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  1. Hey @Tihiy I really, really love your StartIsBack++ Windows 10 cound't be usable and acceptable for me without your project I really like the personalization for set custom color, transparency, style for application bar and start menu I just want to ask if a day maybe I could see these customization for the notification area of Windows (where there are Wifi, Bluetooth, LAN, ... toggles) In this way there could be more uniformity PS: I hope to see also an update for a stable version of Aero Glass (But this isn't this the right place for ask [I just dreaming a cooperation for these 2 project😅]) so StartIsBack + Aero = PERFECTION Anyway thank you so much for keep working and updated StartIsBack 🔝
  2. franDj99

    Aero Glass for Win8.1+ 1.5.3

    Hey Guys, I'm trying to get a working Aero on build 1809 I see that now is avariable the experimental build and it sees working good for me I just don't like to have debug windows always visible There can be any way for don't have debug windows and messages with 1809...or a stable/final version for 1809? Thank you so much for continue this AMAZING project, I really hate Windows 10 with normal white/single colour windows, it's a graphic deterioration/downgrade from win 7 Windows 10 must be with your aero enabled by default
  3. Hey Guys I'm new user, I really like Aero Glass on Windows 10. I saw some amazing screenshot here. I'm on 1709 build of Windows 10, Where I can get a way for have Aero Glass ? I don't understand if I have to donate for have beta versions. Thank You in advance
  4. franDj99

    Aero Glass ThemeAtlas

    Hello Guys, I'm a new user... Can I ask what are the lastest news on Aero and lastest build of windows 10 ? I have build 16299.19 / version 1709 so I have the Fall Creators update... There is a way for have aero glass ?? Thank You in advance