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  1. "Failed to render video" bad test: https://i.imgur.com/hXO6cAS.png but..googlevideo.com links from any other people's videos works though. good test: https://i.imgur.com/zsaLzFs.png
  2. No luck as usual. I can only just hope i dont run into this issue, on any other people's videos in the near-future.
  3. Hmm i see. :| Well, i kinda suspect if those darn options werent ever removed in the first place, from the account playback settings page, that would probably fix my account with like "i have slow internet, never play videos in higher quality" - higher than 360p or something, i dont know. That was there in the past... Well for now i sort of have an idea what to do whenever i encounter videos that dont load in WMP ...just turn off the viewtube script temporarily, reload the page so the normal video player loads. that works. At least for now. So far i havent really come across any non-loading videos yet except everything on my own page.. My videos date back to 2009 ..i didnt ever use no fancy codecs or anything. just "xvid" - so i dont know what the hell youtube did to screw them up. https://www.youtube.com/user/kujakiller/videos I dont watch a whole lot. Just gaming-related videos most of the time by users: raocow - DoctorNovakaine - avgn (angry video game nerd) and some others ..luckily all videos from these guys load fine in the WMP-viewtube player....at least i hope it'll stay that way. - This viewtube+WMP combo really helps because it doesnt lag/stutter or anything like the normal youtube player does (firefox-only) - And 720p (the high defintion mp4 option i think ??) has far less CPU usage compared to it
  4. Well just wanted to update: ..i hadn't tried officially a new profile before until this morning. Created a new profile, set it as "default" ..close/reopen firefox so it doesnt have a single edited preference, and no add-ons, etc, except turning on layers.acceleration.draw-fps - But it still didnt make a difference. I just leave firefox idle again -- 20-30 minutes later it's not scrolling 60 fps now. I even went through the trouble of downloading "process monitor" to watch if any files and whatnot are written/read, + process explorer watching the IO read/writes. and absolutely nothing happens at the exact momment it starts. 0 bytes Write/Read ... screw it. But...i'm happy to report that i dont have to worry about it for youtube anymore since getting that "viewtube" script. Where it loads windows media player 11 on a video page, instead of the youtube player itself. And this doesnt have jerky-ness or anything. It's always smooth at all times. What a miracle! ...and no screen tearing either. (probably due to the "video smoothing" and DirectX options enabled.
  5. i've already spent hours (no joke) trying desperately to search about those dang video account playback options last night. ..and there's not 1 single topic that mentions them, in the youtube help articles there. What about my last question ?? About getting "viewtube" to always read from the googlevideo domain instead of youtube, is it possible ?? Dave-H - yea... figures. It's worthless. (if you click View => Page Style => No Style ...then there's clearly stuff related to "AV1" codec ..but no buttons or checkmark boxes or anything to edit.. https://i.imgur.com/9gGRAnk.png
  6. Well im still not exactly happy though, you know ?? ...because there's no way for me to edit any of these settings, cause they dont show up at all in the "playback and performance" screen on https://www.youtube.com/account_playback -- do any of you guys get any sort of video player settings on that page ?? ... I tried like using a windows 10 + firefox 70 user agent directly on that page for example...but didnt make the options appear still. And i really dont like the fact that i would be forced to logout every time i want to watch a video that wont load because my youtube account is apparently setup wrong by those stupid google/youtube people. (the developers or whoever got rid of the freaking options that used to be there) Is it possible for there to be some line(s) added to this viewtube script that would redirect those "numbers.youtube.com" ..to the googlevideo.com domain before the video actually gets loaded (to viewtube/windows media player) -- i dont know a single thing about scripting code, i wouldnt have the first clue how....would it work though ??
