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  1. that is good age for laptop. Old dells were built like tanks. 2005+ were too but displays suffer from white dots. Also seems notebook intergrated graphics support MPEG accerlation so can watch dvd.
  2. as far as I am aware HGST and hitachi are owned by wd now. Hitachi branded hdd wont exist and HGST Is enterprise grade brand
  3. WD black 3.5" is good one without CMR. Toshiba has SMR on many disks, but avoid cheap p300 ones. Here is list ones to avoid from toshiba if do not want CMR source. I do not know from seagates since have not been used them for quite time. At the end there is no many hdd manufactures anymore, so you may have Seagate or WD/Hitachi drive rebadged from some companies. Also unless you plan RAID array do not use NAS drives, they rely on RAID controller ECC and can cause major issues
  4. I also unplug primary hard drive since depending os it may try write boot sector into them and that broke stuff on me
  5. You need travel back to 2002 to find model. I used wayback machine to find model which is Dell Latitude c400. It matches your pictures and charger plug matches. I might be wrong but that seems same thing. That plug look similar what Digital Equipment Corporation used in their notebooks in late 90s. Newer dells uses big barrel connector like Compaq/HP.
  6. did you install Direct X 9? On my driver tests old directX was main reason to crashing. 61.76 can bsod even when trying open DXDIAG or anything that tries to read GPU, I need try 77.72 on mine since only tried 81.96
  7. It is more like what Microsoft wants. Many software devs are Microsoft partners and Microsoft gives them certain support guidelines. Good example of no support is AMD zen and AMD zen+ and Zen2 that claimed Windows 7 is unsupported OS, but I have been able to run Windows 7 on Zen and Zen+ using OFFICAL AMD usb driver for Ryzen and Zen2 cpus works too if modify usb driver. Same happened on NVME drives that all sudden were never supported on Windows 7 despite there is NVME patch from MS to generic support, that disappeared from web. Then for XP was all sudden XP never support Exfat drives (offical patch disappeared from MS site), it took forever to find that patch for Finnish Windows XP, but eventually did. Then last example is being Happauge USB Tv tuners. Back in 2015 their site said supported platforms being Windows XP-Windows 10 then today site claims only supports Windows 7+. Also they got Windows Media Center edition support site that says all tuner models are supported on Windows WMC edition 2005, which is Windows XP. I emailed their support asking if it can be used since conflicting information on their current site and their response was XP had never been supported on those tuners. Well I bought one and after changing single 4 line of code at end of hwid on inf file (Version 5.2015.1030.34035) driver installed just fine and even IR remote worked under XP. So again lies. I could list million examples but you get the point. Microsoft has contract with companies and they want companies only support their platform and only ones they decide. More I wonder why everyone are fine with that MS has not gotten proper lawsuit with proper penalties from it, or why ms never got proper penalties from any consumer harm they did?
  8. yes I know and that it is another problem. What if Blizzard would go bankrupt? Nobody would be ever be able play them again without modifying files. Same can applied most steam games. That is going to make game preservation harder on future. I guess in 20 years peoples wont be able play todays game like you can play 20 year old game since online depencies. There is some expections like starforce DRM games and secureRom games that I had issues running proper even back then, but for most parts those titles are usable on old or new HW from original disk or backup or disk. I sorta wish GOG like approach where games are DRM free and can download them to pc and install on offline as many pc as you want and can keep version you want, but sadly gog patched games many times breaks compatibility with original OS too if classic title and most of them like Doom cannot be installed to my old 486 from diskettes like my original 1994 or 1995 copy can be, I need new computer to extract and transfer over to 486 from emulator folder. I am not saying modern patched cannot be option, but also offer original one if user want We need back times when games were DRM free, were not tied any launcher expect maybe optionally could have server search client, games were supported on original platform during whole lifecycle. And addition to that I would want that games would be available on physical media that can be used fully offline and digital copies could exist too that can be downloaded for offline use with or without client, giving end user freedom to choose what he/she wants. But sadly public interest is not that since most users have no issues, putting up with DRM, 20 different game client, using latest MS os etc so will unlikely to happen
  9. tested vlc again and seems it no longer lags for some reason. I guess 1280x1024 screen resolution was too heavy for in last test. Now got 800x600 as desktop reso and no issues playing same file I am using winamp pro, office 97, filezilla, photoshop, premiere then retrozilla for email and web and lot more I wont list here. Also got tls 1.2 patched netscape but prefer retrozilla since netscape 9 was rebranded firefox 2 (well gecko is from netscape originally). I can listen music, write emails, browse web and write docs same time no issue. Office 97 is very good software despite being old, it is more stable than office 95. Also got adobe premiere and photoshop to edit pictures/videos from my Canon Powershot G6. Imaging works using TWAIN, but TWAIN sucks real bad so I use usb CF card reader for transfer. Also that way can tranfer pics from my Nikon coolpix l29 pocket camera. Funny how 700€ digital camera from 2004 still got better image than some cameras today (3072 x 2304). I actually have maxium amount of ram 815 chipset will detect and it had fastest ram it can do already