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  1. One more thing, the user created Puppy Linux save file *save.2fs can be encrypted if desired. The user is cued during the first Puppy shutdown. As Windows 98 is not generally considered to be as secure as other systems, largely due to compromised web browser support, this is good to know. By default, runnng from Puppy will allow full access to Windows 98 file systems, but Windows 98 won't be able to access the encrypted save file.
  2. If anyone is curious, the default PupWin98 PUPPY.BAT file: @ECHO Puppy Linux (/PUPPY/PUPPPY.BAT) 2005 1109 1315 @ECHO OFF ECHO . ECHO . ECHO Without entry, will start Linux after 30 seconds. ECHO . ECHO . ! ! ECHO . ! ! REM Ready to run Linux or Windows. Press L or W : choice /C:lw /N /T:l,30 Ready to run Linux or Windows. Press L or W : if errorlevel 2 goto WIN if errorlevel 1 goto LIN :WIN win :LIN C:\PUPPY\grub.exe --config-file=(hd0,0)/puppy/menu.lst :end And the default grub config file menu.lst file: timeout 0 title Puppy Linux rootnoverify (hd0,0) kernel (hd0,0)/puppy/vmlinuz root=/dev/ram0 acpi=off PFILE=pup001-none-262144 PHOME=hda1 initrd (hd0,0)/puppy/image.gz If anyone wants to try, newer Puppy releases use a different structure, a recommended setup might look like this: C:\PUPPY\PUPPY.BAT C:\PUPPY\grub.exe C:\PUPPY\initrd.gz [1] C:\PUPPY\linux3.ico C:\PUPPY\menu.lst C:\PUPPY\puppy_tahr_6.0.5.sfs [2] C:\PUPPY\tahrsave.2fs [3] C:\PUPPY\vmlinuz [4] C:\PUPPY\zdrv_tahr_6.0.5.sfs C:\Windows\Desktop\PupLinux.pif [5] [1] Old Puppy releases use image.gz (base Linux file system). New versions use initrd.gz. Modify menu.lst accordingly: initrd (hd0,0)/puppy/initrd.gz [2] Put all *.sfs files in to C:\PUPPY\, not C:\, to keep the install clean, ensure menu.lst reflects the directory structure. [3] A *save.2fs file is created after Puppy first run, you won't have to install it. Contains all user software/settings, easy back-ups. [4] Put the vmlinux (Linux kernel) in to C:\PUPPY\, not C:\, to keep the install clean, ensure menu.lst reflects the directory structure. [5] The C:\Windows\Desktop\PupLinux.pif file is just a pointer to C:\PUPPY\PUPPY.BAT and makes itself pretty with C:\PUPPY\linux3.ico. Additional menu.lst notes: - In Windows (hd0,0) is typically the C: drive. - Entry hda1 is the same as (hd0,0), first drive, first partition. - Entry acpi=off is for power management. Use it the first time, experiment with removal. Most reliable way to boot any system, may not allow full poweroff on shutdown. - Entries PFILE=pup001-none-262144 PHOME=hda1 may no longer be required, didn't bother to experiment. This should update PupWin98 nicely. Once again, PupWin98 can be downloaded here: https://archive.org/details/Puppy_Linux_OddsnSods Download the desired Puppy release from below and extract the required files from the *.iso: http://distro.ibiblio.org/puppylinux/ Learn more about the releases starting here: http://puppylinux.com/download.html
  3. Windows 98 needs to exit. A DOS *.bat file launches the user choice menu and DOS launches the grub.exe boot loader. So a reboot is required to switch between Windows and Linux, there's no VM involved. Everything runs lean and efficient on bare metal. The Linux install is modular and clean, won't mess up Windows. If you wanted the boot menu to show everytime, instead of using the desktop shortcut, PUPPY.BAT could be added to AUTOEXEC.BAT.
