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  1. in either the windows dir or the root drive dir there may be a "i386" dir that contains all the setup files. Is it a OEM machine (dell or other big name) or is it a homebuilt machine, if it is it probly has the CD-Key printed somewhere on the outside of the case? as another option look online, i know there are tools that will tell you the CD-Key of the windows machine it is run on so you could use another CD to install with their CD, the only problem i see with this is that usually these are found on 'shady' sites, but if the machine is already full of spyware it can't really do to much damage.
  2. do any errors come up, programs stop responding (as in you have to exit them), or anything besides being really slow? How long has this been happening, since you installed, or just recently? If its just really slow i would check what processes you have running in the b-ground. Are you overclocking?
  3. its the same, but winnt.sif goes in AMD64 not i386 as before
  4. ya i know, im not a big fan of aol myself (ie i hate it) but i use the music part everyonce in a while for listening before i buy it
  5. is the VMware virtual HD on that drive? if so that would be the problem. other than that i don't know what to tell you, i think you can access the a programs access rights in the regedit, or using gpedit.msc if you have pro.
  6. i beleive it goes: IDE1 master IDE1 Slave IDE2 master IDE2 Slave SATA1 SATA2 ...
  7. I found this excellent Extension for FF that allows you to open pages in IE within Firefox (in a seperate tab), but i think that it just puts out a call for IEXPLORE.exe, which comes up with the 64-bit ver. and i think that is causing a problem with it opening it and FF just closes when i try to open a page in IE view, and ideas how to make the 32-bit IE the default for when IEXPLORE.exe is called? http://ietab.mozdev.org/ [quick update] it seems to work for most sites now, but it crashes anytime i try music.aol.com don't quite know why anyone have a guess? and i would like to add that using firefox for windows update =
  8. if you know it works fine on your machine I wouldn't worrie to much, but i would ventur a guess that Office shrinker removes some device support that it needs on the VM, but i really can't say how office shrinker works
  9. <Edit> Looks like i was beeten to it, I would say DigeratiPrime's way is probly easier (with the SFX)</Edit> look at usung the "-profile" switch (do a search for portable firefox to see its context as I'm only familiar with the concept) which you can then create a folder "C:\ffprof\" and have the -profile switch point to that to (and put all the links in the all users profile, not an individual's) and anytime you run it from those shortcuts it will run with that profile, this isn't an elegant solution, but your other option would be to use GUIrunonce (so it runs the first time a user logs in) and run a batch that copies the profile from the admin profile to their "%AppData%\Mozilla\Firefox\" folder.
  10. I put Ultimate, but he more I read about the so called "features" (safer computing/DRM and such) the more and more XP is looking like it works good , especially considering that many of the features that i liked (winFS) are coming to XP
  11. Does anyone have a link to the nForce3 drivers(x64), i can only find beta ones from last november on their site, and I know that the drivers i have now are newwer than that, so im guessing that there are probly even newer ones out
  12. Desktop I like a nice clean desktop.
  13. ender341

    64bit support?

    MS Visual Studio can save 64-bit. I tried it with the Setup Billboard for my X64 CD and it worked like a charm, though maybe not as quick to edit (though im sure thats all based on taste).
  14. - like they said there is a limited ("most" new hardware has x64 drivers or they are in development, so if your only card you put in your machine is video you are fine) driver support. - Some older software does not work (and a limited number of new software such as splinter cell 3 (last i heard)) - Few CD-mounting apps (but daemon v4 should be out this month), and the ones that are out have some problems (like only mounting ISO's) + Large programs (photoshop, dreamweaver, windows) load faster + Less lag (in performance not network speed) in games, you usually don't see more FPS, but you usually don't get as laggy (such as in RTS's when you have a ton of units on screen) + Control Panel Loads extremly quickly (this always buged me in win32) + More stable (as said based of win2k3 SP1 and NT 5.2) + "some" better spyware protection (some of the spyware won't install itself, as it doesn't seem to be compatible) + The feeling of knowing your running "state of the art" software while all your friends are still stuck in the age of 32-bit And you can always check here to see if there is drivers: http://developer.amd.com/drivers.aspx sry for some of the repeat answers that were already given, just wanted to "show my support". IMO unles you can't find drivers for your hardware, or you can't run some of your software on it there is on legitamate reason not to use it .
  15. I know the first ones are in the registry tweak sticky somewere, though i don't know where. or you can always use regshot to look at the changes that happen when you change thoses settings. As for the second pic are you trying to get it to modify the boot.ini? if so you could try a batch and copy it (i don't think it works to put it in the $1 file, trhough im not sure).
  16. doesn't the x600 share system memory? if so that could be the problem (but i would really think that would be taken care of at a hardware level with the os not knowing the dif., but you never know. Personally for me i haven't noticed more mem. usage with the drivers (i have an X800) What ver. of the drivers did you d-load and install?
  17. What type of install is it? have you tries /S, /s, or /qn? P.S. Welcome to the forums
  18. The problem with that is that most games us the registry, so it rather voids the use. I attached my script that install latest zero hour patch (rename it to .exe from .txt), just put the patch file in the same folder as the script and run it (make sure the patch is called "setup.exe" so it can be run zhpatch.txt
  19. is there a way to keep nero from screwing them up in the first place, i know how to fix it but it happens all the time, so is there a way to keep it from screwing up those registry keys?
  20. MS Visual Studio 2003 (and im asuming 2k5 beta) work for me. Bit harder to use/edit but it works
  21. have you tried using the repair festure, that many times helps me. Also, is the Comp connected to the internet able to connect to the internet, or are you on another comp?
  22. Are there any transfermation packs on x64? all i have found are ones for 32-bit windows
  23. are you manually setting you IP, subnet mask, and all of that, or are you having them do that automaticly, I belive when connecting directly you must manually set them. I would truly suggest getting a router (even if its a cheap one) so that you don't have to adjust those settings all the time.
  24. Check There (for WMP) Sry for the late reply
  25. You have to use the cable box to change the channel.
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