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  1. So it is allowed to talk openly about the KernelEx, how to install it, etc. but not allowed to talk about where you can find it? This is not piracy or even "any other illegal activity", otherwise it shouldn't even be allowed to be discussed here.
  2. nvm found on the EclecBoard forums thanks for not helping
  3. where can I find the 02042022 version? I only have the 10262021 here
  4. Can you tell us how you managed to integrate it?
  5. I figured what the problem was, it had nothing to do with the OS. I had 2x4GB + 2x2GB RAM, after I removed the 2x2GB the computer was taking the same time as before to boot. I don't know why but apparently this was making the i7 870 boot slower while not affecting the i5 650. Now everything is fine.
  6. I tried reseating the cooler but it didn't help. I'm using the i5 stock cooler, should I get a new one? Still, would it affect this much the performance of the i7? It's much slower than the i5. Would reinstalling windows vista fix the fact that it's taking 5 minutes to boot as opposed to 1? Edit: I put the i5 back in and it's taking about 40 seconds to get to the login screen. Could there be something wrong with this i7?
  7. I had an i5 650 on this desktop, then I decided to upgrade it to an i7 870, but for some reason it's taking about 5 minutes to boot from hdd (it'd take about a minute before), and the computer got slower as well. I tried reinstalling the chipset drivers but nothing changed. From what I tested, the CPU is about 60°C idle, could it be because of this? Does anyone know what the cause might be?
  8. I don't think getting an extra SP should qualify to being different things. Windows xp 32 bits is the same as windows xp x64. Some 32 bits programs might not work on it, but then you could argue that 32 bit vista is different than 64 bit vista because 64 bit programs don't work on it, for example. I think M$ only changed the NT version of 8.1 for marketing purposes, just like they called it Windows 8.1 instead of Windows 8 SP1, they learnt that a bad launch makes the OS suffer for the rest of its life with vista and decided to give it a new name.
  9. 1. Yes, but so do winXP and winXP x64, but no one considers them to be different OSes 2. Do they?
  10. Persona 5 Strikers works on windows 7 with DXVK: https://steamcommunity.com/app/1382330/discussions/0/3117025249783740341/
  11. I don't understand why 8.0 would be supported, it's like complaining Windows Vista without Service Packs is unsupported. Windows 8.1 isn't a different OS, it's Windows 8 SP1.
  12. Despite the steam page saying it needs win8.1+, Persona 4 Golden runs fine on vista

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