  4. Hi jumper. Believe i am using the original, definitely not D+. Properties indicate The Dillo Project, Dillo Web Browser, dillo.exe v3.0, 1297920 bytes, date stamp November 28, 2011. PS Going to stop posting from Dillo, too painful. Even SeaMonkey v1.1.19 hurts.
  5. Discovered ancient PupWin98 and got it launching and running Puppy Linux from Windows 98. Originally based on Puppy v1 but these ancient repositories are all down, not allowing software installs and updates. With minor modification PupWin98 appears to be able to boot any Puppy release from DOS. I modified PupWin98 to successfully run Tahrpup, Puppy Linux version 6. Advantages: - Launch GNU/Linux via Windows 98 when required to run alternative software, such as an up-to-date web browser for banking. - All the benefits of Puppy Linux: easy hardware setup, firewall, huge package repository, etc. - No risk of breaking existing Windows 98 installation as it does not over write the master boot record, rather it launches the grub boot loader from DOS. - Does not require repartitioning or modifying the hard drive, Puppy Linux files stored on the C: drive, no issues with Fat32. - Easy and clean removal, just delete C:\Puppy and associated files when no longer useful, no registry entries. - Small hard drive footprint. The tahrpup experimental install used <400 MB of hard drive space. PupWin98 overview: http://www.freeveda.org/linux/puppy/PupWin98.htm PupWin98 download: https://archive.org/details/Puppy_Linux_OddsnSods Puppy Linux major releases: http://puppylinux.com/download.html To hack an upgrade, basically just extract the original PupWin98, replace the old image.gz and vmlinuz files with desired Puppy version, update the menu.lst file, copy PupWin98 Puppy directory and files to the appropriate locations. If anyone wants more detailed hacking instructions let me know.
  6. Hi siria. Sorry didn't see your post earlier. Thanks for the information. I will likely try KernelEx eventually. For now i want to see how things get along with this vanilla install. Old SeaMonkey is stil my favourite, plan to hack to see if it kickstarts and runs better. You mentioned two versions of Retrozilla v2.2, which one is best to try? Thanks.
  7. Content deleted, duplicate/similar post to above, darn Dillo on Windows 98 isn't ideal for this forum :)
  8. My cheap gamepad from ~20 years ago still works great but the drivers i copied from the install floppy wouldn't work correctly for some reason, despite numerous re-installs and re-boots. Never had this issue before in any previous Windows 98 or XP installs. Sucked as it's an 8-button gamepad and Windows 98 Control Panel > Gaming Options only allows adding a '4-button gamepad'. Slow on the uptake, took me a while to figure out that selecting a '4-button flight yoke w/throttle' would work. The direction pad and four default buttons work as normal, the four additional shoulder buttons are recognized as throttle and rudder controls, something like that. Anyways, now i can play Sports Car GT with working shoulder buttons to simulate manual transmission shifts. The world has mostly moved on, maybe this helps someone else get their hardware configured. Late edit: To clarify, selecting '4-button flight yoke w/throttle' gets the gamepad running but also check/enable the little Rudder/Pedals box in the Game Controller popup.
  9. Dillo was ported to Windows once, now defunct. Confirmed download and executable from: https://samiam.org/software/dillo/ Read more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dillo My version doesn't have the plugins directory/content but works fine. Once run, the config file is C:\WINDOWS\.dillo\dillorc. Hope this helps. PS Dillo with Gmail didn't work but this site still does.
  10. Didn't last, couldn't resist the nostalgia and thrill of getting such an old OS online. Running Windows 98 SE, official updates, no kernel extensions. Tiny Personal Firewall v2.0.14 and Dillo v3.0. Tweaked ethernet speed with TCPOptimizer v308. No JavaScript, fast and reasonably secure. Dillo was able to log in to this site to post this message. Last working versions Firefox v2.0.0.20 and SeaMonkey v1.1.19 now have even more issues with outdated certs and difficulties establishing secure connections, making them almost non-functional. Links v2.1 works pretty well, for a text browser pretty user friendly. To me Windows 98 would still be a viable OS today if it wasn't for the lack of a secure, up-to-date, full featured web browser. It has a rich history with lots of good old software, such a shame. Having fun hacking and tuning the system. Playing with some hardware and configurations resulted in a persistent blue screen 'vxd' boot error. No problem with DOS fallback. Running SCANREG /RESTORE fixed the issue without much drama or wasted time. Lots of respect for DOS based systems.