  7. Already have the updates, and the tls 1.1 and 1.2, already tried every single possible combination i could a dozen times. just literally trying all of them...even the SSL's. https://i.imgur.com/EI3rl6k.png One more note: Years ago i made a gmail account just for some things. it's not my primary email. I use Yahoo Mail for emailinng/websites/forums/etc, and my youtube account is linked to it. So when i login youtube xxxx@yahoo.com -- but anyway. i logged out of my youtube (kuja killer) -- logged into that gmail account direclty on youtube ....go test my videos, and they all actually work ...with the "googlevideo.com" links ...log out again, back in with my real account kuja killer ....and again... videos dont load, it's the stupid "random numbers.youtube.com" That's why i was saying on the 2nd edit that i think it's my youtube specifically that's got screwed up ..not windows media player itself. ...and there's no stupid video playback performance options (not on the gmail, and not on my yahoo/kuja killer either) to control whatever's causing it to ignrore that googlevideo domain.
  8. Yea i only just replaced my ip address with x's there on the screen just to not expose it ya know ? but i swear i didnt touch anything else. So then i should try something else in that "general.useragent.override.youtube.com" thing ?? I just used what grey_rat said earlier -- Mozilla/5.0 (iPad; CPU OS 6_0 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/536.26 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/6.0 Mobile/10A403 Safari/8536.25 Well okay... i changed the 5.0 to 4.0, and the 6_0 and 6.0 to 5.0 -- didnt help I then then tried pasting it in firefox's "responsive design" user agent box -- and then the yellow label showed up at the top "we'll stop supporting this soon" and a blue label "you were redirected to desktop, return to mobile [button] ...didnt help ...so i clicked the return to mobile, and then viewtube instantly showed an error about "cant load video player" ..like it didnt work with it whatsoever period. I googled a couple "online youtube ripper" websites cause i was curious. and they all have the googlevideo url when saving from them.. is there some way to force youtube to load from that googlevideo.com instead of youtube.com ?? edit 1: I noticed something in the "playback/performance" page of youtube settings. First of all, its totally worthless showing only "captions/info card" but if i clicked "no style" under View --> Page style -- and scroll all the way down the page, i saw a bunch of AV1 related descriptions. Is that only for chrome or something ? How can i get those to show up in firefox ? Or wont matter ? edit 2: oh my god, after all this time for countless hours of trying a billion things, i just learned what's finally going on! if i signed out of youtube, the video finally loads! and from the googlevideo.com link instead of youtube.... but if i sign back into my account (kuja killer) ..then it wont load at all ...back to the youtube.com link again. Apparently my youtube account is f***ed up. I tried clearing cookies and cache, which made me have to log back in again, and that didn't work. But there's no freaking playback/performance settings except "captions/cards" seriously this just makes me more mad. I know there was always settings for this before like "never play high quality videos, always low quality" or like about having slow internet. I know for a fact that i kept it on the low quality/slow internet option before. so it wasnt windows media player (not yet ?), it wasn't k-lite basic pack ...not codecs...not registry edits/firewall ...nothing. Apparently my own youtube account is what's screwed up with no such options anymore to fix...
  9. I have all of the media file type options enabled, -- i checked windows firewall, and firefox is already on the list of included programs allowed to access internet --- i disabled firewall, restart firefox video still wont play "cant connect" -- I've already disabled plugins and scripts mentioned earlier to try with no luck either -- there isn't any "https" apparently in the win media player 11's options so I wouldnt know how to check with that. I tried adding "enabled: 1" to these 2 entries client/server, in registry editor but still doesn't work "cant connect": I tried doing these things here on this page, didnt help: https://mymce.wordpress.com/2013/03/24/fixing-windows-media-player-cannot-connect-to-the-server/ Yea i was able to save the link normally and download it, and play back the video in a player normally...this was the link. it didn't have "googlevideos". But it still wont freaking show anything other than that stupid "cant connect to server" on here. does it have something to do with that ?? When a video actually load in WMP ...the link is "rs---blahblah.googlevideo.com" ...but when it doesn't load like here...then the link is apparently "rs-blahblah.youtube.com" as seen above.
