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  1. As Windows 8 killed off Aero support, we were still able to add it back. Fortunately does not appear to be the same for the taskbar. Open Shell does not hook correctly anymore and its possible it never will be. The taskbar was completely overhauled and is now UWP. Press F7 and you can find out. Action Center + Clock + Generic icons have been merged, removing the ability to hide certain ones you want to see which also kills off t-clock. Not sure if these programs will be able to fix the issues, but if they aren't, they might as well be dead software at this point. DWM also has been overhauled with no sun in sight for bigmuscle to even get 2004 operating. As of right now, Aero, Classic start menus and customizable system trays are gone for good. Also, Win11 is worse for multiple monitors. They removed the clock on secondary taskbars, which is something I heavily used and will not get used to not having it. It makes no sense to do so. Windows 11 is just another release of disappointments and killed software.
  2. Appears that UUPDump fails to integrate the .51 update and leaves you with a weird leak + Win11 insider build of 22000.1. Missing some features but more similar to the leaked build. UUPDump sometimes works, sometimes it doesn't.
  3. I saw a video on youtube today and its honestly really true. Makes me like the existence of forums like msfn nowadays, since most of the similar ones died out years ago.
  4. TPM 2.0 is a requirement on Microsoft's site now. TPM 1.2 is no longer sufficient.
  5. Yet, they may make older CPUs stopped installing in general in later insider builds.
  6. 11 is now officially destroying a lot of computers. They updated the hardware requirements. TPM 2.0, UEFI and Secure Boot are now all REQUIRED to be enabled and on. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/whats-new/windows-11-requirements It's Vista all over again. Plus, they also mentioned that you must have a CPU in the supported processors list to run 11. 11 is officially having a worse announcement than 10.
  7. Now we have two things I absolutely hate. I am not upgrading to Sh**dows 11. Requirement of TPM 1.2 (which basically kills most computers older than 2014) And now I present.... Microsoft misleading users!!! Microsoft made a list of "supported" CPUs for Windows 11 when in reality they aren't the full supported list. They are misleading people into upgrading their PC because its "unsupported" even though its only from 5 years ago for more sales and in turn more product keys purchased. That is how they are gonna make money from this. There is no reason why Windows 11 wouldn't even run on a Core 2 Duo.
  8. Exactly. This seems like some sort of move to try and win back the XP and 7 users.
  9. Lots of absolute hell in the changelog. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/windows-11-specifications A lot of it i never used, but some in there really p**s me off. Alignment to the bottom of the screen is the only location allowed Apps can no longer customize areas of the taskbar News and Interests has evolved Basically this means goodbye to taskbar on any other side of the screen (SOMETHING THAT HAS EXISTED SINCE 95) and possibly taskbar customization like Open Shell, StartIsBack and 7+ Taskbar Tweaker if we cannot customize the taskbar anymore with 3rd party apps. As well as that, News and Interests was ruined in just a month. It was somewhat decent on the taskbar but now you need a touchscreen to get somewhere to it, unless you keep Widgets. PLUS, the taskbar now default center is going to cause so many headaches with friends and family. It really should default to the left because the majority of Windows users prefer it that way and have used it that way for 24 years. Centered taskbar is a very, very, very isolated feature that I believe should be something you set, not something that IS set.
  10. I agree though. Windows 11 was a lot of hype. it was something new. But now that all the hype has drained and I actually have some clarity, its an improvement from 10 UI wise and under the hood, but nothing of it ever comes close to how just flipping awesome Windows 7 was. It performed as good on hardware from its time as 11 does to hardware from nowadays. Windows 11 is worrying me now. I'm required to use secure boot, TPM 2.0 and UEFI and a majority of my systems don't support 11. To be fair, a lot of my systems are about 10 years old now and you couldn't run Win10 1507 on a PC from 2005. I'm not really wanting to upgrade to 11 right now. It was all just a big hype train like all big companies do but I just want what was already perfect back.
  11. Now we just wait until next week for the first previews, then we can go more in-depth with it and see how it runs. So far the biggest problem I can see is the compatibility problems.
  12. 32 bit support is something everyone else has done. Linux apps, macOS chipset & apps, Microsoft was the last one. If you have a PC thats still 32-bit Microsoft wants you to either upgrade or keep Win10. Likely that PC is from 2010 or older. Legacy is still here, I have installed it on MBR Legacy (at least the leaked one) and it worked fine It will require a internet connection & MSFT account for the Home version. Pro and others don't require it It does look very different, but it kinda looks like an updated version of 7 / Vista with some differences. The widgets window though is just a pathetic excuse. They aren't even widgets, its just News and Interests on the side of your screen. I'm not saying this is the best version of Windows. I'm saying its an improvement from 10.
  13. Windows 11 has officially been announced! We'll need a new forum location here. So far, according to their site: Windows 11 is NOT a required upgrade Windows 11 will require TPM 2.0 & will not offer a 32-bit option anymore Windows 10 will indeed be supported until October 2025 Windows 11 will be available next year. It introduces a new UI, action center and taskbar. The insider releases will be seen next week. In my opinion, this release may go a lot easier than 7 to 10 did since they aren't requiring an upgrade. Actually, the hardware requirements are bogus and completely overrated. Now its Vista all over again. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/windows-11
  14. hahaha, i just finished watching an episode all about that today. many people, including me, are stuck with it because most people grew up with Windows. Remember, its been the leader of the pack since id say 1995. microsoft had money and they had skills, they got the OEMs to include the crap and then eventually everyone grew up with it. many dont want to switch, they have used windows their whole lives.
  15. Well, tomorrow at 11AM ET we will find out more about what is upon us. Enjoy the last day of Windows 10 being the most praised OS.

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