  11. Odd problem. Although there may have been different releases, my Road Rash CD says 'Windows 95 Native'. Have you tried hosting the game from the other computer? If there are firewalls running, maybe temporarily disable.
  12. These posts are actually from Windows 98 and Dillo. Amazingly able to sign into msfn.org and post without JavaScript, thought the site was captcha protected . Still using Gmail's HTML only version, old Dillo might work there too, may try later. See ya.
  13. Windows 98 SE, official updates, no kernel extensions: - Tiny Personal Firewall v2.0.14 - TCPOptimizer v308 to tweak ethernet speed - Dillo v3.0 - Dual boot GNU/Linux with SeaMonkey and NoScript Dillo works well for speed, images and downloads. No hang-ups with certs and SSL like the outdated full featured Windows 98 browsers. Actually prefer the lack of JavaScript support.
  14. Some good comments here. Agreed Windows 98 has been relegated to special duty, either due to hardware limitations or for specific old software. As an online system, not overly useful.Freshly installed Windows 98 on different 2000 era hardware recently. For off-line use only to run MS-DOS and early Windows applications, primarily retro games. The thread title should be renamed 'Running Windows 98 in 2019...'. Surprisingly all required hardware drivers can still readily be found on the interweb, even for DOS. There is still lots of useful documentation online for DOS and Windows 98. So many years later i am finally properly learning to configure and utilize DOS, fun experience. The current setup is very functional, dual boot into Devuan GNU/Linux to retrieve online data, boot offline into Windows 98 with network card disabled for gaming. Best of both worlds. This old hardware does not have the horsepower for emulators like DOSBox.
  15. New patch includes XP, came across today, source: https://www.wired.com/story/microsoft-windows-xp-patch-very-bad-sign/ Don't forget to disable remote desktop, all my WindowsXP systems are already offline.
  16. Thank you also GH0st and all others. WindowsXP isn't going away anytime soon, pending the ability to online activate, queried above. I've used many 'outdated' OSs over the years, especially Linux. They can still run modern software and services for years following drop of support. The best thing, they are finally STABLE :)
  17. The community is stronger with members like heinoganda that do good work, thank-you. For users willing to put in a few hours of labour while the official updates are readily available, just perform a fresh install on a spare partition, download and apply all applicable updates, save and archive them from the download directory for future re-use. Activate the new installation while you're at it, in case MS stops the service, and you have a fresh new install ready to go as a backup. Is there a chance MS would stop online or phone activation? I noticed the online Microsoft update library still even had Windows 2000 updates available for manual download. Will the download library be shut down later this year too or just the ability to automagically apply system updates?
  18. Additional KBs were noted as problematic when researching issues on non-SSE2 capable systems, listed below. Fresh installs may not see all these updates, which may have been replaced by later KBs: 3163249 (.NET Framework related) 4042007 4050795 4074852 4093257 4134651 4340937 Anyone using this older hardware may simply choose not to install updates, especially if the system is running well and/or is only used offline. Alternatively, avoid installing updates from August 2018 onward, when these SSE2 issues first appeared. Darn it MS for breaking hardware support during the 'supported' lifecycle of an OS.
