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  1. Updated to v3.1.4.1125. see my first post. v3.1.4.1125 changelog - Now supports opening files containing special Unicode characters in filenames. - Right-clicking the annotation with zoom tool will not popup annotation menu. - When using the Commenting Tools, the color indicator will reflect your color selection. - Now supports simultaneous viewing of multiple documents. - Fixed the issue where some files display slowly in the print preview window. - Fixed the issue where some pdf files cannot be opened in the correct positions.
  2. Foxit Reader NSIS Installer (Foxit Reader Critical Add-ons integrated within the installer) The release was first posted at RVM foum. This package is made from repackaging of all the needed files inside the installer with modifications below- 1. askSBarSetup.exe removed 2. eBay.ico removed 3. Ad Banner at reader's window removed 4. Critical add-ons [JPEG2000/JBIG Decoder, GDI+ Module, JavaScript Support] added within the installer. The weird manual installation not needed. 5. Spell Checker add-on also added. As reader's Add-on installation requires some advanced registry operations to perform, I designed the installer with Nullsoft Installer System. hawk_FoxitReader_3.1.4.1125_Addon.7z (27.11.2009) Size: 5.73 MB CRC32: 1C077A10 MD5: EE160D6B3CB553481DA49201058A67B3 SHA-1: 9F39B442134B26406F4A92FA33FEE8BEA9AE8ED1 DL the Add-on: (Silent at T-13 minutes) http://www.filefactory.com/file/a1e17c0/n/hawk_FoxitReader_3.1.4.1125_Addon.7z PS. Optionally, the installer can be run from all windows version independently. Just unpack the 7z file, grab the installer inside. Vista & Win7 user will require Administrative privilege for the installtion.

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