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  1. For me Windows Server 2003 is sill my daily driver. I preferred the Windows 95 explorer that I was using on Windows 98SE as daily driver until 2014, At this point 98SE was no longer usable because of the Web and I got a new laptop and Installed Windows Server 2003 (licenses was almost free). I still feel like Windows NT5.x is new I hated it when it came around in the early 2000's because it was much slower than 9x and lacked good DOS compatibility, but now I love it more than ever, super stable and nice interface, it is a shame that it is getting abandoned. I probably will have to abandon Windows Server 2003 as a daily driver but I am unsure I will accept to actually use Windows 10+.
  2. MyPal68.13.0 still beta with JS engine at fx78 level https://github.com/Feodor2/Mypal68/issues/160#issuecomment-1546736807 Be sure to check it out.
  3. Is there an up-to dale list with all the programs that were discussed in this thread? I could not find one.
  4. He is referring to St55, it is not in the version info but every time roy posts a new St55 release he states: > New build of post-deprecated Serpent/moebius for XP!
  5. palefill becomes indeed mostly useless with the latest browsers based on the latest UXP versions, this also includes IceApe-UXP and BNavigator and the main stream Pale Moon and Basilisk. I would still suggest you keep it in simply disabled in your Add on list so that you can re-enable quickly it in case something stops working.
  6. I do not see why multi-process could not be implemented properly in C++ or even in plain C. What does make Rust necessary to implement multi-processing? I have been programming only in C/C++ plus a few other languages, I only recently got interested into Rust and from what I see it is a kind of better C++ but with an extremely strict memory model (when compared to C), so everything is more difficult to do but can lead to less errors in the end. It s a shame there are not many compilers yet, you only got the main rustc implementation and the mrustc implementation. I think that when you will get the gcc team develop an alternate implementation you will have a very positive forward movement thanks to the competition (we have the same with gcc vs clang and in the end everyone wins). I also hope we will soon have a standard like we have for C/C++/FORTRAN. Multi-process does not work right with UXP because it really was not designed from the ground up to be like that. Modern Firefox is very different from the old one but the fact it is written in Rust seems more to be a detail to me. There is no fundamental gap that would prevent to port modern Rust to old Windows versions, it is just that the standard library for rust does not bother bother to support it. but some someone even made a port of rust to target Win9x/NT https://github.com/rust9x/rust.
  7. I do have to restart UXP based browsers more and more often, at some point the cache has to be dropped otherwise it is the same thing than a memory leak. It is not trivial for a programmer though to decide what is best to cache and for how long. I do remember an old Article from Raymond Chen taking about this and hw Acess was able to improve its performance by not caching some results that were easy to recalculate. For sure UXP has a problem and there is a lot of cache they should drop and that never gets dropped, otherwise it would not seems normal to everyone that a session is supposed to get slower and slower. and that you hould just upgrad your RAM. https://devblogs.microsoft.com/oldnewthing/20041220-00/?p=36943
  8. April release with latest version of MPlayer build with latest ffmpeg: https://github.com/RamonUnch/MPlayer-Ringo-builds/releases/download/v2023.04.08/MPlayer.Ringo.2023-04-08.ffmpeg.N-110187-g2133cadfcf.gcc-
  9. There are indeed no more official pale-moon builds for XP newer than 26.5 but the whole point of this thread is to talk about all the unofficial builds that are based on latest Pale Moon, and also PaleMoon27 for XP, And some of those builds are compatible with SSE1 cpu as well.
  10. Actually it is not reproducible with palefill, and this is because of PerformanceObserver, so setting dom.enable_performance_observer;true fixes the issue. I was keeping it disabled because it cost performances and my PC is already quite slow on GitHub, I think I will keep it enabled now.
  11. MyPal68 requires a "modern" CPU (SSE2 able or beter IIRC), Plus it will only run stable if you have Windows XP SP3 In theory it should not require you to install Visual Studio 2017 runtime because it already contains all dlls in its directory. So in short if you got Windows XP SP3 + Pentium4 or later it *should* run. then again I just say *should*
  12. I can confirm that the issue I had on New Moon/Serpent/IceApe-UXP is also reproducible with the latest official PaleMoon release 32.1.0, I tested on Windows 7 with a different PC and again with a clean profile. So it is not a bug specific to Roy's UXP fork. Maybe I should report this to the palemoon forums? I ma not sure it is worth the time creating an account just for this. Here is the image showing that the comment 1 gets repeated after posting comment 2:
  13. I have an issue with the latest NM28 as well as IceApe-UXP on github: Steps to reproduce: 1) Create a clean profile 2) Log In to your GitHub account 3) Go to a random repository or create a new one that you do not care about. 4) Create a new issue, with an initial comment 5) Add one more comment to the issue, 6) When you add a second comment, you will see comment 1 repeat, If you keep adding comments,it will repeat even more. Example before hitting Comment on comment 2: Then after having Hit comment: You can see that the comment 1 gets repeated. This can be quite annoying when there are already many answers. Can any one else reproduce the issue? I have not tried Serpent yet? I also yet have to try the official palemoon I am running the latest builds with Windows Server 2003 (NT 5.2.3790) EDIT: I can confirm that the same happens with the latest build of Serpent
  14. I was not aware about this option before @UCyborg mentioned it, I tried it for a day and now and it works fine. I do think it makes GitHub significantly slower so I might disable it later, plus it seems to leek memory?. I kinda understand Moonchild's objection but I think it should still be enabled by default, because when you ship a Browser, Web compatibility should be of first priority, then it should be listed in the *Privacy options*, because it does cause privacy issues, If you have a GitHub account and are logged in this is not a concern at all as all your activities are already perfectly known by GitHub.