  19. This might help users running old hardware with SSE support only, non-SSE2 or greater. There was scattered information on this thread and elsewhere regarding update breakage, which was experienced on an old system with a fresh POSReady2009 install (contains SP3) updated to this last patch Tuesday, >200 updates from 2009-2019. Fresh installs can selectively exclude culprit updates or just mass update and use Add/Remove Programs to clean up the carnage. No Virtual Machine here, lots of painstaking reboots to confirm the breakages reported. The setup is simple, no .NET Framework, no additional MS software (eg. no Microsoft Office, don't use Access), no scanner or printer connected. No extensive testing, just a test install to ensure the following works: boot, shutdown, Windows Explorer, Control Panel items, sound, USB, internet, IE8, WMP11, etc. All updates were hoarded for future installs, should Microsoft choose to shut down updates. These items were flagged 'SSE2', as other users reported possible issues with these updates on non-SSE2 capable hardware. Items appended 'INSTALLED' were installed anyway, as they did not appear to cause breakage on the limited test system. 201708_SSE2_KB4034775_NoObviousProblemMayAffectJetDatabase_MS_Access2000_INSTALLED 201808_SSE2_KB4343674_BREAKS_WMP_IE8 201809_SSE2_KB4458000_BREAKS_WMP_IE8 201809_SSE2_KB4458006_NoObviousProblem_INSTALLED 201810_SSE2_KB4462987_BREAKS_WMP_IE8 201810_SSE2_KB4463573_NoObviousProblem_INSTALLED 201812_SSE2_KB4473077_BREAKS_WMP_IE8 201902_SSE2_KB4486463_NoObviousProblem_INSTALLED 201902_SSE2_KB4486464_NoObviousProblem_INSTALLED 201902_SSE2_KB4487085-v2_BREAKS_WMP_IE8 201903_SSE2_KB4490385_BREAKS_WMP_IE8 201904_SSE2_KB4495022_BREAKS_WMP_IE8
  20. To Windows 98 diehards this will have little relevance, everyone has software favourites. After much digging, trial and error, this is what i consider essential (couple non-essential) for a decent Windows 98 machine in 2017/2018. May save someone a lot of research time and effort to set up a fresh system ASAP. To my knowledge, at or near last working versions. Yes, i've also hoarded all this great software. Results in a functional and reasonably secure system, due to obsolesence and a firewall. Still an up to date OS should be used for sensitive work, preferably lean Linux or BSD, which will still run great on old Windows 98 era hardware. 7Zip_4.57.exe - AFAIK Windows 98 has no built-in archiver, 7Zip is great. CCleaner_2.29.1111.exe - Used this for years, various versions, great stuff. Cute_PDF_Writer_2.7.exe - Occasionally useful, especially if no printer installed. Defrag.exe - Install Defrag.exe from Windows ME, keep the original just in case. The performance of ME's Defrag.exe over the Windows 98 version is remarkable, never saw a system defrag so quickly. Yes, the system ran great afterward. dillo-win32-3.0p9.exe - My favourite no-JavaScript browser for Windows, lean and fast. With some creativity and searching, still possible to find many sites that work acceptably without JavaScript. On old hardware, nothing more crippling than JS consuming CPU cycles. DirectX_9_dec2006.exe - If you're going to game, this would be essential. EasyCleaner_2_0.exe - Used this for years, various versions, never a problem. EusingFreeRegistryCleaner.exe - Used this for years too, not my favourite but works okay, don't know version. Firefox_2.0.0.20.exe - Not a Firefox fan, but probably best chance at getting some modern JavaScript sites running, especially if you want to avoid installing KernelEx. Foxit_Reader_2.0.1414.exe - Most systems need a PDF viewer. FreeWindowRegistryRepair.exe - Generic name, not my favourite but okay. Not in Windows at the moment so can't confirm version, believe it's from regsofts.com. Links-2.1-install.exe - If you want something even leaner than Dillo, for a text-based browser it's pretty user friendly. OpenOffice_2_4_3.exe - Still miss OpenOffice <sigh>, would use it over LibreOffice anyday. pinball_3D_Pinball_Space_Cadet.exe - Believe this was from Windows ME, maybe XP. Classic misson-based pinball, runs well in Windows 98. RegClean.exe - This was Microsoft official, be wary of imposters using a similar product name. Think the version is RegClean 4.1a (build 7364.1, December 30, 1997). Some claim this isn't stable, i've never had a problem, plus it creates a restorable registry file in the regclean.exe directory. As with all registry cleaners, back up existing registry first, only use one registry cleaner per session until a fresh boot confirms existing sofware runs well. Scandskw.exe - Install Scandskw.exe from Windows ME, keep the original just