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  1. Additional strategies were outlined in the Cygwin-Lite bugs section above. This includes updating the stackdump check entry for the working directory, not the $HOME directory, in case Cygwin-Lite is launched from another directory using Windows Explorer. Also added information regarding CONFIG.SYS's 'STACKS=nn,nnn'. Didn't think Cygwin would teach me so much about DOS. Stability is improving, not perfect.
  2. Thank-you roytam1 and rn10950 for your good work. After extensive testing there is no doubt RetroZilla is the most capable browser for vanilla Windows 98 at this time. Hopefully there will be a new build in the not so distant future. Please consider the additional cipher information link if a new build is planned. Developers are welcome to incorporate all or parts of the RetroZilla Search Engine Collection into new builds. Both the RetroZilla Extensions Collection and NoScript extension links contain extensions tested to work well in RetroZilla v2.2, should rn10950 populate the proposed repository at https://rn10950.github.io/RetroZillaWeb/extensions.html. Additional cipher information: https://msfn.org/board/topic/177106-running-vanilla-windows-98-in-2020/page/15/?tab=comments#comment-1174993 RetroZilla Search Engine Collection: https://msfn.org/board/topic/177106-running-vanilla-windows-98-in-2020/page/15/?tab=comments#comment-1175158 RetroZilla Extensions Collection: https://msfn.org/board/topic/177106-running-vanilla-windows-98-in-2020/page/16/?tab=comments#comment-1175386 RetroZilla NoScript extension: https://msfn.org/board/topic/177106-running-vanilla-windows-98-in-2020/page/15/?tab=comments#comment-1174709
  3. Did a fresh Cygwin-Lite install to double check default setup. The how to above was updated. Just in case someone already installed, additional configuration recommendations are outlined. Anything to help Cygwin run leaner and more stable.
  4. == Enhanced Cygwin-Lite == = Overview = Cygwin-Lite is Unix-like software that provides a Bash shell environment with numerous executables that run in a COMMAND.COM window. It is useful for scripting, file or system management. The shell supports tab completion, up arrow for last command, command history, etc. Cygwin-lite's ~ 20 executables are enhanced with ~ 100 more executables from Win-Bash, some duplicated. In total this provides all built-in Bash commands plus 109 executables. Total disk space required is < 10 MB. It can be removed using Add/Remove Programs. Win-Bash is not formally installed, only it's files are utilized. Compatabilty and stability from mixing Cygwin-Lite and Win-Bash is not guaranteed. For the most part everything works. Bash shell performance is a little laggy and buggy, see the Bugs section below. Not all functions have been tested. = Installation = Download Cygwin-Lite (cygwin-lite.exe, 1317 KB, no JavaScript needed): http://cygwin-lite.sourceforge.net Install cygwin-lite.exe to default path C:\cygwin, choose Normal (full) install. Download Win-Bash via direct link (shell.w32-ix86.zip, 5422 KB, no JavaScript needed): https://managedway.dl.sourceforge.net/project/win-bash/shell-complete/latest/shell.w32-ix86.zip Unzip shell.32-ix86.zip to a temporary directory, example C:\WINDOWS\temp\shell.w32-ix86. Copy the entire content of this shell.w32-ix86 directory, excluding the META-INF subdirectory, into C:\cygwin\bin. At each prompt, repeatedly (17 times) choose NOT to overwrite any existing Cygwin-Lite files. Only unique Win-Bash executables will then be copied over. = Setup = The first run of Cygwin-Lite will automatically create a user $HOME directory. For whatever reason the default 'export PS1' line in c:/cygwin/etc/profile is broken up: export PS1='\[\033]0;\w\007 \033[32m\]\u@\h \[\033[33m\w\033[0m\] $ ' This should be corrected into a one-liner then commented out (# character). Having a PS1 line in .bashrc will over-ride this entry anyway. So change broken multi-line above to: #export PS1='\[\033]0;\w\007\033[32m\]\u@\h \[\033[33m\w\033[0m\]$ ' As the vi/vim text editor does not appear to work, lean out the configuration and comment out these lines in c:/cygwin/$HOME/.bashrc. #export VIM=/usr/share/vim #vim no-compatibility mode enables things like command history #alias vi='vim -c "set nocp"' #alias vim='vim -c "set nocp"' The setup items below are optional. A $HOME/.bashrc PS1 entry similar to below may help with a poorly contrasted Bash prompt: export PS1='\[\033[0m\][\t]\[\033[32m\]\w\[\033[0m\]\$ ' Customize $HOME/.bashrc alias entries as desired. For example, adding a 'temp' command will change directory to c:/windows/temp: alias temp='cd c:/windows/temp' = Bugs = Working in a