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  1. Thanks for the replies guys! I will check out that alternative task manager. One other thing I forgot to mention was that I also used taskmanager to view the virtual memory as well...It still didn't add up to what the RAM usage was showing as. It doesn't make sense why it is giving such a high reading, yet nothing us using even close to all of the physical RAM and not much virtual memory either.
  2. Hello, I have noticed recently that when I check taskmanager, the RAM usage shows as if it were using more RAM than I even have installed (1GB). Although it shows such high usage compared to what I really have, my computer still seems to be responsive and fast. I have also noticed that after a restart, the ram usage will be back to normal, but when it is left on for a few hours the RAM usage gets a lot higher than it should ever be. I have run multiple virus scans with Malwarebytes, superantispyware, and spybot with a clean report. So why is taskmanager falsely showing such high RAM usage??? Replies are appreciated! Check out the picture I have attached.
  3. https://www.dell.com/community/Desktops-General-Read-Only/Dimension-8200-Bios-A09-Hyperthreading/td-p/466727 Hello, I have a Dell Dimension 8200 with a Pentium 4, 3.06 Ghz, 1.5 GB RAM, and a Geforce 6200. The Bios on this computer is A09, however, this version of the bios doesn't support hyper-threading, an older version of it did (Dell took down the hyper-threading bios soon after the release). On the link above, users mention a place I could find the bios at, but they didn't post a link, and just refer to the site as "Spongebob's website." Does anyone know where I could reach this site, or does anyone know of another way I could get this bios? -thanks
  4. Thank you guys for taking the time to test that stuff out. I will say it is very weird that ( https://www.youtube.com/html5 )claims that IE9 supports just as many html5 player features as IE10 and IE11, yet it still doesn't play videos. Strange.
  5. Hello everyone, I have just recieved an old Vista machine from my grandparents. I have cleaned it out completely, (SuperAntiSpyware was a huge help! I recommend it!), but anyway, I would like to use IE9 as a main browser. I like the way IE9 looks, and IE is a pretty nostalgic thing to me so I try to use it whenever I can. There is just one problem... YouTube doesnt play videos! Maybe it's just my computer though. On IE9 Youtube.com/html5 states that my browser supports: HTMLVideoElement, H.264, and WebM VP8 (I downloaded the VP8 codec here: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/webmmf/ ). Even though I have These codecs, when I click on a video a black screen shows up where the video player should be. Is there something I need to correct in IE's "Internet Options," or does it require more html5 codecs to play videos now? All help is appreciated.
  6. But anyway, I did a system restore, and MU seems to be working fine.
  7. and then toss that high end pc to me
  8. So last week, I installed everything that was listed for me to ( 2 ie8 updates, and ms installer, 3.5 i think. Then restarted, afterward I immediately went to the MU site, and after about 8 seconds it loaded with all the updates. I then downloaded them all, ( .net framework security updates, windows xp updates, maybe an ie update, posready updates) and thats it.
  9. Uh oh, the ms update website has decided that it wants to go back to searching for updates forever... Should I just give up on it at this point? I got it to work a few days ago, but now its not working again.
  10. UPDATE: Added ecc support, acid3 support, and better speed to list of goals.
  11. Hey roytam! Im posting this with NewMoon for XP 27.8.0a1, and sorry for late response. Main question is, is there anyway at all to add that to ie8? Does ie 11 even support TLS SNI?
  12. That actually worked! I thought dencorso meant that was for vista only. Sorry! @dencorso I feel really stupid...
  13. Nope, both sub keys are there And thanks for those articles!
  14. Just read all the way through page 1. And no I cant open that page, it just keeps loading forever.
  15. tls 1.1 and 1.2 working! Wikipedia works! The only things is that they don't show up in "advanced"
  16. UPDATE: OK, so the updates finally loaded, (after 45 minutes that is, I let it keep loading while watching the super bowl) Updates are now installing, after restart Ill let you all know if I can get tls 1.1 and 1.2 to work. And yes I read through and took the advice given to me by everyone, I just was trying to delete it because I wasn't sure if it would cause other problems with my computer. I wouldn't ignore peoples advice, and that advice was super helpful. Thanks everyone! another update soon.
  17. when I try to delete the registry entry, it gives an error saying "cannot delete PosReady: Error while deleting key" HELP!
  18. Thanks everyone! I dont have access to my computer right now but tomorrow i will make sure to look into your suggestions.
  19. Worst case, how do i remove the registry items added to the registry for the hack?
  20. Yes because before i added the hack windows update was working fine, its now been 30 minutes
  21. So now I have an even bigger problem. After adding the posready updates hack to the registry, I cant get ie 8 to finish checking for updates in windows update. It will just keep scanning. I have tried restarting my computer and 15 minutes later its still checking for updates. Did the hack screw up my system?? Someone help!
  22. Thanks! Ill look into it! Also has been added to my list of goals
  23. @dencorso Ive heard about that trick before, so how exactly does it work? Ive seen videos of people using notepad to make xp home get the posready2009 updates. Ive also heard it could screw up my computer. Anyway thanks for commenting!
  24. So i previously made a post titled, "modernize ie6," After coming to a decision to upgrade to ie8, I realized it was a lot better, although not perfect at all, but usable. I kind of just got bored with ie6. So the point of my new project, is modernizing not ie6, but ie8. If you don't know, there's a lot of sites that depend on tls 1.1 or 1.2, while ie8 in XP doesn't support either. For example, Wikipedia. Even that (a mostly text based site) wont load. "This page cannot be displayed" Im sure you all have seen that error at some point in time. So heres a few goals: -tls 1.1 and 1.2 support (SOLVED) -html5 support (if thats even possible) -ecc support -acid3 support -better speed (really slow on some sites compared to Firefox or anything else, if thats even possible to fix) - other miscellaneous things you think would be helpful So feel free to reply if you know of anything. Thanks! DISCLAIMER: please don't say stuff like, "lol why r u using ie8?" or "just use another browser" or maybe even "ie8 is dangerous because its not supported by Microsoft, use Firefox!" Because you see that ruins the point of my experiment, I already have other browsers, I just want to see what I can do with ie8.
  25. sounds cool but that kind of ruins the point of my experiment... (to modernize IE 6, not download another browser)

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