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  1. My unattended winxp home install will not go to restore or recovery consel after booting the unattended disk. How can I correct that. I noticed that there is no WINNT.SIF file in the non attended versions. JM
  2. There is no restore or recovery consel in my home disk installs with nLite 1.4.5 using sp3. How can I bring that back? Jim
  3. First off I have WinXP Home. I don't have a APM button under "screen saver" section. I do have an Advance section and a power button selection. ??? Jim
  4. I did a Nlite install with sp3 in winXP and when I indicated shutdown the computer would not turn off automatically like usual but there was a sign saying I need to turn off the computer. How do I correct this so that it will automatically turn off. I did not change any of the tweaks. Jim
  5. Thanks for the answer, I knew you guys could do it. God Bless, Jim
  6. I need to hide the product key during installation. I have Windows XP Home. Do I use hid or fully automated. Please answer this question. Or give me another alternative. Jim-- Fully frustrated!!
  7. I looks like that if you leave the tweaks alone that you change everything from the default that you usually install. Is that true that tweaking will make it more default? Or is it if you leave it alone default will result? Please answer. Surely you know the answer!!!! I have windows XP Home. Jim Fully Frustrated!
  8. I asked where is the guide to nLite. You claim it is not continuing to be updated but where is the older guide????? I also ask you why my install asked for the Product Key. My Product Key works, but I have to add it each time I install with either sp2 or sp3. What I am talking about is that the product key is susposed to be unattended. That means I don't have to add it when I install. Do you understand? Jim
  9. I am using windows XP not Vista. Don't like Vista. Microsoft is developing a Vista replacement called Windows 7!!
  10. nuhi please explain what you mean. I used the same key in sp2 as I did in sp3 but I still had to reenter it during installation. Does anyone else know why it won't work. I used regular slipstreaming as well as nLite and made two different installs, one with slipstreaming and the other with nLite. Jim
  11. I slipstreamed and NLited windows XP sp3 5512 version (both ways). I though that the install was not susposed to ask for the product key. But it did for the Product Key. What did I do wrong? Jim
  12. I mean the nLite guide. Jim I need to know how to make all the tweaks default(as Windows XP is normally configured).
  13. Where is the nLite guide? Jim
  14. The final(RTM) version of XP sp3 is susposed to come out tomorrow. I want to know which version of nLite to use and how can I make everything default(the way windows XP is normally) except that I do want to include my product key. There is one page that ask all kinds of questions for changes in Windows. I guess you call it the tweak page. If I leave the tweak page alone will that default everything? That is like you normally install windows. Is the v1.4.5 beta 2 version "safe to use" with this final version of sp3 or is it still experimental. Jim I made some editing note above. I need to know if I leave the tweak page alone will it be like Windows XP default?

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