in case. Didn't notice a performance gain, like with Windows ME's Defrag.exe, but seemed to run okay. seamonkey-1.1.19.en-US.win32.installer.exe - Personal favourite for full-featured browser. Since it will become harder to properly run many JavaScript sites in Windows 98, having several browsers installed can't hurt. TCPOptimizer_v308.exe - This is a must have for Windows 98 installs running a modern high speed connection. As Windows 98 defaults for dial-up, using even the generic TCP Optimizer tweaks should result in a HUGE increase in available bandwidth utilization. http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/175553-list-of-working-web-browsers-on-windows-9x/?page=4&tab=comments#comment-1145082 Tiny_Personal_Firewall_2.0.15.exe - Extremely lean and useful firewall, easy to run and uses almost no system resources. TweakUI.exe - Numerous Windows tweakables to play with, don't know the version off-hand, install notes: Run TweakUI.exe, extract to \WINDOWS\TEMP\ - Right-click 'tweakui.inf' and select install - Run TweakUI from Control Panel applet VLC_0.8.6d.exe - This rocks as a general purpose audio/video player. winrogue_0_1.zip - Every system needs at least one classic roguelike.
  21. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. @pionner never did get back to me, looks like my hoarded Win98 SE updates won't get hosted. If anyone needs these to run legacy hardware or software post to this thread, i only log in if i see activity here. Thanks @sdfox7 for the printer information. For now my printing needs are minimal, mostly for my wife's graphic software, she still has a well running Windows XP. Having spent some Windows XP time yesterday with retro gaming (SimCopter still rocks), must say my previous sessions with Windows 98 SE were preferred. As mentioned earlier in this thread, finding working drivers is still easy, for my hardware anyway. Next Windows installs will likely be Windows 98. I do, however, have POSReady 2009, but can't remember noting how it worked with printers and gaming, definitely enjoyed that it was a more stripped-down version of XP.
  22. @pionner: My Windows 98 update collection was emailed a while back, no response received. Hopefully you can still host and link the updates. @Drugwash: Thanks for your input, to each their own. Though not production machines, i didn't notice appreciable glitches or errors without an IE/SP1 upgrade.
  23. @Tommy: Thanks for the printer tips, may have to look into that more, although admittedly printing less and less. Windows 2000 rocks, IMO the finest MS produced, unfortunately not compatible with many of my Windows games. @cov3rt: Thanks for the response. I didn't want to use any unofficial updates, mix in IE upgrades, etc. My Windows 98 update collection doesn't sound much larger than your Windows 95 stuff, just over 100 updates, many are not even applicable to the hardware run (eg. laptop related, some hardware specific, etc.). @pionner: Sent you an email, thanks for offering to host. If you do, please provide a link on this thread for other members. Personally i do not require an auto-installer, prefer old school manual. @98SE: Please see note to 'pionner' above. Bare metal meaning actual hardware install, not virtual machine. I already own Windows 2000 Pro, very nice. Windows XP is by far the most functional, which i still own too, just tired of activation nonsense and by this time the OS had already become unnecessarily bloated for home use. I have a copy of POSReady 2009 around too, decent. Not sure anyone would be interested in my driver cache, drivers are still readily available, if mistaken please let me know. @Nomen: Good question but i have no idea. When i was going through old Windows 98 update lists, seemed some 'packs' excluded updates that were preceded. As Microsoft no longer readily provides the necessary information, it was not possible for me within a reasonable time frame to dig deeper and fully investigate what may/not have been missed. As mentioned, i did not desire updates that would update IE, WMP, etc, nor did i want to use any of the unofficial update packs. To each their own, i still prefer the manual install and prefer to have more control over what gets installed. For future Windows 98 installs, i will just selectively install the relatively few updates that i require. @jaclaz: Thanks for keeping the he said/she said on track! None of this discussion would be relevant if Microsoft had the decency to host a rollup pack, even after end of life. In the Linux world, so simple to dig out retro releases, updates and packages from official sources to keep trucking.
