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  1. For updating Extended Kernel, I rely on the first way, which is: uninstall old version first, then reboot. When I tried the second way, which is: install the new version over the old one, it left me with both old and new versions (v3.0h2 and v3.0i, in this case). So, I would say use the first way.
  2. Sorry, I deleted my Windows 2000 VM, so I couldn't test it. Basically, I prefer newer versions that have new function/API implementions and/or improvements, which allows more newer apps to run.
  3. https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/37509 Windows XP song by Diabolo-ical from Newgrounds
  4. Thank you so much for discovering this. I never heard of it. Great one. Thank you so much for this information, VistaLover! I, however, didn't have uBlock Origin installed, but I disabled JavaScript from site settings (from padlock in Chrome), and it loaded the archived web page completely. Thanks everyone. Best regards.
  5. I found one way, but it's a bit weird: When it showed the correct page (on Chrome), I clicked Stop on the address bar, and I was able to view the web page fully without any issue. Yeah, the archived web page looked a bit incomplete, and I know it's not the best way, but that's the way I found to open web pages like this for now.
  6. Happy new year to you and D.Draker too, and I hope also it becomes the best year!
  7. I hope a happy new year to you too and that you have a great time!
  8. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too!
  9. Yes, I can see that it is 422. It didn't stop.
  10. (sorry for bumping this topic) I'm not @Destro, but, I tried it myself, and checked it, and yes, it is the correct one.
  11. Thank you for telling me that, windows2! I will install it now!
  12. I will be sure to keep that in mind. Glad that it's not just me. Also, I won't give up, I will keep going on. LOL, nice one. 😂 Thanks, good to see you too. +1 I understand your point of view about life, it's very great, I appreciate it. Sometimes life becomes better, sometimes worse. Also, thank you for the good wishes about my studies and future.
  13. Being angry easily, anxiety, heavy pressure of education (massive amount of homework, studying, exams, etc), stress, depression, feeling lonely, sometimes wasting time on internet doing nothing,, sometimes having a weak memory (which means, sometimes forgetting the past), and so on. Thanks, nice to see you here on this board too.
  14. Me again. The thread looks cooler after the title change. Get me a coffee, I inserted a penny after I entered the cafe. +1, couldn't agree more. Life is becoming more difficult nowadays, it's also stressful for me, I have IRL problems that I am trying to solve, I always consider the older years having a better life, but 2017 and older were the best in my opinion. I am in the same boat as you two. Staying here on MSFN gets me relaxed though.
  15. The installer itself would have a version block, but not sure about the app itself if it will have API compatibility issue or not.
  16. Paint.NET v4.3.x will be the last versions for 32-bit (x86) architecture, and Windows 7 and 8.1. Source: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/118921-paintnet-433-beta-build-7991/
  17. Blender v2.45 is the last version to run on Windows NT 4.0. v2.46 and higher are installable, but throw out a "blender.exe is not a vaild Windows NT application." error upon launch.
  18. Umm, they extended it for Windows 7 until January 15, 2023. Microsoft Edge support for Windows 7 remains unchanged (a.k.a., still on the old date of January 15, 2022) Chrome support for Windows 7 now until January 15, 2023 | Google Cloud Blog Here's the fixed link: End of support for OneDrive desktop application on Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 - Microsoft Tech Community
  19. Google for each missing dll file, and put it in iTunes installation folder. That's what I did, it didn't ask for any further dlls then. It then complained about a missing function in iTunes.exe.
  20. So, I tried running newer versions of iTunes on Windows 8, and this is the result: iTunes works on Windows 8 with version check bypass iTunes and later result in this error:
  21. This may help. I ran it once on Windows 7 and it worked ok.
  22. I would rate it 10/10 without extended kernel, and 6/10 with extended kernel. It's overall a great OS, easy to explore, and nostalgic. My rating for this OS with extended kernel would be 7/10 if it was capable to install Office 2010, as I like that version a lot, but Office 2007 still looks good. And also, 8/10 if XP programs can get installed without NNN4NT5 spoofing (except MSI installers), 9/10 if newer versions of web browsers can install and run (Chrome 50, Vivaldi 1.1, Opera 37, Firefox 53), and finally, 10/10 if some newer versions of programs can run without crashing (ex., Adobe Acrobat Reader DC can install, but crashes upon running it ]EDIT: It actually runs after installing VC runtimes from 2010 to 2019, but crashes upon opening a PDF.], Same goes for LibreOffice also.) I don't mean to say that extended kernel makes Windows 2000 bad, but it's just that there are some catches. If there are workarounds for them, that would be helpful. But, however, what I liked about it is that, with extended kernel, you can run a bit of Windows Vista/7 Programs on it (Foxit Reader 9.6, Audacity 3.0.2), and that the fact WMP11 is installable on it. I never lost my hope for that OS.

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