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  1. firefox - search for silence of the foxes bf2 - in the app install sub forum go in the autoit scripts stickky and my script is listed on the last page Steam i believe uses the "/S" to silently install to get it to copy the games you have to have the game installed, and d-load all the games you want / updated, then copy the steamapps folder from the base of the steam folder, then you just have to copy it over using a batchfile MKDIR "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Steam\SteamApps" taskkill /F /IM Steam.exe START /WAIT XCOPY "Location\SteamApps" "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Steam\SteamApps" /E /I /Q /R /Y (remove the x86 from the prog files dir if you dont have 64 bit windows) for programming is it VS (post 2k3)? if so sea this post: here Search for universal switch finder, d-load it and you can drag the prog onto it and it will determine on common installers if there is a silent install (though regretfully most games do not have a silent install) as i don't use most of the other programs listed (or have not gotton aaround to automating them (like COD2)) i can't help you to much on them
  2. Here's my battlefield 2 script (and yes the cd-key is seperated for a reason) Sorry for not fixing this earlier its been a busy few months. to get past the registration part put this in the support folder [url="http://matt.devertex.com/EReg.exe"]http://matt.devertex.com/EReg.exe[/url] use this to figure out the file structure (note it does not have to be on the root of the partition) [url="http://support.ea.com/cgi-bin/ea.cfg/php/enduser/std_adp.php?p_faqid=10875&p_created=1127328997&p_sid=n6jfpRUh&p_lva=1&%20p_sp=cF9zcmNoPTEmcF9zb3J0X2J5PSZwX2dyaWRzb3J0PSZwX3Jvd19jbnQ9MTczJnBfcHJvZHM9Nyw3MDAsMCZwX2NhdHM9MCZwX3B2PTIuNzAwOzMudTAmcF9jdj0mcF9zZWFyY2hfdHlwZT1hbnN3ZXJzLnNlYXJjaF9ubCZwX3BhZ2U9Mg**&p_li=&p_topview=1"]EA support page[/url] note it is for the sims 2 but use the same file structure (disk1, disk2 etc) for the install if you don't want to switch disks it is a blank program that just opens and closes so that it thinks you went thru the registration or chose not to [size=3][color="#FF0000"]this does not get around needing a CD-Key, it only stops the install from asking for you to register online[/color][/size] if you don't trust me you can compile it yourself [code]// all it is this (C++) int main( void ); { return 0; }[/code]
  3. didn't they start trying to change the premise of the game (i thought i read something about it on Penny arcade way back when...)? but i can say, even if it flops i hope they release it, i mean how long has duke nukem forever been in dev (or for that matter how manny engines have they used) and never released it.
  4. wow your right that is one heck of a plot twist, i cant wait
  5. personally i agree with the OP, even compared to my friends comp were all the settings are at the lowest, COD2 looks bad in comparison on 360 (haven't seen any high res, but personally i don;t like console FPS's nearly as much as PC ones)
  6. he's an player who while the rest of his group was stratagizing a raid or instance just ran in with no support. if you beleive in natural selection hilarity ensued . (i believe there is a video of it on fileplanet
  7. quake 3 can use multiproc. (though in truth any modern computer should be able to handle it well sans 2 cores) Far Cry uses 64-bit (have to d-load the patch from amd.com
  8. i find it usually works better to just use net user, while oobe.ini usually works for me, its a guessing game as to how ofter, i think it was mainly designed for sysprep installs (but don't quote me on that )
  9. the problem is it keeps trying to run files on start up which it cant find (and when i delete the entry it seems to re-appear), but since i have the cd-key i figure i'll make my parents an unattended disk that installs all the stuff they need (basicly java/flash and such along with office) i wanted to do a fresh install anyways because they like to install a lot (*many times many) propagandaware, and the sad thing is all the trials expired before they even bought the comp...
  10. Are other computers able to conect to the net? Are you able to connect to other computers on the network?
  11. didn't come up in ff or IE. Maybe its cause im on x64 (its saved me from more than a few virus's )?