  24. Pasted Windows 98 Install and Setup Notes, if it helps anyone: - Win98 can be installed without using the full drive, use gparted to create fat partition for Win98, ensure all other partitions are not fat, use NTFS or Linux. - If want Win98 to create bootable MBR, from Win98 CD run fdisk to review partitions (4), re-create the FAT partition for Win98 and mark active. Note using gparted to create partition and mark active doesn't work, end up with non-bootable Win98 install. Also use Win98 CD to 'format c:'. - From Win98 CD run 'setup' to install Win98, should install FAT formated c: drive. - Perform custom install and deselect undesirable Windows software options, many no longer applicable or desirable. - Regarding Windows Updates, don't bother upgrading Internet Explorer or Windows Media Player versions, now essentially broken, rely on 3rd party apps (Firefox, VLC). - Several sites online discussing setting up Windows 98 with larger hard drives and more RAM, if install fails try re-install with <= 512 MB physical RAM and Windows98 partition <37 GB (<5-10 GB more than enough, base Windows98 install <1 GB).
  25. To help keep Windows 98 alive, if anyone wants to contact me to get these 'official' updates reply to the post instead of PM. I don't log in often but check the threads occasionally. If anyone wants them all, it's an ~23MB zip file, we can make arrangements. As indicated above, i don't have updates for undesired software, such as Internet Explorer upgrade, so this isn't a comprehensive collection, just what i think is important to run old Windows 98 in the modern era. They were all tested, in that they installed, 'Q' and 'KB' numbers matched and they *appeared* official. Certainly a far cry from signed packages, md5sum checks, etc. I did not modify any updates, aside from the file names. This is what i've got: 2_4_date_2To4DigitDateConversionTool.exe q192425_HotfixForKerberosNetworkWinsock2.0_Error_RNR20.DLL_4.10.2223.exe q236926_TCP_IP_MayRetransmitPacketsPrematurely.exe q237493_SystemDateReflectsChangesWhileDateTimeToolOpen.exe q238453_SpoofedRoutePointerVulnerability.exe q239696_HangResumingSuspendInLowMemorySituationsOrHighDiskActivity.exe q239697_ACPI_EnabledLaptopPromptsTwiceForHardwareProfile.exe q239887_Windows98SE_ShutdownSupplement.exe q240075_USB_DevicesMayNotWorkInWindows98SE.exe q240163_TelnetUp_BufferOverrunTelnetWindows95And98PosesSecurityRisk.exe q240896_OpenGL_ProgramMayCauseInvalidPageFaultErrorMessage.exe q241052_MessageBoxDisplaysBrowseForPasswordSynchronization.exe q241084_ComputerHangsEntering_ACPI_S4_ModeWith_USB_DeviceConnected.exe q241134_USB_MouseOrKeyboardNotWorkingWith_AMD_OHCI_USB_Controller.exe q242193_CreateFile_NCP_MayNotFunctionCorrectlyWithReadAndWriteAccessFlags.exe q242934_WindowsStopsRespondingWhenSendingSystemBroadcastMessageDuringShutdown.exe q242975_1394_StorageSupplement.exe q243199_ProblemsWith_NDIS_IntermediateDrivers.exe q243450_ScanDiskErrorsOn_IDE_HardDisksLargerThan32GB.exe