  10. Still didnt help. damnit!! I installed windows media player 11 - nothing. --- I checked the IE 8 internet options, enabled TLS 1.0 - nothing, --- i checked the 2 about:config entries in firefox for security.tls.version.min and security.tls.version.max (min is 1, max is 3) - nothing, --- i disabled the youtube classic script like you said, i added the custom user agent you said, - nothing https://i.imgur.com/HfNpjca.png I checked these, these are the defaults already, but i turned them off to test ...turn them back on - nothing https://i.imgur.com/EVzlUy3.png I went back to the installer for the k-lite codec basic, i made sure those http settings were checked and did the file associate thing you said, to reinstall it... nothing what the helllllll
  11. Argh this is making me so dang fustrated. :( https://i.imgur.com/nIg2OzR.png
  12. I see... Yea okay i tested it once just to see. Turned off the polymer script for a momment, and yea. The video player didnt disappear or anything like that. But.. certain types of videos still wont load in Windows Media Player at all, no matter how much i mess with all the settings, low/high quality, mp4, m3u8, auto, DVL ..still always "cant connect" or that ..file not supported message. Does it not read from the new media player plugin file, and tries to read only from the original WMP file or something ? I disabled the old file in firefox plugins list...so only the updated new one that i downloaded from you, is being used. I already installed this 13.8.5 from this page, so that cant be it. https://codecguide.com/download_k-lite_codec_pack_basic.htm Or do i need windows media player 11 ?? I seriously dont have a clue. to test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKmwEATN4sQ
  13. Hey there, im going to post/ask here about "viewtube" that i seen alot of dicussion on here about. I was going to try this out today.. and I installed viewtube with TamperMonkey. After reading posts here and the instructions on the site. I set it up with Windows Media Player 9, and I installed the last official supported version of win XP "K Lite Basic" Codec Pack. But i have 2 problems. 1st: it works with most videos so far that are "not" avc1 according to the "stats for nerds" window on the normal youtube player screen. But... any videos that are avc1 (or when the plugin-container.exe starts up) ...then it wont work, and i can't figure out why...here we go again. :( I'll keep clicking play but it wont ever do anything, so i right click, click "error details" and always get this, saying "cant connect to server" - I obviously have all the codecs and such, so..i dont understand what's wrong. Any ideas ?? https://i.imgur.com/VitpGgj.png edit: if i try "direct video link" - it still wont play, but instead error details say "Player does not support the format your trying to play" ..but how ?? - i have the plugin there obviously. I got it from user "grey_rat" in this thread, with version "" --------------------------- 2nd problem: I have a "disable polymer" script for TamperMonkey as well, so that it will always force the classic youtube, it does worry me that you guys saying that it may stop working next month. I think this is somehow conflicting with the viewtube, because like the page sort of it refreshes itself after a few seconds removing the "polymer" from the end of the URL. and when that happens, the whole entire video player disappears from the screen ...and about 30 seconds later, Viewtube will say "cant get video element" https://i.imgur.com/GvZ58pc.png Is it possible to somehow stop the page refresh so it doesnt remove that part from the URL when the page loads ? (I wouldnt have a clue what code to add to the script) - I always have to mash the STOP button on the browser before it reloads itself or whatever-the-heck, so that it doesnt delete the viewtube part.
  14. I don't really remember cause I didnt really quite pay attention to it. So i'm not 100% sure. I would always restart firefox every couple days on average though. I'm very depressed ...i tried that UOC+Enforce patch mentioned and ...no, still the same. Still doesnt last very long until scrolling is no longer 100% smooth (including watching youtube videos, until the smoothness starts skipping/stuttering) The 120 FPS i thought really was going to work, when i turned on the "draw fps" thing to monitor it, but it just gradually drops after awhile ..even at like 80 or 90-something...the smoothness is no longer happening. That UOC thing also breaks slack, ..it will never accept the Firefox 60 user agent i have to use to get past the "browser no longer supported" screen. I was guessing it was somethiing with all the dozens of "network.xxx" lines i saw in the UOC file. I don't know. Also youtube gets weird looking in Full Screen, like it doesnt fill the whole screen anymore, and I can see parts of the video images of "related videos" on the side for example. 1 test I did earlier was...open firefox, just only 1 active tab, nothing else. There's no animations or scripts or anything like that going. Everything is just fine at first, so i minimize firefox and come back like 20 minutes later. Never touched the computer or anything, bring back up firefox and....no more 100% smoothness (youtube watching as well) It just doesnt make sense. ...i give up. i have to live with this then. *cry* Chrome doesnt ever have these problems. But probably because of how every tab is an actual seperate chrome.exe, and closing said tab will terminate that particular instance of the chrome process. (while the firefox multiprocess mode does not) - But i get a yellow label for youtube saying there going to get rid of it soon (as this topic was originally about) ..also slack doesnt work with Chrome there, for some reason has messed up page rendering problems that make it almost impossible to see anything on the screen except the options/info at the top of the screen, firefox is fine though.