when got it. Machine was originally custom build ordered from POMI (Pohjanmaan Mikro OY) in 2001. I was used with to make 3d models to cnc and machine and possibly control it so that is why had such beefy specs (Pentium 3 EB 800mhz, Gigabyte GA-60MM7, Nvidia TNT2 M64 32mb, 512mb ram) compared other machines on facility that were mostly Pentiums with 2d video card. I got hands to it when saw it one place and asked if can have it and after they security wiped hdd,I got to keep it. I saved this powerhorse from the being recycled Later on it lifecycle I replaced 20gb hard drive with ssd, swapped it to bigger better airflow chassis, replaced cpu and gpu fans with noctua, added arctic 80mm high pressure fan to intake and 60mm noctua to back to keep it cool also added ESS Solo1 pci sound card for dos support, and replaced dying psu with new seasonic S12II-520. Then got 98lite with Micro shell for maxium performance Been investing lot of money and time to this thing, but all been worth it, I do not see this as waste of money rather investment. Here pics of it and monitor setup (downscaled to vga and gif to save space). Black tower on side is my first pc with Pentium 4 478. I got kvm hooked to them
  10. that is what I hate on modern gaming. Back in day when games were on disk (unless some annyoing drm) I was able run same game on original platform no issues. And I bet like others they refuse to allow download last windows 7 compatible release of game. My boxed copy of Half-life still runs on Windows 95 or windows 98 after all these years and not nagging I need Windows 11
  11. Vuze is written in java as far as I know so if got latest java runtime for XP should work. Just make sure you latest java runtime that works on XP
  12. older versions had no ads I think or lack of Internet Exploiter and it HTML render engine breaks them. Newer versions started to have ads as far as I know while old one was ad free. I need try on system with ie installed
  13. Since I am one of few here who uses Windows 98 with 98lite and 95 explorer with Internet Explorer rendering removed would like to share some of my recent multimedia tests. Having no Internet Exploiter installed limits some software that can be used, but found media players and codecs that work on this configs. Vlc works but have lot of shuttering running standard quality videos, 800mhz cpu got no cycles to spare. TCPMP mod and Mplayer seems to be okayish but rather limited. Player I currently use is GOM player with ffdshow 2322 and Haali media splitter and works great on dvd quality MP4 files on 800mhz cpu. It works fine without ie too, but asked if website can store data (some leftover IE comoponent likely) since autoupdate contacted server (can untoggle on settings). One thing noticed is that player can take down whole system if do too much multitasking. It is old Windows 9x flaw since os did not handle so well on low resources. NT did it better but as long as wont overload it works just fine. I know 98lited 98SE is not same as vanilla but outside explorer and removal of few components it is same thing with no kernel patches or extensions
  14. That will break compability on image deployment using older VM or virtualbox that can be real issue on enterprise environment. Wonder if patch to bypass is made or if can force updates by manual install?
  15. Well I expect someday to happen when all are using Windows 365 or other mostly cloud based os and central server crashes. That point peoples will be locked out from their own hardware while I still rock on my own non locked down computer. Maybe then peoples would realise point of computers. If this cloud computing goes crazier we could go back to monochrome terminal connected to Microsoft or Google mainframe. Purpose of personal computers was to get rid of single company control problem is most peoples like me wont hang lot on internet. On MSFN I originally ended only because was looking few XP patches and end up being here more if got good topic when I was young I had no phone and only had landline phone on home and later siemens phone as shared. Those two were used so we could contact parents or emergency dep if something happened and were not used to browse internet. My first phone I got around mid preschool (near 7 years old) and even then phone was on home most of time and I mostly used it while was on move so could reach parents or friends if needed. It had no internet connection due prices of mobile internet were insane and biggest it had was snake and ringtones. If you need get phone to kid get them old brick without any features and if can recist allowed numbers to neccessary ones, young kids are most easily infulenced by things and young mind is not meant to be exposed to all it is all by social media design. Algorithm is meant please then displease you to keep you hooked while draining your mentality. For example if you like party A and really hate party B algorithm will push news and other posts why party B is better to make you angry and make you react and comment on it then will give you article about why party A is best to please you so you stay on platform. Purpose is to overwhelm user with information to keep them hooked that side effect is mental wellness issues. Also most of them say they need to be aware of world issues and use social media to that. I do not use facebook or twitter or instagram, but I am still aware of world issues, know what is happening etc. I do not check them when told to, I check them when want with 4 ways. One is using rss feeds (rather limited these days) then second is watch TV news from Yle (Public radio company) or MTV3 channels. Also few radio channels got news reguarly. Then there is Teletext (text based information service broadcasted with tv channel popular in europe) I use to check news, check some reciepes or even check weather or alerts on my area. Last one is great since work on any television or tuner that can recieve dvb-c or dvb-t signal and YLE one lacks ads. So there is ways to stay up to date on news without social media, but with more control, where and when

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