my friend use to have it and says it was awesome so could ya tell me where i can DL it or something?