  15. Thats the last possible thing i was thinking about, for the graphics hardware. I have a Dell Latitude D620 laptop, which is Intel GM 945 Graphics. I get errors and/or "blocked/blacklisted" in the troubleshooting info page. https://i.imgur.com/jrLTZ25.png https://i.imgur.com/tNJNHih.png All the "force enables" with everything dont help as i mentioned earlier, to get past those errors or blocks. Is that why the opengl, webgl, and use hardware acceleration all dont do a thing ?? And according to this page, the only supported version not blocked is "4926" -- https://wiki.mozilla.org/Blocklisting/Blocked_Graphics_Drivers#Intel_cards And this page ...the last possible update that was ever published for this model was 4814 - https://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/04/drivers/driversdetails?driverid=984x8&oscode=ww1&productcode=latitude-d620#otherversion So it wont even make a difference if i try to install that since I would of needed 4926 i guess, which is from Intel 945G ...not GM ..(a different motherboard type) So i'm seriously screwed then huh ??
  16. hrm dang. well it doesnt matter wether i use sandboxie or not, that's defintely not it. I've still been spending hours nonstop and still havent had any luck. More things i've tried from all the endless threads i've looked at from google search: webgl.disabled, gfx.webrender.force-disabled (okay this one didnt exist in about config, so i added it manually to test), layers.prefer-opengl, webgl.disable-angle, gfx.font_rendering.directwrite.force-enabled Nothing period keeps firefox smooth at all times beyond the first few minutes, until having to restart whole browser. I've made purely zero progress still.
  17. Hmm i see. Well i did notice that apparently the plugin-container only shows up on videos that use the "av1" codec like my video "8-way scrolling test" or other people's videos. Does not show up on "vp9" or others. That's why it seems some videos worked, and others not. And gosh, wow I had no idea that it was now soley free. I've just been currently now using firefox normally without sandboxie at the momment since then. I seriously don't believe i would get a virus or anything bad like that anytime in the near-future. So now at the momment i'm just extremely annoyed, fustrated, and getting headache's about this "smooth scrolling" issue i explained above. Again, it's perfectly butter-smooth at first opening firefox ...but shortly after wont be as much. It's driving me insane that I cant find out how to keep any regular webpage scrolling/youtube smooth permenately, instead of ... only for a short period of time, until next time i close/restart browser. Sorry if i de-railed this topic too much. Didnt mean to on purpose.
  18. Oh i never thought to try that before, but uhh.. dang. It says it's only for registered version. I'm not going to pay money to use a registered sandbox just for this one single little thing. :| Well something else has been bothering the hell out of me though since upgrading to the firefox 52.9 and I dont know if it was present in 52.0 before cause i didnt pay attention much to such detail but.. scrolling webpages, and watching youtube videos will eventually not be completely "smooth", after awhile. What i mean is, for example, i'll track this by enabling "layers.acceleration.draw-fps". Middle-click with mouse to scroll pages up and down, and it'll be 60 FPS and perfectly smooth at first, same with youtube/anything. But after awhile everything will start be choppy. (50-58 FPS) ..it's certainly annoying as hell with youtube. Even if i never opened any other tabs or pages, just... at some point later it when it starts happening. I've seriously searched through dozens and dozens of sites, reddit dicussion threads, etc for hours and hours, and tried everything possible. like disable hardware acceleration, enable, force-enable, "layout.frame_rate.precise" to true/false (currently leaving on true), "layout.frame_rate" to 60 instead of -1, trying a new firefox profile, ..deleting places.sqlite and starting with a fresh copy -- going back to "not" using multiprocess mode...just everything. nothing ever makes a difference. ONLY if i completely close firefox and reopen, it'll be back to normal and smooth... but not for long. I'm really seriously fustrated yet again, sorry to say.