  15. ... For starters, you shouldn't do that (when testing), as palefill conflicts/interferes with native WC: https://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php?p=237202#p237202 This is true if the point is to actually test the new palemoon but in theory palefill will not polyfill anything that is already implemented by the browser. So you can safely use palefill with webcompobnents enabled and benefit from the extra polyfills. Some things on GH still need extra polyfilling to work properly for example if you have no palefill you wont get the PerformanceObserver ad thus no auto completion after typing # or @. So there are still some benefits with palefill, but they are not major and they cost significant performances. hopefully things will stabilize quickly but even then palefill will still be useful.
  16. Last stable release Mplayer 1.5 with ffmpeg 4.4 https://github.com/RamonUnch/MPlayer-Ringo-builds/releases/download/v1.5/MPlayer.Ringo.2022.stable.1.5.ffmpeg.4.4.7z
  17. I was browsing GitHub this night and I saw that there was a fork of JPEGView , my favorite image viewer, Then I saw that actually Window XP is even supported with limited iamge support though. So I tried the Windows 7 version on XP and after 10 minutes of tweaks, using some xompie-0.6a dlls and hexediting one or two functions in the import table I was done and now JPEGView32 1.2.45 can run on XP with Jpeg-XL support. this is a big plus for me because I really think it is a good format and it hopefully will become more standard in the future. here is a download link of the modified version: https://github.com/RamonUnch/binnt/raw/main/JPEGView32_1.2.45_JXL_XPmod.7z You will need the VCRUNTIME140.DLL and similar (visual studio 2015 redist.)
  18. Sure It is the main new feature of latest UXP engine and this is in the beta of Pale Moon. See: https://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=29528 for more details. I would recommend keeping it enabled. before it was disabled by default because it was too much lacking in features and not working correctly. For me disabling it worked, I am using IceApe-uxp, maybe it is different. I do have a powerful CPU though and even like that it is heavy.
  19. For Virustotal you need to disable Web Components `dom.webcomponents.enabled;false` Older Useragents did not work for me. You can always use the old browser interface : https://www.virustotal.com/old-browsers/ By the way I am using GitHub now without palefill and it works mostly fine (just missing a couple of features), however I think there are memory leak problems. I am not sure what can be done about it.
  20. Also a new release by Feodor2 just 14 hours ago. MyPal68.13 nightly build https://github.com/Feodor2/Mypal68/issues/160 It is supposedly even less stable but has better JS engine, I suggest to check it out.
  21. Under Windows XP you can use alternative file explorer that have decent support for long file path. I suggest you have a look at DoubleCommander (open source clone of Total Commander). for Windows XP+ https://doublecmd.sourceforge.io/ Note that when a file name becomes too long you may no longer have the context menu because shell32.dll si responsible for this one. You can however still copy/move/rename files when they go beyond the limit. Also if you prefer the command line you should use Yori http://www.malsmith.net/yori/ Yori is a replacement for cmd.exe and supports long path names even under NT3.5. Yori works even on Windows NT3.1 Keep in mind that when you copy files under Linux, ntfs3g does not generate short names and you have to regenerate them manually. I wrote a simple (ssname.exe) program to do it automatically https://github.com/RamonUnch/ssname I was always shocked that the explorer did not handle long path names when it has been possible on Windows NT since 1993.
  22. I already disabled version checking for feature detection last day and the 1.11 link was updated, however I now recommend the original version.
  23. It seems martok decided to finally include a broad UXP supportto palefill. I thought he had dropped the Idea after some discussions we had here: https://github.com/martok/palefill/issues/20 but after roytam1 proposed him to improve feature detection, he decided it was finally a viable option. So in the end the main palefill branch will work on almost all UXP platforms version 4.8.2and higher. There is still a problem for Serpent, because the required min version is 52.9.2020.10.05 and Serpent's is stuck to 52.9 Also Serpent 55 does not work because it uses UXP 4.0.2, and max version is set to 52.9.* instead of 55.* Maybe I will keep my fork, just for those two platforms, with the alternate install.rdf, or ask again martok, but I do not think it is possible for Serpent55 because it would make the install.rdf, far too forgiving. So for now I advise everyone to manually update to his version. Edit: actually it also fails installation with newmoon 28.10, so I guess I will ask to improve that
  24. Thanks a lot roy, for the Optional Chaining I am already using this trick and it works fine.
  25. To auto-detect queueMicrotask , I used the following code in the palefill code: this.hasqueueMicrotask = typeof queueMicrotask === 'function'; https://github.com/RamonUnch/palefill/commit/32c411ded85804ea9bb1dcbaf121fda9321dec2d#diff-7934bf411fea192ad8cd69e0a12911648a2842cb0f2409a8fb67b41b7069d757R558 However, even with the latest New Moon build I get the 'false' result. I think I am doing something wrong but when I tried this code in the try javascript web application, I get true. Is there any way to detect the availability of queueMicrotask without having to create a Worker object and without relying on versioning. Sorry if my question is dumb but I have zero knowledge in JavaScript.

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