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  1. I do use a good amount of modern ones (Discord, Steam, Oculus) so some of them do run a little weird. Discord will probably just not recieve any more updates, but still work, just like the older clients for mobile. Steam will probably stop getting updates but keep working, but Oculus already screws you over. They let you install it and use it, but purposefully break certain things.
  2. Hey, So my hardware is pretty modern (i7 9700K, Z370, 5700XT) and I am wondering if I would get a better experience out of Windows 7 with an older chipset or if just keeping it running with wufuc would work fine. Any suggestions?
  3. I believe it spoofs the NT version from 6.0 to 6.1 to make certain programs think its on Windows 7, since the kernels are essentially the same.
  4. okay I did that and now im stuck here:
  5. Hi, its been a few months but I am having an issue. I managed to get the UI installed and everything, but when booting up a VM I get this: I can tell it mentions that the vmx86.sys driver is out of date, but where am I supposed to update it?
  6. So I have a RX 5700 XT and UHD 630. I patched my UHD 630 drivers and they work on Windows 7 without any test mode. But my problem is that AMD poorly codes the Windows 7 drivers. I get microstuttering with aero enabled, fading is nonexistant too. The Intel card though runs a lot better. So I was wondering if I can run my displays off of my UHD 630 for the better coded desktop experience, but render my games on my dGPU for better performance. Im using Windows 7 Professional SP1 fully updated to 2020-12, excluding telemetry updates.
  7. Discord tells you to update to 10 in the screenshare menu (mentions it may not 100% function correctly)
  8. Does software that run and work but specifically tell you to upgrade to Windows 10 eligable for this list?
  9. Certain parts of the UI are annoying (Control Panel still has more than settings), I have to use 3rd party tweaks just to get the OS running well which is the largest part.
  10. Almost every type of malware you can get is from human error or from being an administrator. By having common sense and requiring yourself to enter in an administrator's password to run an application, you are almost unpenetrable, except for the 0days and malware that litterally can break through those barriers.
  11. There are a lot of people who aren't in for the operating system and just want to use their PC, so they develop a hate or disliking towards the ones that use their OS for the fun of it.
  12. I am essentially the same way. I love Linux and I think it will get big, but in my case, I just don't prefer anything that it offers. Windows 7 and 8.1 just worked when installed and are compatibile on great amounts of hardware.
  13. So after installing all the updates manually it now BSOD's on start without any patches with a STOP error about CSRSS isn't secure anymore.
  14. I used the latest copy of WSUS offline that supports Vista, but it doesn't look like it installed any. I made a script to manually install the updates one at a time from the MSU files from a collection that I had. I will see what the results are after the updates finish. All the updates are the updates up to April 2017.
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