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  1. Hello all. I'm sorry for the long period of inactivityI've moved back to Windows Vista after temporarily shifting to Zorin Linux (I still love Linux, don't get me wrong, but I didn't get the homely feeling that Windows gave me on using it, so I shifted back to Windows).

    I've updated the guide.

  2. Hello folks, I use a VM of Windows Vista Business SP2 x64 (with no updates installed) on Zorin OS 16, my main OS. I earlier ran such a VM on my Windows Vista host OS, the virtualization application being VMware Workstation, but on the same hardware configuration, the performance of the VM under Linux is noticeably better than that of the VM under Windows. Any reasons why? I just wonder.

  3. 1 hour ago, D.Draker said:

    These thick fonts are for partially blind people ? 

    The uploader of that video, Christopher Barnatt, had enabled fractional scaling on Zorin OS for the purpose of making things looking right on video, which is why the fonts became extra thick. Also, the default fonts can be changed.

    (The less you knew)

  4. 16 minutes ago, Tonny52 said:

    What do you guys suggest as an OS that works, is somewhat supported, isn't from a while ago and isn't hell to use?

    You said that Linux doesn't click in for you, but I'd recommend you to give Zorin OS 16 Core/Pro a try. I have been using it as my main OS for 3 months now and it is quite faster than Windows, safe, easy to use, easy to customize as per your liking, does not disturb you, while still being compatible with most Windows apps and games.  I use Office 2010, Adobe Audition 1.5, Adobe Flash CS6 Portable, Photoshop CS5 Full and Open Rails, all of which work near-perfectly. Check this video made by Christopher Barnatt from ExplainingComputers who reviews Zorin OS.

  5. Hello folks, I'm finally back on this forum after an 8-month or so-long absence.

    I am doing really well but a lot has happened since the last time I came online.

    Firstly, I have moved to Linux as my main OS from Windows Vista and 7. For all the Windows Vista and 7 fans here, I still love them, but Linux is now faster, safer, more convenient to use, while still being compatible with all my applications. Specifically, I have moved to Zorin Linux 16 Pro.

    Secondly, I have decided not to build a desktop computer and instead upgrade my laptop. I have also planned to buy another one.

    And lastly, my opinion about Windows 11 is that it is both better and worse than Windows 10 at the same time. The UI is a bit cleaner (but still not good on the eye) and it runs faster than Windows 10 (though dramatic performance increases are not seen) , but all the other issues with Windows 10 still remain, or are further exacerbated.

    That's all I wanted to say in this post. Bye for now!

  6. If you count a completely fried 2007 HP Pavilion dv6000 laptop that I have lying around and a Sandy Bridge Pentium desktop which has been sent for repair and upgrades,
    a desktop and 4 laptops.

    I have bought some components for building another custom desktop PC already, but can't say when it will be built and ready to use, because COVID.

    EDIT: Thinking of buying a ThinkPad t61p/t500 also in the near future, to have as a retro laptop.

  7. On 3/24/2021 at 12:01 PM, VistaEX said:

    my laptop: e6430 dell laptop from 2012

    my specs: intel(r) hd graphics 4000 intel(r) core(tm) i5-3320m cpu @ 2.60ghz  intel(r) centrino(r) advanced-n 6205

    my experience with vista has been awesome! it does every thing so fast and smooth and does what i want it to do and not what microsoft wants it to do so i give it a 10/10 experience!

    (Edit: oh and i also like that it has 0 telemetry!)

    And a few weeks later, you switch to Windoze 10 (HOME EDITION!) after saying that Vista always goes corrupt on your PC. I think your HDD may be bad. upgrade it to an SSD and put Vista on it and see the difference. Vista hates bad HDDs, whichever the brand.

    SSDs are becoming increasingly cheap nowadays, so why not upgrade?

  8. On 2/15/2021 at 9:05 AM, yoltboy01 said:

    Further examples for messed up Vista- support are:

    -> Office 2013/365

    -> Movie Maker 2012

    -> Skype

    -> OneDrive

    -> .. go on

    Okay, I understand fully that you need Office 2013+, but not me. When my Office 2010 becomes completely obsolete (which is certainly not going to happen in the next 5 years), I will embrace LibreOffice and will never touch newer versions of MS Office.

    Who needs Movie Maker when there is Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas, etc.etc.? It's too basic.

    OneDrive can be used in a web browser. 