  19. Well sandboxie is a program that runs whatever you chose in a sandbox enviorment so that it doesnt ever touch or modify anything on your hard drive. And especially in case of viruses/malware, they wont be able to cause harm to your computer if they are inside of that sandbox. I use it just to be safe. I've never had a problem for years anyway, since I have "noscript" with firefox. but "better safe, then sorry" I think the phrase goes ? Yea i cant understand or figure out why the plugin-container doesnt ever want to show with it...so then i went ahead and installed the 52.9.1 in sandboxie, but that still doesnt make it happen apparently. Only if i run firefox normally without sandboxie's supervision. I guess i'll have to stick to that for the time being. And yes, im so thankful, slack works. I was just afraid because, once every couple days, i guess the page reloads itself, going back to "your browser is not supported" ..so i have to manually do that Firefox 60 + windows 7 user agent again. And it did show that page a few times already since trying out 52.9 ...like it's constantly trying to get rid of me or something, heh. thankfully that user agent spoof still works. Now i went ahead and read the whole entire thread for "enable multiprocess for firefox 52" ..i tried it out once, just kept the regular default "1" extra process setting. I was curious. Not sure yet if i "feel" improvements with youtube, live.fc2.com streams, etc. I watch streams alot on live fc2, which also seems to only work with the plugin-container
  20. To Dave-H or anyone else. Okay, well i've spent countless hours since then with literally next to no sleep trying to look up this situation. I've googled and read through dozens of sites/forums, even toggled other settings on/off not mentioned in the 1st post of the "enable h264 etc etc" post here. I've tried everything i can possibly ever think of and haven't figured out... until now..sort of. First, i always use firefox in a program called "sandboxie" - I have the last supported version of sandboxie - 5.22 -- the changelog page said something about fixing h264 with firefox + sandboxie since 5.20. Okay .. But that didn't help. So then i tried installing firefox 52.0 seperately to the computer ("not" sandbox" ..follow all the directions again, etc. And to my surprise, my youtube videos now load. After closer insepection, i think i FINALLY found out what exactly this is. The "plugin-container.exe" apparently is required for youtube to work now. I didnt know that. I've heard and read nothing bad purely bad things about plugin-container.exe and how it should be disabled to run things more smoothly. I confirmed by just simply deleting it from the program files folder, reload firefox, and my youtube videos, twitter videos/gifs, mp4 test sites, they all go back to that spinning circle animation forever ...i un-delete the plugin-container.exe ...try again, and now youtube and everything works. But...it wont ever show up in sandboxie for some reason and i have no idea why. I then finally installed the firefox 52.9.1 you said, "sandboxed" but still didnt help. I cant figure out how to get the plugin-container.exe to activate. There's no error messages or any such thing by firefox or sandboxie. I dont know what to do next. I honestly perfer to use sandboxie because it's safer than without, "just in case". I apoligize for my horribly long posts. I hope this aint too much for you guys.