q245065_kb242928_AutomaticRepeatDoesNotWorkFor_USB_KeyboardAfterSuspendResume.exe q245682_IDE_ControllerDisabledInDeviceManagerIfSecondary_IDE_ChannelDisabledIn_BIOS.exe q245729_FileAccess_URL_Vulnerability.exe q246387_FDISK_MayNotWorkWhen_IDE_ControllerIsRebalanced.exe q249146_SoundsMayBeDisabledUsingPlaySound_API_With_USB_HID_DevicesPresent.exe q249635_USB_DriverUsesTheLargestSupportedReportSize.exe q249824_VOLTRACK_ErroneouslyUnloadedAfter255DeviceAdditionsAndRemovals.exe q249863_SGC_ConnectionsMayFailFromDomesticClients.exe q249973_Default_RTF_FileViewerInterruptsNormalProgramProcessing.exe q250514_AccessViolationIn_Spoolss.dll_WhenSubmittingTwoDirectPrintJobsOnSamePrinter.exe q250876_PrintQueuesMayAppearOfflineIfConnectionNumberEquals255.exe q251002_LoadingInvalidImageUsing_OLE_AutomationDisplaysAssertion.exe q252958_HighBandwidthMayNotBeAvailableWith_1394_OpenHostController.exe q253697_USB_EnumerationProblemsWithOpen_HCI_ControllerOnFastComputers.exe q253711_ACPI_ComputerMayNotShutDownProperlyIfDeviceCancelsStandby.exe q254660_FourthAndFifthMouseButtonsNotRecognizedByWindows.exe q256015_DOS_DeviceInPathNameVulnerability.exe q257360_ACPI_CompliantComputerMayHangOnResumeFrom_S1_State.exe q257821_WindowsSocketsSelectFunctionAdds_500_MillisecondTimeOut.exe q258010_PerformanceProblemsInsertingCardBusCardWith_TI_14xx_Controller.exe q258680_ScreenSaverActivationWhileSuspendedMayCauseComputerToStopResponding.exe q258765_RemoteUpdateOptionInWindows98MayAllowAccessByWindows2000Server.exe q259253_ACPI_ComputerWithAntiVirusSoftwareInstalledStopsResponding.exe q259728_IP_FragmentReassemblySecurityVulnerability.exe q260067_MappedDrivesShutdownUpdate.exe q262232_FloppyDiskMayBeUnreadableOrComputerHangsWith_LS_120_Drive.exe q263044_FdiskDoesNotRecognizeFullSizeOfHardDisksLargerThan64GB.exe q263891_InternalStackOverflowWhenQuittingTo_MSDOS.exe q265334_DenialOfServiceAttackPossibleWith_IPX_SPX_Protocol.exe q266772_ClientCannotLogOnIfUnicodeStringIsPassedTo_NTLM_SecuritySupportProviderInterface.exe q267304_IEEE_1394_MassStorageDeviceNotPresentAfterResumingFromStandby.exe q269239_q264650_NetBIOS_VulnerabilityMayCauseDuplicateNameOnTheNetworkConflicts.exe q269388_HP_OmnibookPortableComputerDockingErrorBug.exe q269601_WindowsDriverModelAudioUpdateForWindows98SE_kb242937.exe q269874_DCOM_IStreamWriteCorruptsDataWithNoErrorReturn.exe q271701_CannotUse_PPP_Over_ATM_ToConnectAfterFirstCallClosed.exe q271811_USB_DevicesMayCauseHangWhileAttemptingToHibernate.exe q272137_LongFileNameWithNovellNetWareServerBug.exe q272621_NegativeHardDiskFreeSizeReportedOnVirtualMemoryTabInSystemProperties.exe q273017_IDE_HardDriveCachePackage.exe q273727_Malformed_IPX_NMPI_PacketVulnerability.exe q273991_ShareLevelPassword.exe q274175_ErrorMessageOpeningOrCopyingFileFromFolderEightLevelsDeepOnCDROM.exe q274370_ErrorMessageOrBlueScreenWhenTryToPlayDigital_CD_Audio.exe q275873_SleepButtonAndPowerButtonHaveTheSameFunctionality.exe