    Other than that, I agree, MS messed up Vista support for apps and made sure to frighten many legacy Windows users, but we at MSFN have not fallen prey to their intimidation techniques.

  9. On 11/17/2020 at 10:44 PM, Mr.Scienceman2000 said:

    I got Vista Ultimate x64 running on old dell M6400 mobile workstation.


    Core2duo X9100,2x4gb ddr3, 

    For hard drives got 160gb wd scorpio black for OS and 320gb wd scorpio blue for games/software.


    I think you could do a little better than this. You can put 16 gigs of DDR2 RAM, a Core 2 Quad Extreme qx9300 or at least a C2Q q9000. Also, an SSD would really help.

  10. On 1/2/2021 at 9:04 PM, InterLinked said:

    I know people who do that, but can't understand why. Why not just use an OS that doesn't require such tweaks, like W7?

    So I did a comparative study of Win7 and 8.x performance over 2 months on both real machines and VMs, and found out that a tweaked Win8.x install is better overall than Windows 7. For the time and effort that you need to tweak Windows 8.x to look like Windows 7 or Vista or something else, you get more speed, more features and more value ultimately. Try it yourself. 

    NOTE: This does NOT mean that I hate Win7. I like it, but it comes second on my Windows Ranking list, after Windows 8.x and Vista which share first place.

    On 1/2/2021 at 9:04 PM, InterLinked said:

    Compatability for 8x can be even worse than 7 so I can't see that being a bonus, either.

    Security updates for 8x will end before or at the same time as security updates for 7 do, IIRC.

    Well, in my case, all the software I require functions equally well on Windows 7 and 8.x and Vista (w/extended kernel). I don't game, so I dunno about games. 
    Also, Security updates for Win8.x end at the same time as Windows 7's do.

  11. @VistaEX Through this post, you would get all your questions answered. If not, ask me and I will answer. Your e6430 will surely run XP x64 just fine. The memory limit of 4 GB on x86 versions is raised to 128 GB on XP (or Vista and Win7) x64.

    First, install XP x64. Prefer using an updated ISO.

    Then, install drivers using Driver booster. You can also use Snappy Driver installer, but Driver Booster worked best for me. All your drivers including Intel HD 4000 driver will be installed. 

    Use 360Chrome for web browsing and Avast AV. For a complete guide on how to eliminate Chinese telemetry and convert Chinese to English, check out @ArcticFoxie's incredibly helpful tutorial on how to do so. 

    Almost all apps compatible with XP x86 are compatible with x64 too.

    @XP-x64-Lover and @TrevMUN , any suggestions?



  12. My opinion is that Windows Vista Business or Ultimate SP2 x64 (with extended kernel) or Windows 7-8.1 Pro/Pro with WMC are good for the work that I currently do (moderate multitasking, typical student's work and virtualisation). Vista is my daily driver and I have extended kernel to use websites that, unfortunately, don't work with the great @roytam1's browsers (Google Meet and WhatsApp Web for example). I prefer it over Win7 because I have found it to be a teeny tiny bit faster than snappier than Windows 7 on the same hardware. Also, I will use Vista until when it becomes completely obsolete.

    Now that does not mean that I don't like Windows 7. But I have found it to be a teeny tiny bit slower than Vista and 8.x.

    Coming to Win8.x, Windows 8 and 8.1 with UI tweaks are super responsive, even on systems like my Dell Inspiron 15 3567 with i3-6006u, 4GB RAM and a 1TB 5400rpm HDD (surely gonna upgrade to 8GB RAM, an i5 and some SSD with this HDD as storage drive), as opposed to Windoze 10, which is slow and unresponsive for 95% of the time.

    Windows XP x64 and 2000 x64 are also possible options but XP's default theme is quite boring to me, I must say, but I have corrected this on my VM by installing the Zune theme, which looks way, way better. Also ,Win2000's classic theme is good, but Vista's and Win7's Aero is more eye-catching than it. In fact, I'd really love to use XP or Win2K x64 but stuff like software compatibility (I need VMware Workstation 12 and nothing under that for specific reasons), a not-so-organised file explorer (which Vista and above have) and the inability to run the latest Chrome (I know about 360Chrome and that you can tweak it to an extent and protect your privacy and browse the latest websites on XP and Win2K, but, yeah, it is Chinese), Firefox, Google Earth, etc.etc. are what discourage me from using them. 

    Reasons why I loathe Win10:


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