limited DOS environment has been observed to cause out of memory errors, stackdump file creation and system instability. Some work around and strategies that may help are outlined. Cygwin-Lite occasionally crashes producing *.stackdump file(s) in the working directory, default startup is the $HOME directory. When this occurs Cygwin-Lite may refuse to re-launch. Recommend reviewing command usage and scripts for errors. Then manually delete these stackdump files. The following stackdump check line should be added to the C:/cygwin/etc/profile file. Note just add the one stackdump line, the surrounding code below is just pasted for placement reference. It may be wise to add a stackdump check into the header of scripts. c:/cygwin/etc/profile modification: for i in /etc/profile.d/*.sh ; do if [ -f $i ]; then . $i fi done # Adding only this stackdump check line: ls $(pwd) | grep '\.stackdump' && rm --verbose $(pwd)/*.stackdump export MAKE_MODE=unix Adding a STACKS=nn,nnn entry in C:\CONFIG.SYS appears to help with stackdump issues. This system is presently using the highest available setting, as lower settings were still caused problems: STACKS=64,512 More information regarding the CONFIG.SYS 'STACKS=nn,nnn' entry: https://www.computerhope.com/ac.htm#config-sys https://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000382.htm If experiencing instability it may be useful to periodically reset the Bash environment by exiting Cygwin-Lite and it's COMMAND.COM window. = DOS Commands = DOS commands are not available by default. They can be custom added by creating a command.bat file in Cygwin-Lite's /bin/ directory. For example, adding the following cls.bat file will allow running 'cls.bat' from Bash to clear the screen. Note this creates a custom environment with commands that may not be available on other systems if sharing scripts. @echo off cls An alias can be added to $HOME/.bashrc to shorten the 'cls.bat' command to 'cls': alias cls='cls.bat' = Built-in Bash Commands = To review built-in Bash commands run 'bash -c help'. = Executables = All additional executables are located in the /bin/ directory, default is c:/cygwin/bin. = Basic Usage and Help = Launch a Bash shell from the 'bash' Cygwin-lite system tray or desktop shortcut. The Bash shell runs in a COMMAND.COM window. While initializing it is best to wait until the busy hourglass cursor settles. Entering pwd (print working directory) will show /home/your_system_name. This $HOME directory is the Windows equivalent of C:/cygwin/home/your_system_name/. Alternatively right-click a directory from Windows Explorer and select 'Run GNU bash' to open Bash in that directory. Likely a bug, two 'Run GNU bash' instances are created in the context menu. Unlike a Unix environment, capitalization of directory and file names is not necessary. For example, both 'cd c:/windows' or 'cd C:/Windows' work. Due to scrolling limitations, either pipe (| character) output using more or less commands or direct output (> character) to a file as needed. Bash uses the opposite slashes of Windows for directory paths. List files: ls List all files (including hidden dot files): ls -a Go to root drive (/cygwin/c/): cd c: Go to Windows temp directory: cd c:/windows/temp Go home (C:/cygwin/home/your_system_name): cd Return to last accessed directory: cd - Go up a directory (unlike DOS a space between cd and .. is needed): cd .. Append --help to review executable usage help: awk --help Pipe commands as needed, example prevents scroll off screen: less --help | less Review executable path: echo $PATH Use full pathway to access Windows files, escape spaces with slash: c:/program\ files/dillo/dillo ... or just double-quote a spaced pathway: cd "c:/program files/dillo/" Run history to view command history: history Use up arrow to load previous commands. Use !# (history item #) to re-run a previous command from history: !7 Review C:\cygwin\html\ for help guides, especially begin.html and bash.html. Numerous tutorials online, search 'linux bash command line'. = Scripting = Begin a Bash script with the header: #!