q276602_DeviceManagerReports_Code10_ForDeviceAndDoesNotAssignAvailable_IRQ.exe q277628_LastAccessAndCreationTimeError5AccessDeniedBug.exe q278033_FixForBugInMicrosoftVideoForWindowsApplicationsWith_USB_DigitalVideoCamera.exe q278368_MemoryLeak_Atmuni.sys.exe q280448_ToshibaWireless_LAN_Mini_PCI_CardMayAppearWithExclamationMarkInDeviceManagerAfterHotDocking.exe q281533_USB_DriverMayCause_Trap14_ErrorDuringDocking.exe q283032_Windows98CannotListUsersInWindows2000BasedDomain.exe q284837_1394_AudioVideoControlDeviceStopsWorkingUnexpectedly.exe q288430_LaptopComputerHangsDuringDockingOrUndocking.exe q288550_PlugAndPlayPrinterMayNotResumeWithUpdated_Vcomm.vxd_DriverInstalled.exe q289635_DisplayColorMatchingDoesNotOccur.exe q290831_SRB_FUNCTION_SHUTDOWN_RequestsNotSentTo_SCSI_MiniportsDuringShutdown.exe q291362_PressingWindowsLogoKeyCausesHangWithWindowsJournalHook.exe q293197_WindowsExplorerHangsWhenInserting_PC_CardDuringResume.exe q293793_Exception_0E_In_Vredir_ErrorMessagesWhenOpenNetworkFiles.exe q295629_EnumerationProblemsWithCardBusCardsInTexasInstrumentsCardBusControllers.exe q305037_LowBatteryAlarmMayNotWorkIfPowerMeterNotOnTheTaskbar.exe q306453_BugCheckIn_Usbhub.sys_WhenRemoveOrAdd_USB_Device.exe q306889_ComputerHangsAfterRemovingSecondBattery.exe q307004_GroupPolicyNotAppliedForUsersInGroupsWithLongNames.exe q308349_Windows98ShutdownHangsFiveMinutesWith_USB_ModemPresent.exe q309081_InfraredFaxModemOrMobilePhoneWithDataFeaturesMayNotBeInstalledCorrectly.exe q310695_DVD_PlayerProgramCannotAccessData.exe q311430_StorageDeviceDoesNotWorkAfterYouInsertOrRemove1394Device.exe q311561_MSDOS_DoesNotProperlyProcessHardDiskHardwareErrors.exe q313829_UncheckedBufferInWindowsShellCouldLeadToCodeExecution.exe q314147_AnUncheckedBufferInThe_SNMP_ServiceMayAllowCodeToRun.exe q315575_DCOM_ProgramHangsAfterServerRebootCreating_DCOM_Object.exe q319571_Keyb.com_And_Jkeyb.sys_DetectNon_US_EnhancedKeyboardsAs_AT_StyleKeyboards.exe q321467_Swenum.sys_PortCls_DevicesDoNotWorkCorrectlyInWindows98SE.exe q323172_FlawInCertificateEnrollmentControlCouldAllowDeletionOfDigitalCertificates.exe q323255_UncheckedBufferInWindowsHelpFacilityCouldEnableCodeExecution.exe q323708_ComputerHangsOrDisplaysBlueScreenDuringInfraredCommunication.exe q38453_SpoofedRoutePointerVulnerability.exe kb811630_FixFor_HTML_HelpUpdateToLimitFunctionality.exe kb814078_js56men_FlawInJavaScript5.6CouldAllowCodeExecution.exe kb823559_BufferOverrunIn_HTML_ConverterCouldAllowCodeExecution.exe kb891711_UnofficalHotfixForCursorAndIconFormatHandlingCouldAllowRemoteCodeExecutionVulnerability.exe kb891781_DHTML_EditingComponent_ActiveX_ControlCouldAllowRemoteCodeExecution.exe kb892211_SoftwareUpdateForWebFolders.exe kb917344_VulnerabilityInJScriptCouldAllowRemoteCodeExecution.exe unicows_LayerForUnicodeVersion1.1.3790.0.exe kb904706_DirectX9Patch_VulnerabilityInDirectShowCouldAllowRemoteCodeExecution.exe
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