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  1. Hello, i saw this topic via google searching about this recent phenomonom, and i signed up to commet here, this is the only place with an "active" dicussion right now. I've been using AIM 5.5.3595 all the time most of my life, and i absolutely refuse to use any "higher" version ...and i was able to use it just fine until this really stupid "going away" message. It seems i was able to continue using it just fine no problem beyond March 15 ....until today March 23. I have a couple people who still use AIM once in awhile that i talk to But now i cant because of this stupid crap...i dont want to use 7.x ever. I had my AIM 5.5.3595 custom hacked as "dead aim" which included logging and other features like removing all the ads from the window and so on. (from 2004 i think) ..i thought maybe my modified "dead aim" is what kept my past the march 15 deadline.... but i guess not now. If anyone out there in the hacking world is able to come up with a solution to continuing using 5.x ...please i would be eternally grateful, i'm even willing to pay money if possible. (if that statement is against forum rules, i sincerely apoligize) ...i dont want to give up my AIM 5. *edit* i thought i could make it work by using the more recent connection server that "ksc.aol.com + port 80" in connection settings rather than the login.oscar ...but no I will check this thread at least once a day.. hoping for any update on this situation..

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