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  1. Always thought this day was long from now. Sad to see functions now not existing in 7 Anyway, 8.1 is NT 6.3 so I wouldn't expect them to be that hard to backport, but could pose challenges with NT 6.2 not having it.
  2. The start menu was changed in Build 19042 to be more fluent-like by removing icon borders and making the icon borders on the tiles theme-aware. If you don't want this feature, you have to go back to 19041 or older. (20H2 changed the start menu)
  3. 2008 R2 is in ESU and uses the older version of server manager, and 2016 has such a slow update system. 2012 R2 is just a minor update to 2012 so I will be going with 2012 R2 Datacenter Core.
  4. Dell says this supports 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2 and 2016. I'd rather not use 2008 R2 or 2012 (even though I like them) and 2016 has a very slow update systen, so 2012 R2 is basically my only option, or I can figure out if 2019 runs fine on it when I get it.
  5. The R720 I'm getting has drivers on Dell's site for 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, and 2016.
  6. I recently purchased a Dell PowerEdge R720 and I'm wondering what people would use on it. I would happily use Proxmox, but because of some problems with the drives i'm using and how they are setup, Windows Server would be an easier option. What would you use? I'm considering 2019, but wondering if 2012 R2 would be a better option. What are your preferred versions of Windows Server for a Sandy Bridge-era Intel system?
  7. An interesting thing that I learned is that Microsoft didn't remove the QA team, they moved it. They now rely on AI to find and report the bugs. In all the cases they test, they never upgrade the testing containers. This is why 1809 never had that file deletion bug fixed in the betas; because the bots never found it. Even when it existed in the feedback hub, they never look there. The insider program is a joke. You aren't helping shape Windows, you are just making it harder on yourself on an already hard operating system. AI can work if you shape it enough, but it will never be able to re
  8. I use a domain, so I have it so MS accounts aren't required to install store apps. Really nice for those apps that I like. Also, I have figured out how MS accounts work. They do create local usernames, but it is your email used. For example, you signed in with "example@gmail.com". If you were remoting in or needing to find your local user, the user folder is usually the first 5 letters of your email "examp" and the username Windows knows is the full email "example@gmail.com" it makes it seem like its signing into gmail as a domain server, but the times I do it does not. I agree that local
  9. Hm. After googling it shows that it is a Windows Server 2022 Insider build. Could be why it says 21H2, unless sun valley isnt coming out with 21H2....
  10. Compression is actually used a lot, and if your processor is powerful enough and the software using the compression is optimized enough, you won't really notice a difference. Modern smartphones nowadays are encrypted out of the box, which would have a larger effect on performance than compression. The more its compressed, the longer it will take to access those files. Not really. The disk space doesn't really have any connectable dots to speed of the system. It more is what services have to load, drivers that have to wait for their device to respond, waiting for network link and other
  11. I came across the built-in email client and I was wondering if it still works. I entered all my info in and the error I get right now is "-ERR malformed command blah blah" I have SSL enabled and all the info entered is correct. Is this client just too old to use?
  12. And yes, I want to like 10 because a lot of people use it, but I just can't with where it is. I am just hoping that 21H2 brings me back. 21H1 is an enablement package; no big features being added.
  13. I'll try this out today.
  14. Can run on my old XP era laptop from 2006 without lag. I want to like 10 but I just can't. The horrendous updates, general design choices and just things that don't make sense push me away. My PC can't even stay asleep on 10.
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