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  1. I am not an expert, but so far I have done a few Kernel-ex mods without changing anything to the main Windows XP installation. Instead it was done by adding the wrapper dll files in the root of the troublesome program, then hexedit the executable of the troublesome program, to refer to the wrapper dll names instead of the original windows dll names. Like search for the "advapi32.dll" string and changing it with "advapixp.dll", and make sure the wrapper dll is in the same folder as that modded executable, and has the file name advapixp.dll. That xp suffix is just something I made up, it does not matter what it is, just that it is different from the windows one. Sometimes things are more entwined with multiple dll libraries involved.
  2. This project also wraps RegGetValueA https://github.com/UncleVasya/EU4_WinXP_fix/blob/master/source/advapi32/advapi32.cpp
  3. This donation of mine was never acknowledged here, AFAIK: 50,00 USD 16-09-2021 Paypal reference 9J944236YT7310825 ---------------------------------- This one added today: 25,00 USD 10-03-2022 Paypal reference 3LL94829V36859139
  4. Yeah, my fault, I mistakenly understood that the lock-up occurred when starting your computer, but it occurs only when you start that particular program. So my advise did not really apply. I suppose the Nirsoft monitoring tools, which were advised by jumper, are the first way to go. If those do not suffice maybe try OllyDbg 1.10. It can hide its presence with plugins.
  5. Sorry it seems these shortcuts have the "lnk" extension. But the extension is hidden in the GUI. "pif" was also a Windows shortcut format, but an older one for MS-DOS executables...
  6. @Ben Markson - Thanks! That works.
  7. I don't follow the discussion much. But I do find that .pif shortcuts to executables can slow down things in Windows XP. Especially when you put about two dozen in the start menu, and wait for that to open.
  8. Thanks! Any chance for a pre-build download?
  9. When you are sure it is Norton software causing the problems, why not remove everything Norton? Or prevent any of its services and auto-runs, like with msconfig and such? Optionally in safe mode (F8). I also had some lockups on one of my XP systems recently. Hard locks like you described. It most often happened in the first 5 minutes after boot, especially when doing absolutely nothing. I figured it may have something to do with software trying to update. So I disabled all Windows Update / Windows Defender / Microsoft security essentials (MSE) related services and auto-runs there. I have not had a lockup since. (AFAIK it is not possible to keep MSE running, whilst preventing it from initiating useless update attempts. As visible in Eventvwr. Other systems with pretty similar setup somehow did not have any lockup problem.)
  10. Can say that AutoCAD 2002 (full / non-lite) works on Windows XP with all POSReady updates just fine.
  11. Error 0xe06d7363 with autoCAD; it seems like it can mean almost anything. I just fixed an AutoCAD 2002 on Windows 7 installation, which had this particular error message. The fix was in this case to empty out this registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Autodesk\AutoCAD\R15.0\ACAD-1:409\File History And maybe prevent non-admin access to it, as to prevent future such issues. This AutoCAD 2002 can give all kinds of strange behaviors when the file history list contains a non-existing drive.
  12. I have been using this compiler successfully for several hobby things, and thought it was worth a try to tackle its issues with the "\include" header-files folder. Using the command "cpp.exe -v" gives the list of search directories for header files. The result of which show again that it is overlooking it's MinGW include folder, and only looking in the more nested GCC system include folder. I found several messages on the internet reporting the same issue with certain MinGW/GCC homemade builds. The usual answer is to build GCC again properly, not as easy as it sounds. Instead, I tried several hex edits, and settled for this one: cc1.exe at offset E73C23 cc1plus.exe at offset F8B203 original string "i686-w64-mingw32/include" is to be replaced by just "include". The now unused characters need to be zeroed out. Then things work properly. Note that the search-order if the three header folders is a bit different, with the MinGW include folder now being 3rd instead of 1st. (Besides the ReactOS build environment package I also found this one GCC_8.4.0_for_MSYS2 . I only tried its cc1/cc1plus files, they have the exact same behaviour: WinXP compatible but include dir issue. The executables in this package are UPX compressed.) Edit: looking some more at that GCC_8.4.0_for_MSYS2 package. It is a much better example of how the folder structure was originally intended compared to the special purpose ReactOS package. It has a populated ".\i686-w64-mingw32\include" folder, and an empty but still present ".\include" folder. So instead of hex editing one can use ".\i686-w64-mingw32\include" and disregard ".\include". I will see what works better...
  13. Another one here holding out with a classic. A sony-ericsson W800i (2005), nothing special. No whatsapp either. In my actual surroundings I am the last one that has kept it that way.
  14. I agree that GZDoom was already one of the most mature and polished games many years ago. Especially for playing the classic contents. And as for dated operating systems, I worked on this one in 2014: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/MBF And here is another recent one for MS-DOS: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/FastDoom Some people from the ZDoom/DRDteam websites contacted me about MBF about a year ago. If their wiki entry was OK to me. No problem.
  15. Thanks again! The toolbar icons became a somewhat ugly since previous versions. It seems they are made for white background only.
  16. I also have an older iPad mini 3 with IOS 8.1.3 (2015), and I am using similar iTools v1.8.4.6 for it. That iTools version is just a single portable executable, and works great. Note that IOS 8 Safari Browser is unusable on the current internet. Anyways that old one may die one of these days, so when I saw an offer for a low-priced spare I decided to go for that. Even though there is a lot to dislike about iPads and IOS too, I know.
