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  1. I usually agree with 99% of what you say, to be honest. Mozilla is evil.
  2. Mozilla pathetic as always. I still prefer Pale Moon (i understand the conflicts with the forum members but) + a functional version of librewolf for apps which don't run on it.
  3. My question was mostly about the market ideas Sun had about Java on Windows and the impact it had at the time. I think this explained a lot about it. I actually think Windows was and still is a very respected platform and i definitely agree had a lot of things going for it in the 9x era. Thanks for giving me the historical background of it.
  4. Would anyone mind to explain me, in a historical context, why Sun/Oracle gave companies who used 9x and 9x users the respect they deserved and let they have reasonably developed JVMs and runtimes for a while? It may be a bit offtopic because this is related to java 8 on kernelex (and not java 5 which was the last version for 98 oficially), but i would be pleased to hear about.
  5. If anyone have tested any e-core only mode in i9-12900k, in Vista, it would be happily appreciated to give their feedback.
  6. Kaspersky if you don't mind the NATOsphere FUD. Their scan is pretty powerful and does not require installs, the only problem is that i haven't used my Vista machine for a while to test if it works now.
  7. I would (would, this is not certain) suppose they would not work or would have some big issues to be dealt with (there is likely a lot of plumbing and dirty work behind they in 10/11 in system level) even if there was some way to get their dependencies running on Vista/7, unless if they were fully based on edge webview, in a way they would follow their own UI instead of the system, just like chromium.
  8. Per W3Counter (Web Clients + Operating Systems, November 2022): https://www.w3counter.com/globalstats.php?year=2022&month=10
  9. "obvious security risks" are debatable depending on context and non-obvious by essence.
  10. We do not like WinUI and most win7/vista users use aero/classic theme and win32 programs. I hate apps and sorry, apps are inferior in every way, not to mention all important apps are electron and therefore run with standard APIs
  11. I constantly use 7/vista in classic theme + 16 bit color. It still brings performance advantages in cheap GPUs and laptop integrated GPUs from ultra-thin machines and i've even benchmarked it/tested real life usage in both.
  12. I find security issues well overblown. People really believe their home machines are as much of a solid target for malware if they barely keep them turned on in a year as much as a company would and rarely expose themselves besides by their ports and IP itself. I sincerely doubt antiviruses are necessary at all aside from a classic 90s-like malware scan ran weekly if you are simply keeping a routine of using and turning your computer at suspend or shutdown time randomly across the day.
  13. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/microsoft/microsoft-kb5020044-makes-task-manager-partially-unreadable/?fbclid=IwAR0GkaQ_XNqL16p_ZvmEvoKbr7R7_MRZug6EmIVJfosWS8DjoRRsZbmT41o Eternally beta since windows 10. Why leave vista/7 if we have all kernel extensions we currently have? better to use two machines
  14. As far as i know, BSD/true unix world mantains their chromium ports without a full multi-process sandboxing environment as well.
  15. I would like to switch to vista from 7 in my ryzen laptop but the nVME SSD isn't recognized in install (lack of appropriate driver likely) and vega 8 has no modded driver for it (there is a win7 one which i still have in backup as it may be down but i have no idea on how to mod it) I wonder if AMD graphics drivers could be modded in a more widespread compatible way, from radeon r4-r7 to vega and RDNA, but they are significantly distinct architectures. ).
  16. I think the main point about the viability of hardening a browser is the case where the code from it is already safe enough along with how architecturally vulnerable it is. By that i mean, chromium may be the worst because it's a whole operating system inside a binary with so much stuff that isn't even browsing-related and the code is just so massive and long-standing. but the complexity of things like its true multi-process architecture, and, particularly, the way the architecture works in certain operating systems, brings extra attack vectors where things do not always happen in userland in a more dominant way and things get mixed (windows NT is an example where that may be a security liability from the way the browser manipulates the OS, but linux is just a kernel and we know there are plenty distros that operate in a very similar way). The browser may be jailed like people in OpenBSD world do, but sometimes you can't jail the browser because you do not want to lose performance (i'm fully anti-sandbox in a desktop system level, for me it was a way of reducing OS and virus protection costs from microsoft, google and apple, the same i think about real time protection). Firefox is better in that respect, and some kind of safari-like browser would be better than the two, as webkit seems to be, in a contradictory way, the freest and easiest community maintainable open source engine from the 3 mainstream ones today, and you can even see people backporting webkit2 code to webkit1 in the WebPositive Haiku browser. I think the ideal mainstream browser to be hardened should be a webkit2 one, Although i'm biased to UXP/PM due to design decisions, way cleaner/smaller codebase, and architectural differences, i think these are my views about the three main platforms.
  17. I would rather die than use win10/11 daily ever again. better to use 7 or maybe in the future vista or if i someday had something that cannot run on NT, BSD. linux distros have the special power to kill me inside me because it's the same buggy unstable ***** experience from 10/11 + bloated from non-PC-related code slow linux kernel + its server/mainframe nature inpraticity and weirdly unintuitive more work for no benefit (for my use at least) way of doing everything.
  18. Thanks for your suggestions mate, i will be reading them asap. Sorry for the very late reply, i've been off for some time.
  19. The (stilll in early development stage) 7 extended kernel brings some very useful win10/11 programs as well.
  20. Thank you, i see your efforts for vista as one of the most important here in the forum as you try as much to help people to get into it. I really dislike having to use a smartphone in any setting i can be at my PC (vista) or laptop (seven), and to leave all windows advantages in the deeper system level, win32 apps and classic windows 95-98 theme/UI (which vista and 7 still mantain as usable) for the awfulness and inconsistency of material design 2.0 in android or, god forbid, iOS. I say that as an avid user of custom ROMs and linux kernel tweaker. It is ridiculously, ridiculously inferior to Vista or 7. So i usually like to use some kind of emulator. Didn't knew about Nox. I will try to test it on my 7 laptop and uninstall bluestacks (never knew it was such an privacy backdoor)
  21. Any idea on how android emulators do with the extended kernel? i cannot use my machine to know it right now. I'm talking about something like bluestacks for light android apps.
  22. Thank you for being charitable and concise in your remarks. I think you were essentially focusing on how microsoft is against old machines in general. This is a point i absolutely believe as well they want to do. they really want to cash cow people and companies out.
  23. Sorry, i understand this is a win11 forum, but why exactly this has to do with using or not old computers in a more general sense? I believe most security issues in kernel exploits are quite overrated because there are ways to partially mitigate them. Desktop windows is becoming as ever as different in other aspects from the system which may turn this harder within time. I know there is a compatibility question with newer programs and program versions or native android applications, but aren't they quite manageable? I'm on windows 7 and i can see significant alternatives in my use. Sorry again i just don't see win10 and win11 even stable enough or performance-wise reliability safe for most production environments. Not to mention most companies are extremely tied to old hardware and are likely not changing if Windows NT is a requirement for their systems or software.
  24. Excuse me? I'm not saying people should prioritize HTTP. I'm saying it's not an asserted guarantee that you will be in security troubles if you visit a http website if you do efforts to estimate its safety.

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