/bin/bash Place the script into c:/cygwin/bin/. In Windows the 'chmod +x' command is not needed to activate a script file. Enter the script's name as the command to launch the script. = Limitations = With limited testing several items are noted: The Bash shell is outdated and limited, use POSIX code. Executables are outdated and limited. For example, wget.exe does not support --no-check-certificate, sed -i (in place) is not available, single > data direction appends not overwrites, use work-arounds. Use full directory pathways to reference files and variables. For example, referencing a file in $HOME should be expanded to c:/cygwin/"$HOME"/reference_file. The COMMAND.COM window is limited compared to a modern full-featured terminal emulator. For example, no scrolling and cut/paste does not work. No man(ual) pages, run executable_name --help. Vim (vi) editor does not appear to run. = Big Juicy Warning = The system administrator is responsible for their system. Be cautious using the mv (move) or rm (remove) commands or wildcards (* character). There is no trashbin or protection from inadvertent system file removal. To prevent error use the full directory pathway when using commands. For example, entering 'rm *' when in the c:/windows directory, instead of c:/windows/temp, will wipe out your system. The preferred command would be 'rm c:/windows/temp/*. Edit1: Added extra Setup information. Edit2: Added some work arounds and links in the bugs section. Edit3: Removed 'exec bash' recommendation to reset Bash, found to cause multiple Bash instances.
  5. Got most YouTube videos downloading in vanilla Windows 98 ! Merged some scratch coded YouTube download functions into 9xweb, makes sense having all functions within 'Windows 9x Web Helper'. Have been using it to view full screen YouTube videos in VLC and MPlayer for a few days. The code is still a work in progress. Only 8/10 downloads were successful from link below. Success rate will depend on browsing preference. URL and title extraction is coming along. Most of the errors now are 403 Forbidden, such as VEVO music videos. May cross reference with youtube-dl's code. Will release the script as beta. Testers, feedback and patches welcome, especially if you can help break YouTube's code :) https://www.youtube.com/feed/trending -> Recently Trending The only dependency will be a Cygwin-Lite install, will provide notes later, which includes an old version of wget. Should work in enhanced Windows 98 installations too. Unsure about Windows 95, don't have a test system available. Edit: Confirmed working in Windows 95.
  6. Thank-you for the links Bruninho. Nice to see the nostalgia is strong. Good to remember where we came from. Many new OS and software releases are more about eye candy than functionality, requiring much higher hardware resources to accomplish pretty much the same thing. These old releases were very functional and fun.
  7. Was going to delete 'Windows 9x Web Helper' (9xweb script) code when RetroZilla started connecting well. Decided to keep it, still handy for bookmarking and accessing certain sites via Google cache and archive[dot]org. Would also be useful for vanilla Windows 98 browsers with connection issues or if the future internet isn't kind to RetroZilla. The script should be posted soon. Specifying a date works well now for the archive[dot]org (specify date) function. This provides an easy way to go back in history with a year-month-day combo, even just a year is good. If the exact date is not available archive[dot]org returns the nearest date. Thank-you for this information earlier siria. So the script will become an easy time machine portal for old websites. Also finalizing search engine URL link stripping. The worst offender is Yahoo, their embedded Bing URL links do not appear strippable as it breaks the link, or i haven't figured it out yet. Obfuscated Yahoo links not containing a Bing URL can be cleaned up. During testing came across a funny example, Yahoo search result link for 'obfuscate' for the Merrian Webster dictionary: https://r.search.yahoo.com/_ylt=Awr47KYGdRJeDGoAz15XNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEybGltNjczBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDQjg3NDVfMQRzZWMDc3I-/RV=2/RE=1578296711/RO=10/RU=https%3a%2f%2fwww.merriam-webster.com%2fdictionary%2fobfuscate/RK=2/RS=c9VCi2PY5fHq3evKtBj_FNnk.T4- Using the script's [t]rim function: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/obfuscate Search engines that use obfuscated links likely particpate in referral programs. This to me also means your data and search preferences are more likely to be tracked. Although i love SeaMonkey they made an agreement with DuckDuckGo some time ago, receiving monetary concession when DuckDuckGo searches were performed from the browser. I believe it's set up to be the browser's default search engine. The best search engines of the bunch from the RetroZilla search engine collection were Dogpile, a pleasant surprise, and Startpage. Neither obfuscate search result links. The 9xweb script can now clean up the following search engine collection URLs: DDG-HTML, DDG-Lite, Google, Google Images, MSFN_DDG-HTML, MSFN_DDG-Lite, MSFN_Google, some Yahoo. Site internal search engines, such as Internet Archive, Twitter, Wikipedia and YouTube do not need trimming.
