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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjBB8_BlKNI&list=PLvUrTMTIQOzWd7-yGsmzIhTxb_YgXww01 WinClient5270 has stated that he, along with other individuals, have significantly improved the project. So it will be much more Vista-looking.
  2. Hello MSFN! I am a huge fan of Windows Vista and I really would like to use it on my laptop but drivers are impeding my progress. The drivers that don't work are my USB 3.0 port and my built in internet Adapter Quallcomm Atheros AR956x. My display driver works just about. My internet works on Windows 7+ and windows XP but when I try to install it in device manager it says it won't work even though it knows the model of built-in internet. can anyone help me? like by modifying inf files? If it doesn't work then can we try get my USB 3.0 working because I do have an internet adaptor? Thanks!
  3. No problem! I have recently downloaded and installed 3dsmax 2013 and while I don't have a Vista installation on hand the installer did say that Vista was a platform that it could install on. I can test this very soon but I think it's safe to say that it will install just fine along with the other 2013 applications. Found some new Programs that support Vista! Video/photo editing software: Lightworks v14 ($$$, FREE, CS) Game development software: CryEngine V ($$$, FREE, OS) Requires SP2 The CryEngine website says that as of CryEngine 5.3 you can only run the editor and game on Windows 7 and up and below it says that Vista SP1 isn't supported. So, previous versions of CryEngine should run just fine and possibly 5.3 runs on Vista SP2 but I will have to test this. I was going to put Unity 5 on there but the Unity website says that Vista isn't supported but a couple of people have said that they are running Unity 5 on their Vista box. I will have to test this.
  4. Alex21788


    Thank you both for an answer. For me it's unfortunate that most of these programs you linked me Won't work on XP x64 because for me it's the best version. Is it possible for you to support x64 bit as well and make separate version for x64?
  5. How would one go about installing this Compatibility layer? Also, Does this work on XP x64 Edition?
  6. DCC Programs: Autodesk 3dsmax 2012 Autodesk 3dsmax design 2012 Autodesk Maya 2012 Autodesk Mudbox 2012 Edit: It appears the 2013 applications do not support Vista but support XP. Edit 2: I have managed to install programs that don't support vista like Substance Painter 2 and the Epic Games Launcher. I did this by moving the Windows 7 Windows Installer into Vista's Windows Installer folder and re-naming Vista's one to msiexec.old.exe. Unfortunately when I run the programs it gives me an error: So what I did was I moved all the folders and files pertaining to this Kernel32.dll from Windows 7 into Vista and I renamed the old Vista files to Kernel32.old.dll and Kernel32.old.mui respectively. Windows 7 had 2 more extra folders to do with the Kernel so I just moved them over. Unfortunately I still get the same error
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