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  1. I wanted to do this for days now and I tried installing it and keep getting installation terminated error, whats wrong?
  2. Just in case some of you are using another form of windows and don't have access to XP, and you want the origanal wallpapers you can have them. If you want hem just give me your email because I cannot upload 2MB.
  3. 1. can't install Wingroove and No Crystal FM synthesis Midi output. 2.screen flashes black and a prompt appears to install or view system files. 3. doesn't come with all previous window pictures, ect. 4.Can't change login picture. 5.s***ty programs and things already installed. 6.No Microsft Sam voice 7.Bad internet connections.
  4. No but thanks. It's the one with a orange square border that has only a pine tree.
  5. My old PC broke and I cant find it anywhere and I need it.

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