  8. Thank-you deomsh for the explanation. Now the 'Insert' key has a purpose! Whether a DOS boot or COMMAND.COM window, noticed the cursor is a flashing block when using insert mode and a flashing underscore in overwrite mode, easily toggled during runtime. Good to know, thank-you.
  9. Thank-you deomsh. Now DOSKEY automatically loads whenever AUTOEXEC.BAT gets processed. The Safe mode command prompt only comment is not understood. When booting into this mode not even AUTOEXEC.BAT gets processed, so user needs to manually run DOSKEY to initiate it. No switch is required, just entering DOSKEY command works. So a little lost what is meant by having to run DOSKEY /insert or DOSKEY /overwrite or using the 'Insert' key. Please elaborate.
  10. DOS has it's own built-in editor EDIT.COM, useful for reading or editing files. Just run the 'edit' command or 'edit filename' from COMMAND.COM window or a DOS boot. It's very good for reviewing game readme files when in DOS. PictView v1.94 is a DOS picture viewer. It's been good for reviewing a GIF image of USNF's keyboard shortcuts without having to exit DOS. http://www.pictview.com/ Now DOS is cooking with peanut oil. http://www.quickmeme.com/meme/3u0vvw
  11. Hi tillewolle. Setting up DOS sound is tricky. Your Soundblaster cards should make it much easier, pretty much standard support for DOS games. VDMSound never worked for me either, wasted too much time on it. The SET BLASTER line should probably be A220, try: SET BLASTER=A220 I7 D1 H5 P330 The install link you posted doesn't mention an H or P setting, maybe it's just: SET BLASTER=A220 I7 D1 My Soundblaster card uses: SET BLASTER=A220 I7 D1 H5 P330 T6 Each game can be unique, try searching DOS sound for that specific game.
