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Old computers are very reliable!

In a strange daydream, I saw all the modern computers break. Deactivated Windows operating systems (forced by monthly licenses). Linux installations on modern hardware got destroyed by evil UEFI chips. Every computer is produced in the cheapest way possible, so after a few years, they're useless! Capacitors leak, the computers fail to start up properly. Power-supplies stop to output any electricity one day after the warranty ended. Ransomware everywhere... mass-distributed by ads, hardcoded on a chip inside the computer. All in all, the new computers fail to function! What's left then? The old computers of course, standing solid and strong, may be a bit noisy and slow, but better having at least some machine ready to calculate tables. And all the other people have to do it by hand then! Then they have to rent "calculating time" at my beautiful Windows 98 PC, to get things at least somewhat done. And because nobody kept the old scrap, I'll be the king of the world!!! Okay, the dream got a bit out of control at the last part...

But the moral of the story is, that computers around 2000 are very solid hardwarewise, also moderately powerful, Windows 98 and Windows XP can be easily installed and used for as long as I want. That's why I put my time on these computers with their old programs.

The old Siemens computer of mine reminds me also at times, when the things were assembled right here, in my home country. Even if not the most powerful or cost-efficent product would come out of that, this is the way it should be (from my point of view of course).

Aside from dreaming and using the computer, me and some friends play Formula One with normal bicycles. Short round course racing. Computers play a big part of that too, like for the videos, organising excel lists, diagramms, timekeeping, statistics and website management. Windows 98 (for the reliable programs) and modern Linux (for the big-byte multimedia) are working beautifully together for these tasks.

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