  17. Big pleasant surprise here: Full connectivity with an iPad Mini 4 (2015-2019) with IOS 14.6 (24-05-2021) installed. Using iTools v4.3.5.5. This allows for access to photos, music, ebooks etc. So this iTools program downloads and installs apple drivers automatically (normally part of iTunes software), and it seemingly succeeds in doing that under Windows XP. (The currently latest version of iTools, v4.4.5.6. does not run on Windows XP. Many calls to unsupported functions. ) Edit: Latest 3uTools v2.57.031 (2021-08-30) is very similar. It seems to have more options. It also works under windows XP, and also successfully connects to the mentioned iPad. Actually this 3uTools works better compared to the mentioned iTools version, as it is more recent, and better adapted to IOS 14.6 specifics.
  18. Goed gevonden / Good find. It took a little digging again, but I found three differences with files in the language pack "nl\devtools\client" folder, all related to WebIDE. (Which was supposedly removed by roytam?, though not really). Anyways, it works now, please try the updated language pack in my edited previous post.
  19. I tried to make a "content.dtd" based on the one found at this link. But that did not work, maybe because of the #ifdef etc. https://github.com/roytam1/UXP/tree/650abe2cb9eb02c14369a807a6225ebb053d0b17/application/palemoon/locales/en-US/chrome/browser/preferences Then I found a local copy of "content.dtd" in the Newmoon 28 "omni.ja" file. Using that file, either original or a translation based on it, works fine. Attached Dutch language pack for NewMoon 28, version 03-2021. Except for the mentioned "content.dtd" file, it is identical to "pm-langpack-nl-28.10.0" Edit: Revision B changes and adds three files: menus.properties / webide.dtd / webide.properties pm-langpack-nl-28.10.0 Adjusted Post-03-2021B.xpi
  20. ZWCAD is a chinese AutoCAD like program. It is VERY AutoCAD like. Surprisingly ZWCAD 2020 SP2 32-bit still works fine in Windows XP. But with the arrival of the 2021 edition, it no longer does.
  21. Thanks for the suggestions! So I will slowly start on preparing a Linux environment for one of the E350 Nettops (yeah I have a spare one too), to make it both the internet radio and a file sharing device. I am already familiar with Linux Solus 4 Mate, so I really prefer to use that, and avoid having to learn about a different OS or distribution. Regardless, If someone has some knowledge about the security or insecurity of Windows XP NAT file sharing, in the current day and age, I would gladly learn about it.
  22. Thanks a lot! I will check if the information you provided enables me to adjust the language pack for latest NM28. If so, I will share a copy here.
  23. I have some systems in a LAN, connected through the usual cable-company supplied WAN/LAN router. Router brand is Technicolor. File sharing is set disabled in the Windows XP systems, in the LAN-Adapter settings. At the moment I cannot say exactly how necessary that is for security, but that is what I did. The router had a nice option to use an USB storage device as a NAS. It worked to some degree, however, it is bugged: At some point certain files start to behave read-only. So the past years I have been just swapping around USB storage. (And experiencing reliability issues with USB 3 drives and USB 3 SD card readers, which have made me prefer USB 2 again for these ones. No issues with larger 2,5" USB 3 devices ) Can someone recommend a small NAS like solution for sharing files between Windows XP and Linux? Just to hold some music and books and transfer some small files. Thanks in advance Edit: I do have a small E350 nettop with Windows XP functioning as internet radio. But am hesitant to make it the file sharing device. Maybe if I would install Linux on it instead.
  24. Much appreciated. Yes I will try v347.26 when I have some time. Your observations are noted. With v347.09 brief testing, I have seen one hang with 3Dmark2001SE. Showing a benchmark intro screen, about to fade in, but it remains very dark forever. Two other runs; no problem. Driver v368.91 had this same issue quite regularly, maybe like half the benchmark runs got stuck like that. With v344.75 I have never seen this hang, despite that I have benchmarked it a dozen times now. Note that for me personally: I am already satisfied with the GT 710 card and the driver v344.75. It performs a bit better then its AMD counterpart, the Radeon HD6450, whilst staying cooler. No system fan required :). I hoped it would perform more then it does, but I now understand this GT 710 chipset was especially redesigned for low power usage. Half the shader-transistor count is factory-disabled. The Windows XP PCI-Express lane-idling-behaviour is a bit annoying, just have to remember to do a standby-wake cycle before 3D usage, whenever the system loaded from reset/reboot instead of a cold boot. Maybe, one day good day, I will try and find the PCI register responsible for this, and poke it.
  25. Thanks for the tip. Actually I used v344.75 because IIRC you mentioned it in the other topic here. I just tried driver v347.09 for a bit, but at least in my 32-bit setup, it makes little difference, behaves pretty much the same. 3DMarks2001 gives 37230 points with this driver, it was 37285 before. The icafe driver v368.91 was mentioned in a Russian 'guide to running Windows XP 32-bit in 2021', which was also posted here, as a word document. Sorry. I have no idea. Actually I am only recently reading up on the Geforce series, I was using AMD Radeon cards ever since the NVIDIA bad solder issue of 2008.

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