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  1. It's likely the vega 8 windows 7 custom drivers which are available on the web will not work. There are BSODs in Ryzen if i'm not wrong (i heard that at least) as well due to something i don't understand.
  2. Why exactly is it a security prerrogative dogma to be followed that anything running must be virtualized or sandboxed? Even the OS is advocated to be like that by some. It seems completely miraculous and unbelievable from a system architectural point of view. I will not mention the dubious doubt of firefox (from old to new) application containerization capabilities, which is a very chrome-biased and hotly contested idea.
  3. Backporting the stuff inside the system to do this would be far too hard for even the best we have serving the community today.
  4. It was useful for me to run a win8.1+ application on my windows 7 laptop. It seems like a very promising project.
  5. Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool (kvrt.exe) fails to run with win7superfix, minorversion, majorversion and buildnumber set in osver.ini. it asks for KB4474419, which is installed. is there anything to be tried?
  6. Interesting, so if my country government takes full power someday and decide to use the police to prosecute and kill me and other antagonists, they will be able to do it in a more streamlined way if they adopt this draconian ID, instead of political enemy lists which are not as manageable as IDs for average policemen.
  7. I've switched to an athlon 64 like cpu and older desktop PC and decided to try vista with the extended kernel. It is simply the best OS i've ever used on a computer with the ext kernel along it. Thanks win32. This makes me able to have a powerful computer and OS with programs to use all day and work without having to pay a lot on repairs on my expensive laptop. The kernel extensions makes sane computing (winvista, the opposite of win10 and 11) affordable
  8. It's quite impossible to do it in my country. Computers are left turned off in stores with no permission to turn them on. Most people buy by the web, but the issue in the keyboard mic and other parts usually appears a year or so after, where warranty simply is not covered by Lenovo without paying. It simply happens because of windows 10 updates breaking drivers. Lenovo admitted the issue but is not really interesting in doing anything. in fact, they have the backing to do so because people simply buy without any research the cheapest computer they can or do not understand they don't need to use the latest windows to make the laptop work. I use one on win7 and no issues whatsoever.
  9. Budget laptops (lenovo s145) are having their keyboards and mics half-bricked because of windows 10 incompatibilities with drivers, with thousands of buyers in poor countries losing their money without warranty or returning their laptops if they are still warranted, with even lenovo admiting the critical failures, while older windows 10 and windows 7 work normally and FASTER than win10 and linux cpu and gpu wise (i suppose vista is like that as well if you load ahci and usb3 drivers)
  10. I like seamonkey more than any firefox old or new fork simply because mozilla suite was better than FF, but youtube music does not work out of the box (it's not remarkably hard to do) and i strongly doubt they will keep compatibility with Win7 in the future.
  11. Guys i'm deeply sorry to talk about this here, but it seems that their recently launched third party AVX2 build is not far from equal to performance in machines which support this extension to newer browsers. I'm using it daily now and it's such faster it made me drop firefox photon forks. I think it raises the necessity of a build which is based on their latest engine (there are things which simply don't work in current forks, at least when we talk about windows forks) and compatible with all windows that support avx and avx2, and linux. It REALLY makes a massive difference in daily usage. It is still the most private browser as of now along with its forks, and arguably one of the most secure. I don't want to give support to any side, but i think its important to emphasize the significance of this to those who run fast machines with windows 7 and vista (the scope of this forum and considering if our dear vista friends in faster machines manage to have avx, avx2, avx-512 and amx on vista in the future). The GCC compiler and advanced vector extensions optimizations REALLY improve javascript performance dramatically.
  12. I've never seen a plausible argument for this other than "compatibility". Which is quite subjective BTW, as there are many programs that work unoficially as normal in older OSes (an example of it is whatsapp on Windows 7) EDIT: People were speaking about old phones and liking them. I'm into smartphones but older. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo with chinese batteries (the safe ones). It serves me better than current smartphones that look like a brick, it runs android 11, plan to add 12, and it costed nothing.
  13. Hello dear developer. I have a question if you won't bother, as a windows 7 user. Do you think waterfox G4 works reliably in Vista with the extended kernel? Thank you and sorry if the question was stupid.
  14. Steam is literally freezing my machine on start with classic theme enabled. No idea if 16 bit color or any mode. Discord is buggy and slow outside aero. I'm very worried about the future. Will maybe need to dual boot windows 10 only for games and extra stuff.