  21. dang. Well, im on regular 52.0 - I didnt go to 52.9 because I'm afraid it may completely kill the online web version of "slack" for me which I need. (i always have to use a firefox 60 user agent for that to load, and it works like only 75% of the time, sometimes have to refresh several times with the FF 60 user agent, for it to load) So i dont currently use 52.9. Is that it, for youtube ?? I'll say by the way, i did follow all the instructions very carefully on this page a long time ago: I did everything right, but there's only 1 single value i currently have disabled that does not ever seem to work properly. Which is "media.gmp.decoder.enabled" If i set that to true, then youtube videos will try to load, but always stay in that spinning circle animation forever. Seriously. Doesnt matter if i click the seek bar a thousand times to any specific time on a video, it'll never get out of that loading animation, and it also completely breaks the "troubleshooting information" screen on firefox. for some reason all boxes won't be populated at all, until i set it to "disabled". I dont know what's up with that. :(
  22. Well i did notice some of my videos are okay, but others not like the oldest one -- 8 Way Scrolling Test on Megaman 3 - 2,920 views - 11 years ago -- or my most recent one from 2018 - "Rockman 2 Slide and Charge" I have a greasemonkey script that automatically adds a "?disable_polymer=1" to end of all youtube links, cause that regular screen format they use looks terrible and no images load, etc. That cant be it though, cause i've had that there for at least 2 years already. (i temporarily turned off the greasemonkey script, but that didnt make a difference, still "no format recognized blah blah". here's a screenshot of the plugins screen
  23. This is really starting to make me depressed. I use Firefox 52, and I don't get any yellow bar about unsupported browser or anything, and the actual "supported browsers" page even says "your up to date, enjoy youtube!" -- But all of a sudden, my own videos wont even load now from as far back as 2009. :( The video player screen says "your browser dont support html5" blah blah. I never used any special codecs or anything like that for my videos. Why would they stop working "now" ? Is it cause of that polymer thing you guys were discussing ?? https://www.youtube.com/user/kujakiller/videos This is my page. And for the record, i watch this guy's videos everyday -- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAC65YxT-jEDYg0psBcAoOw/videos and only "now" suddenly the video player wont load cause of that stupid annoying "dont recognize formats, html5" ..but i was just able to watch everything literally yesterday. :( I tried to change the user agent to firefox 60 but that didnt help.
  24. Ah i see. Okay, i wont do it then, glad I asked cause i really didnt know. And no i havent done anything important or installed anything recently. I only ever use chrome to sometimes watch youtube videos, discord (web browser type cause the actual program is only for windows 7), and watching streams on "live.fc2.com" since firefox 52 cant play streams from there. I have the last chrome version avaiable for win XP i think ?? since it always says "this computer will no longer receive updates" - Version 49.0.2623.112 These BSOD's happened after i was done watching a youtube video for example, closed the tab -- then click the X in the top right to close chrome, and then instantly get the BSOD - It's only happened 2 times ever so far. (the instant i closed chrome, each time) - The 1st time by the way also said "kmixer.sys" which is apparently related to Windows audio mixing.
  25. Hello, I want to ask about a specific windows update before i install it. First let me explain. I recently gotten a couple blue screen of death's whenever closing out of the Chrome Browser. I've researched on google for many many hours, looked through many forums and sites. The BSOD i get is about win32k.sys -- I've downloaded "windbg" tool to look at the crash dump details, and it specifically states "chrome.exe" as the process that causes it. I'm not going to try and make this way too long to read, but after hours of research, there's supposedly a windows update that might possibly work. It's " Update for Windows XP KB959252 " - All the official microsoft links i found to this are either "404 page not found" or "file not found" pages. This page listed the kb959252 about chrome and win32k.sys, but links to a microsoft page that isnt avaiable anymore. https://www.ruggieroav.com/Microsoft_Updates_and_Fixes Eventually i found it from this website, finally: http://thehotfixshare.net/board/index.php?autocom=downloads&showfile=9650 I had to go to wayback machine to view a microsoft page that tells what files are modified in this update. And the win32k.sys file had a timestamp of 2008 But the win32k.sys file on my computer currently says: Version 5.1.2600.6514 - Time 2/6/2014 7:01 PM Is it safe to apply this update ?? I was worried that it might accidently rollback the version and time to this 2008 version. I just want to be extra sure before i install this update to see if it resolves the BSOD's from chrome. Just hope it doesnt make the file an older version if that makes sense.

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