  12. Windows 98 was my first OS purchase aside from a Commodore Vic 20. Spent many hours as a kid typing and saving Basic code on to cassette tape. In earlier years also used an old Apple IIe provided by an employer. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commodore_VIC-20 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apple_II_series#Apple_IIe Dumb luck buying Windows 98 SE (super edition), released just months before building an AMD K6-2 450 MHz system with 64 MB RAM in 1999. Still using the tower and many components. Spent a crazy $400 CDN back in the day on a CD burner, still using it, getting my moneys worth. For the most part older hardware seems built to last. Avoided the perpetual upgrade cycle and still compute daily with hardware that isn't much better (800 MHz, 384 MB RAM). Spend my 'upgrade' time exploring, compiling and coding lean software. Also maintain the hardware as needed (cleaning power supplies, fans and CD/DVD lasers, reseating CPUs and connections, CMOS batteries, etc). My current hardware isn't adequate for DOSBox, games lag. Didn't use Windows 98 long before switching to Windows 2000, great for business but not for gaming, DOS and otherwise. Windows XP was great for modern games but lacked real DOS. RetroZilla makes looking up information and downloading files easy in Windows 98, as i do not have the files and knowledge base to set these games up in a DOS only environment. Found some easy ways to make COMMAND.COM less clunky. This functionality was already developed years ago, seems we often run in circles. DOSKEY.COM should be located in C:\Windows\COMMAND, if not it's on the Windows 98 CD. Running the DOSKEY command whenever opening COMMAND.COM is cumbersome, modifying a COMMAND.COM shortcut -> Properties -> Program tab -> Cmd line field is easier: C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND.COM /k doskey There are lots of ways to configure it and make it more persistent but my needs are simple. Just having the ability to do this is great: up arrow previous command(s), review command history, reload commands without retyping, clear typed data. The F7 and F9 keys are your friend. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DOSKEY https://gist.github.com/vladikoff/38307908088d58af206b Enhanced DOSKEY v2.8 is a free DOSKEY drop-in replacement that adds tab-completion, although somewhat primitive compared to modern TTYs and terminal emulators. http://paulhoule.com/doskey/
  13. Happy new year everyone. Thread title updated. Thanks for the reply Drugwash, still pondering and nobody's chimed in. My DOS knowledge slowly grows. Never had a system so perfect for DOS gaming. Just recently got USNF (US Navy Fighters, circa 1994) running, with sound. Owned the game for 20 years, starting to play a bit. Not the best game but playing DOS games on real hardware is awesome. https://www.mobygames.com/game/dos/us-navy-fighters/screenshots Also got the original Red Baron (circa 1990) running. Found all PDF maps online and printed them out. Playing with paper maps simulates the pilots of old. https://www.mobygames.com/game/dos/red-baron/screenshots Red Baron requires slow down software. Mo'Slo v1.32b works well (trial version, copyright David Perrell 1990-1997). Place MOSLO.COM in to C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND. Run MOSLO.COM from Windows to see usage information. More information regarding Mo'Slo and licensing is linked, although the most recent v1.5 was not tested. http://moslo.info/basic.asp Raised in the era of Pong and Atari 2600, these graphics don't look that dated, the imagination takes over just like reading a good book. There's still lots of DOS information and drivers online. Definitely the time to take in all this goodness. Keep stumbling on archive[dot]org links, they're doing a great job.
  14. Thanks Drugwash. May end up using Dropbox, the standard, don't like the registration though. Nice that you can link files permanently, the size limit is lots. Emailed TinyUpload hoping they can fix the problem. Looked through several '10 best file sharing' articles, don't really like any of them.
  15. Hi loblo. Don't want to stray, just a quick note. Custom command.bat files can be placed in Bash's /bin/ directory then DOS commands can be used by Bash. For example, create cls.bat containing: @echo off cls Now the cls.bat command is available. Of course this creates a custom environment and these commands won't work if script sharing. Curious if Mintty works in vanilla Windows 98, will check it out, thanks.