  15. I've saw (sorry for directly pointing my finger) a post on the windows 8 forum where various people explicitly tried to say windows 7 is slower, something with doesn't makes sense to me, as most of the windows NT kernel and system are definitely growing in size and code and so many extra things like data collection and these things. For a matter of comparision, i will be showing some geekbench 4 tests. The first one shows the Radeon Vega 8 from the ryzen 5 3500u 4000 to 5000 points ahead of vega 10 ryzen 7 3800u laptops, while 2000 to 3000 points behind the dedicated board Geforce 1050TI sh The second one shows the ryzen 5 3500u beating ryzen 7 3800u windows laptops laptops in single and multi core performance. Some linux laptops with ryzen 7 3800u get the single thread win but they still lose, likely because the linux kernel and linux distros today are much bigger and heavier than windows 7. Just to explain: I cannot post all screenshots. I would suggest to search for ryzen 7 3800u results or early-mid 2010s computers (which most here use when we talk about newer windows versions) and make comparisons. my ryzen laptop above
  16. I feel IceApe latest version even faster on Win7 Ultimate amd64 Ryzen 5 3500u 6gb of RAM. Thanks Roytam! I hope there are new possibilities in web compatibility in the future in UXP in general, so certain usecases are fit and i'm able to not use edge in some few moments. But i'm very satisfied with the suite. Again, my thanks and warm compliments for your skills and disciplined efforts for the community.
  17. Is anyone aware on how things may be in future e-core only (ARM Cortex A53-A55 dual-cluster-like) chips? I would be really interested on those in long term future as a ryzen replacement, high power computers do not turn on on my house due to electrical issues,.
  18. I'm seeing dramatic improvements in power usage within more and more uptime. Windows 7 can likely improve things up, as long as GPU drivers are available.
  19. I feel scared about how the scheduler works with a heterogenous CPU using SMT clusters. My Ryzen 5 3500u (which is not like that by any means) goes crazy high power in embarassingly parallel games like Football Manager or script-heavy mods such as Europa Barbarorum II for Medieval II Total War.
  20. I'm sending you a PM. Not going into it as this is very sensitive and it could cause us all trouble.
  21. I'm never, by any means, leaving windows 7, except if some NT operating system appears that is like it. I have (very certainy) above average knowledge on linux distros and unix/bsd. I know how to do stuff to survive as a person who is not a developer but more of a light hacker (i'm not a developer and do not want to code, except in languages i'm interested with no objective task in mind), or a computer science perpetual student/amateur researcher. I know how to deal with arch, debian, bsd enough to survive. It simply isn't up to the level of daily workflow of windows, inconsistency all around, too hobbyst, too inaccessible in standards, from UI to software abstractions that can really bring a possibility of a strong and unified ecosystem for them, massive, monolithic kernel with below adequate (for the linux kernel) code, inadequate drivers/schedulers that can even make very new machines chuckle in a browser if you don't have the patience for working on fixing those, SystemD was just necessary as an attempt to bring sanity but completely contradictory with bsd philosophies (which i personally DO NOT adhere to)... WinNT has architectural advantages that can't be understated. Windows 7 is very efficiently designed for maintenance and power users/developers in mind. WinVista is great but i don't have any hardware to support it, even though i think win7 is more polished (even while lacking certain features but adding others and having somewhat of a more mature and featured kernel). WinXP is great but it has too much issues with hardware i like, and not old enough for older era hardware that i like more (linux, win9x and win2k are more interesting for that). Win8/8.1 is one of the worst aberrations the industry ever brought to us. Win10 was my daily driver for some significant time, but it has simply broken with classic desktop/workstation microsoft windows overall (as much as win8/8.1 did) and is so cloudcentric, anti-privacy and against user control that it makes me cringe. Win11 is a step ahead to hell, with the only exception of the android subsystem. MacOS is such a crapshow (especially with the new UI) that i do not want to come even close to it.
  22. I think mailnews is quite great, i've used the software from BNO, it was quite good, but not my kind of way of doing things. New Moon is something i've never tried. For me, iceape-uxp, even being a suite like moz suite was and not a standalone browser, is way way faster than pm from MCP, and about as fast as bnav

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