  12. create a new account for your mom that has admin privliges, move the necasary files, and delete your folder.
  13. actually ironman that was what i was hoping to do on the thing (once i looked at some of the batch files that they failed to delete after the install i decided that they must have some of the worlds least experienced programers) i know i used to have a program that would give you the cd-key for the windows disk (as toshiba doesn't give you one), does anyone know where to find this so i can reformat with a non-ghosted disk? [update] after a little searching i found this program to find windows xp keys on the currently installed machine (if the mods don't think this is to much of a cracking tool, please just remove the link, or tell me to remove it, but i can say for me it has been really convenient) magical jellybean keyfinder
  14. Does anyone know of an unistaller that just force unistalls aol, when i run the aol uninstaller it tells me aol is ont installed, i tried reinstalling aol (*shudders*) and trying to uninstall it again and the uninstaller said it wasn't installed, anyone knoew how to get rid of it? *Curses toshiba for installing virus's with their computers, and of course curse aol and all the evil it has spawned sorry if this should have been in the software hang-out, i though i was in that forum when i created the topic, but i was mistaken, so if a mod sees this please move it to software hangout
  15. If you haven't already, d-load it: http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/announcements.php
  16. what are you removing with nlite. and it also sounds like you are modifying an already modified windows disk, its usually recomended to start with a fresh cd each time you make a disk
  17. Here's what i get when i use set ALLUSERSPROFILE=C:\Documents and Settings\All Users APPDATA=C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data CLIENTNAME=Console CommonProgramFiles=C:\Program Files\Common Files CommonProgramFiles(x86)=C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files COMPUTERNAME=MATT-DESKTOP ComSpec=C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe FP_NO_HOST_CHECK=NO HOMEDRIVE=C: HOMEPATH=\Documents and Settings\Administrator INCLUDE=C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003\SDK\v1.1\include\ LIB=C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003\SDK\v1.1\Lib\ LOGONSERVER=\\MATT-DESKTOP NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS=1 OS=Windows_NT Path=C:\WINDOWS\system32;C:\WINDOWS;C:\WINDOWS\System32\Wbem;C:\Program Files\ATI Technologies\ATI Control Panel\;C:\Program Files (x86)\Executive Software\Diskeeper\ PATHEXT=.COM;.EXE;.BAT;.CMD;.VBS;.VBE;.JS;.JSE;.WSF;.WSH PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE=AMD64 PROCESSOR_IDENTIFIER=AMD64 Family 15 Model 31 Stepping 0, AuthenticAMD PROCESSOR_LEVEL=15 PROCESSOR_REVISION=1f00 ProgramFiles=C:\Program Files ProgramFiles(x86)=C:\Program Files (x86) PROMPT=$P$G SESSIONNAME=Console SystemDrive=C: SystemRoot=C:\WINDOWS TEMP=C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp TMP=C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp USERDOMAIN=MATT-DESKTOP USERNAME=Administrator USERPROFILE=C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator VS71COMNTOOLS=C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003\Common7\Tools\ windir=C:\WINDOWS
  18. your proble is this DefaultStartPanelOff = No try deleting that
  19. it works just the same as on a 32-bit machine, so no probs there
  20. i beleive microsoft has stated that vista will be the last 32 bit system (though if someone would confirm that would be great).
  21. most software released within the last 5 years (or so) should work, and the emulation isn't really bad, if there is a slowdown it is usually negligable, but usually (especially with vid editing) it is a little faster (even when it is 32 bit) though that just may be the server 2k3 backend of x64
  22. Save that in notepad as a reg file and use this command to integrate it "REGEDIT /S %path%\filename.reg"
  23. I would say that while you won't see any sort of jump in speed, you usually see less freezing. There is also that fact that it is based on a newer version of the NT kernal and is more stable though I beleive it is that an individual App cannot be given more than 2 gigs of ram
  24. man, just when you think you've seen it all, someone links to wiki
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