  16. Master extension list attached (extensions.zip, ~260 KB). Is there really a 1.9 MB forum limt? Per day/week/month/total? At my limit and i want to contribute more. Always used tinyupload (no sign-up, no JavaScript to download) but it appears broken. Any suggestions? extensions.zip
  17. == Firefox Legacy Collector URLs == The power of vanilla Windows 98 and available tools (Dillo, Cygwin-Lite). Saved an HTML file from below, the webpage is so long it drained all system RAM using RetroZilla. https://ia803100.us.archive.org/view_archive.php?archive=/16/items/Firefox_Legacy_Collector_Dump/legacycollector.org.tar A text list of 51,332 *.xpi entries was generated from the HTML file and converted into proper HTTP links. The file was split into 52 ordered files. A human readable master list of all extensions, named extensions.doc, was also generated. All files load in WordPad. FirefoxLegacyCollector.zip is attached (~357 KB). Due to forum file size limitations, the master list file (extensions.zip, ~260 KB) will be attached to next post. Maybe this helps some members selectively retrieve legacy extensions. Review the text files and paste the desired URL into any browser for download, even Dillo. The download takes a few seconds to initiate, presumably archive.org database delay. Quick search text files using built-in Windows 98 Find GUI. Open Find in the unzipped FirefoxLegacyCollector directory and enter a search query in the 'Containing text' field. This will identify which text file contains the extension's download link. Then in WordPad use Ctrl-F to warp to the actual HTTP link. Numerous extensions could be parsed and downloaded from a text file via one-liner or simple script. These are not HTTPS links so even outdated wget would work. Sorry i have no idea which extensions work with which browser version, probably trial and error. FirefoxLegacyCollector.zip
  18. As always, thank-you for the links and information siria. It saddens me this stuff is disappearing, so much work has gone into coding these extensions, still useful for old systems and hardware. Hoarding a few select extensions wasn't something i gave any thought about years ago, wrongfully assumed it would always be available for download. Thankfully some are working on keeping it available. The legacycollector[dot]org site indicated a torrent would be briefly seeded. I am also surprised there wasn't more of an uproar. Maybe most users have already moved on or taken what they wanted. Modern living maybe has led many into a life of busy distraction. It's up to the end-users now to keep it going, just as it was when Windows 98 updates got pulled. A 15 GB download probably is not a big issue for most, which can cheaply be stored on a $10 USB stick, but rather how to distribute and make the files available to others.
  19. Drop to DOS is discussed and linked here: https://msfn.org/board/topic/177106-running-vanilla-windows-98-in-2019/page/10/?tab=comments#comment-1173496 And as discussed here, running command.com from Start -> Run or Window key -> r opens COMMAND.COM to the directory in an opened and focused Windows Explorer window without needing any additional software: https://msfn.org/board/topic/177106-running-vanilla-windows-98-in-2019/page/10/?tab=comments#comment-1173527
  20. == RetroZilla Extensions Collection == = Overview = Extensions tested to work and play nice together in RetroZilla v2.2. Posted here in case online links become unavailable. All credit goes to the original authors. Applicable extension(s) will be removed should an author object. Use at own risk, these extensions are outdated and unmaintained. Extensions are unmodified from the original download with the exception of NoScript, a minor install.rdf file modification to get it to install. Most provide functionality similar to what would be expected of a modern browser. Hopefully @rn10950 will eventually populate the proposed extension repository. At present RetroZilla's Tools -> Get Extensions link opens an empty page: https://rn10950.github.io/RetroZillaWeb/extensions.html Extensions are bundled in the attached RetroZillaExtensions.zip. Due to forum file size attachment limitations NoScript is not included and can be downloaded here: https://msfn.org/board/topic/177106-running-vanilla-windows-98-in-2019/page/15/?tab=comments#comment-1174709 = Extensions = cleardata.xpi Provides Clear Private Data entry in the Tools dropdown (cache, history, cookies, location bar). context_search-0.2.2-mod.xpi Select page text and search with any installed search engine via right-click context menu. imagezoom_0.3.1.xpi Right-click image and zoom from context-menu selection. After install during first browser restart a broken options window may pop up, close it. Options get intrusively installed in browser preferences (Edit dropdown -> Preferences -> Image Zoom). noscript-1.10.xpi Fine grained JavaScript control and other options to improve online safety and security. As RetroZilla's JavaScript handling is poor, this allows selectively executing scripts as needed. ook.xpi Access all bookmarks from the right-click context menu. open-image-in-new-tab-1.0.xpi Right-click image and select open image in new tab. paste_and_go_2-0.8-mod.xpi Right-click the URL bar and select Paste and Go to immediately paste and launch a URL. tabclickingoptions-0.6.9.xpi Various tab-handling options accessible via Tools dropdown (eg. double-click tab bar for new tab). tabs_open_relative-0.3.3-mod.xpi Open new tab links adjacent to active tab, rather than the far right. undoclosetab.xpi Re-open previously closed tabs via right-click context menu. user-agent-switcher-0.6.10-bump.xpi Change browser's user agent, necessary to load some websites. = Install and Remove = Extension installation and removal in RetroZilla is messy and may lead to breakage. Recommend backing up the entire RetroZilla user profile before installing extensions or test drive the extension(s) in a new test profile. A full browser removal/re-installation may be helpful in case of severe breakage, as extension files may install into both the user profile and the browser installation directory, default pathways: C:\Program Files\RetroZilla C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\RetroZilla Ensure RetroZilla's Edit dropdown -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Software Installation is set to 'Allow web sites to install extensions and updates'. This is required even when installing extensions locally. For security reasons it is best to disable this checkbox after all desired extensions are installed. To install extensions go to File dropdown -> Open File -> select and install extension -> restart browser. To cleanly remove extensions either restore a previously backed up profile, delete the profile's chrome directory (created on restart), create a new profile or fully uninstall/reinstall the browser. Note not all extensions install cleanly into only the chrome directory (eg. NoScript) and some extensions even alter the browser's Preferences configuration window (eg. ImageZoom). RetroZillaExtensions.zip
  21. Spent too many hours deep into the night before Christmas digging through the Firefox Legacy Collector Dump on archive[dot]org, mentioned a few posts above. Downloaded and tested numerous versions of numerous extensions. In the end only kept one extension for RetroZilla v2.2, believe it was imagezoom_0.3.1.xpi. The collection is mostly for newer Mozilla-based browsers. Those running enhanced Windows 98 or newer Windows 2000 or XP would benefit the most from taking a look, before the site apparently goes down.
  22. Thanks for the find Drugwash. The RetroZilla Search Engine Collection post above was edited, including a screnshot and new download link. Choice is good, there are now 3 engines to choose from for MSFN site searches: Google, DDG-HTML, DDG-Lite. The 'site:xyz' option does not work with Startpage. IMHO the built-in Startpage search engine file was outdated, bloated and complicated. A new, leaner startpage.src file is now included in this collection (176 vs 1255 bytes). The URL was updated for search efficiency as the original URL https://classic.startpage.com automatically redirects to https://startpage.com anyway. If you prefer the built-in Startpage file, do not overwrite it with this collection file. All engines still work fine without JavaScript. Actually, temporarily allowing startpage.com via NoScript causes Startpage breakage. So it really needs to be used without JavaScript. The only drawback with DDG-HTML and MSFN_DDG-HTML searches is that RetroZilla's View dropdown -> User Style -> Default Style does not display the search box on the search results web page. If this is bothersome: - Use DDG-Lite search engine - Perform new searches from browser's URL bar - Change RetroZilla's User Style -> None - Try a site specific CSS file
  23. Thanks again Drugwash. RetroZilla Search Engine Collection post above revised, including an updated download link. All search engines now have icons, appropriately sized. The MSFN icon was obtained from https://msfn.org/board/favicon.ico. MSFN (this site) searches via Google The MSFN search engine uses Google's 'site:xyz' option, users that don't use Google should avoid or modify the engine. Startpage files unaltered RetroZilla's built-in Startpage search engine file is in this zipped collection for completeness but has not been altered in any way.
  24. Merry Christmas to all :) Just discovered the Firefox Legacy Collector Dump on archive.org. Here's the grim description link with some information pasted below in case the link disappears: https://archive.org/details/Firefox_Legacy_Collector_Dump It is unclear to me whether the maintainer is shutting down a personal site or removing the collection from archive.org, believe it's the latter. RetroZilla and old SeaMonkey utilize *.xpi extensions, query how many of these extensions might work on these old(est) browsers. Just thought some may find it useful. The entire collection appears to be ~8 GB: https://archive.org/download/legacycollector.org.tar.xz The itemized list is very long and takes a long time to successfully load in RetroZilla without JavaScript. May want to open a CPU and RAM process monitor beforehand or use a little better hardware if available. To view the entire list and download individual extensions rather than the whole collection: https://ia803100.us.archive.org/view_archive.php?archive=/16/items/Firefox_Legacy_Collector_Dump/legacycollector.org.tar ----- Firefox Legacy Collector Dump by legacycollector.org Publication date 2019-10 Language English To Browse the Repository: Click Here This website is a repository for web content that has been deemed "legacy" and has been removed by their original publishers, and might otherwise be difficult or cumbersome to get. Since starting this, end 2018, in response to Mozilla removing all legacy extensions from its add-ons site, with plans to expand to include more, similar "legacy" content, a few things have changed needing me to re-evaluate both the need for this site and my desire to run it. Most importantly I've received several threats to my person for running legacycollector.org - not the kind of thing I signed up for. But hey, Internet, if that is how you want to play ball, I'm out. Considering this, I've decided to stop providing this free archive and void my plans. This archive will be shut down in December 2019. Merry Christmas. Mozilla has removed all "legacy extensions" from their add-ons site in November 2018, leaving many users of older "long term support" versions of the browser, as well as browser forks, dead in the water. This holds a (hopefully complete) collection of the removed extensions as they were available from addons.mozilla.org prior to this purge by the company. Identifier Firefox_Legacy_Collector_Dump Scanner Internet Archive Python library 1.8.4 Year 2019 -----
  25. == RetroZilla Search Engine Collection == = Overview = A collection of quick coded search engines for RetroZilla builds based on SeaMonkey (not RetroZilla based on Firefox). All search engines work without activating JavaScript. Only tested on one vanilla Windows 98 system using the English language from North America (Canada), running RetroZilla v2.2 with the about:config changes recommended earlier. Search engine URLs are region neutral (eg. *.com vs *.ca). Let me know if anyone wants help creating an additional search engine that works without JavaScript. Developers are welcome to incorporate these search engine files into new browser builds, no credit or further permission required. = Screenshot = https://i.postimg.cc/prV1RXN0/RZ-Search-Engines.png = Search Engines = Dogpile DuckDuckGo-HTML DuckDuckGo-Lite Free Dictionary FrogFind! Google Google Images IMDB Internet Archive Mojeek MSFN_DDG-HTML MSFN_DDG-Lite MSFN_Google Startpage Urban Dictionary Wiby Wikipedia Wiktionary Yahoo = Installation = The default RetroZilla search engine directory pathway is: C:\Program Files\RetroZilla\searchplugins Default RetroZilla search engines can either be deleted or appended DISABLE before installing the collection: dmoz (broken), jeeves (broken), google (unnecessary redirect), startpage (bloated, unnecessary redirect). Download RetroZillaSearchEngineCollection.zip attached to this post (forum login required). Unzip and copy all or part of the collection, including the *.png icon file associated with it's *.src search engine file, into the search engine directory. Restart browser. = Usage = The Startpage search engine requires installing and utilizing the User Agent Switcher extension. Using the context search extension mentioned earlier in this thread, select word(s) on a page, right-click and select any installed search engine from the context menu to automatically open a search in a new tab. Or just use the usual methods to access and change search engines. Pressing F9 opens the search side bar. The default search engine also populates below the URL bar when typing a query into the bar. = Development = New search engines can be created using the existing *.src files as templates, adjusting as needed. Sometimes the changes are simple, or not. Similarly, decent icon files may or may not be easy to obtain. To incorporate an icon for a custom engine, find an appropriately sized *.gif or *.png image, place it in the same search engine directory. Ensure it has the same name as the search engine file (eg. google.src uses google.png). With major websites, often an easy way to get an icon file is to append /favicon.ico to the root URL, load the URL, right-click and save the image. The image will save as an *.ico file, rename it to a *.png (or *.gif). For example with https://duckduckgo.com/html use this URL to get the icon: https://duckduckgo.com/favicon.ico Edit1: All engines now have icons - thanks Drugwash. Edit2: Added extra MSFN search engines, revised startpage.src, tweaked icon sizing, screenshot. Edit3: Updated search engines, removed Twitter and YouTube (sites fail in RetroZilla), added Wiby. Edit4: Updated search engines, added FrogFind! and Mojeek. RetroZillaSearchEngineCollection.zip
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