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  1. lol i dont wanna show off my pus wattage, all i wanted were honest opinions from you guys as you prob have better xp wit these psu's. all i really wanted from 1000w psu was stability, not braggin rights, i figured since the old enermax i have oc's so well why not stick wit em and go with their highend psu, when i bought the 350 it cost me $95 with the Lian-Li PC 70usb case total was like $480, so i thought id trust enermax for quality wityh the galaxy series as the liberty seems to have a 10% failure rate on new egg,
  2. those are great choises and iv been looking into either the ernemax liberty 620 or the ocz 700, but both seem to have little probs like the liberty serisand a magnectic clicking when it shuts off or turns on, and the ocz 700 watt seems to be going through a bunch of faulty psu fans form what ppl are say at ncix, thats were i go to buy my gear, i know its a waste but i was hoping it would be a nice psu for DX 10/am2 and the upcomming quad core cpus, considering i will never try water cooling cept maybe the freezone cpu cooler ($390) still too much but its a sdafe water cooling im too nuubish to try a water colling solution form koolance id prob screw up and fry my board, review from new egg customers Pros: lots of power, SLI support, Modular Cabling owns... Cons: Good for makeing Campfires, the first one I had died after a month takeing my cpu and mobo with it, and the second died after 5 months. Im never buying Enermax AGIAN Other Thoughts: Buy it if you wanna fry all the components in your pc Pros: Nice modular cables.... Cons: PSU fried after a week of working great...and took my mobo with it. No pop, no smoke...went to boot up my pc one morning and it wouldn't post. Pain in the neck troubleshooting it since both the PSU a nd Mobo were fried.
  3. not not becuase it has the bigget # of them all come on. i have a old sys that has a enermax 350 and amd 1800 + its running at 2.6ghz with that psu, so i trust enermax in ocing, and i know its overkill but i do plan on going Quad SLi and phyix once the prices come down,
  4. right now its the DFI SLid-DR Expert (NF4) the power is for overclocking and i know how hungry the sys will get once i start throwing more HDDS and more volts to the ram and cpu,
  5. Here is a list of what im looking into buying i need to know what ya guys think as thsi is only a temp rig till theirs better AM2/DX 10 cards out, 1,Video 2X XFX GeForce 7900 GS XT 256MB 2,Fortron FSP Booster X3 300W Power Supply Booster 3,Mushkin Redline XP PC4000 2GB 4,Enermax Galaxy 1000W Power Supply what do you guys think? i have the $$$$ to spendo nthis my current rig is using a 6200 TB pci-e vid (BFG Blew it) i will never use bfg again, and for psu it was a temp 440 true pwer TT, and 1 gig of somethign called BYOC mem from local retailer, and a amd opty 165 havent oced waiting on ram,
  6. you could right-click my computer, choose properties,advanced,then startup and recovery, theier you can make it stop restarting and get the right bsod info, it could be a pageing file issue but i havent gotten a driver irql error for years,
  7. that looks freakin sweet lol, thatd work great for my customs XP cd's,
  8. thnx i was thinking of that since it had alot of power to work through anythign, does anyone know how to add those RCa ports to these HTPCs like the hush multimedia pcs? do i need to have a certin type of soundcard or is their a add-in i can put on it so i can connect the sound form the htpc to my home entertainment system? also the a64 3200+ msi ssytem would it be wise to turn it into a IAS server and have my network run through that>? or just let my gmaing router handle that? and just throw few 500s into it and make it a 1U server i the corner of the room? i have the dlink wireless media center ($399) so i was thinkign of putting a storage area for fiels in one sys and the other a htpc for recording tv and what not, ill get into that later when i get the case, thnx for pointing me towards that one i was looking at a ntec minute or soemthign a tiny one but i think that will match most of the hardware out in the Entertainemt room,
  9. Its been a very long time sicne iv posted here, been alot of htigns goin on but enogh talk lol, heres my Q i have a plethora of spare parts 2 rigs actually 1 is a old anmd that can hit 3ghz on air, the other is a mad 64 ssytem i wanna know what i can do with em, 1 old rig #1 asus A7N8X Deluxe rev 2.0 amd 1800+ (3.01ghz) 1 gig ddr 333 Corsair 160gb wd ata 133 8MB Geforce FX 5900 128 mb Enermax 350 watt psu Game theater XP 7.1 2 Current Rig MSI K8T Neo 2-f amd 64 3200+ 1 gig DDr 400 Kingston Thermaltake 460 True power 2.0 wd 200 gig sata, wd 160 gig E-sata LG Flatron 17 4ms LCD 3,new rig DFI LAnparty Ut SLI-DR Expert Enermax Liberty 620A 2gigs OCZ Gold Series Duel 7900gt Evga 512 150 gig sata Raptor 500 gig Maxline 3 E-sata amd 170 opty the new rig si in peices waitingo n a few more parts as of this post, i need to know whould i turn the old amd 1800+ that hits 3ghz into a server or make it a htpc, and the msi that cant oc for its life into a server?
  10. iv tyred gettin to work via my computer but it wont enable it still get this prob, could icons be corrupted? or is it time for a format, p.s this is a new format happened only 1 day after system was updated with drivers, Title edited -- Please, use [TAGS] in your topic's title. Please follow XP Forum Rules from now on. --Sonic
  11. will this let me use nero 7 instead of the oem verison i got?
  12. well i did click it,thats what opens the label maker, i open it using smart start, and thats all i get, i dont sue nero exspress,
  13. dont see it up top all i see is this, should send it back since it cant do what i bought it for? Nero
  14. I just picked this up for $80 and was wondering how on earth do i actually burn the dvd labels? the software it came with is nero 6 oem and its pretty much useless, i tryed surething 4E that doesnt have any options to print to dvd? anyone else knwo of software that works?
  15. has anyone else had thsi prob? i just got mine in last night, when i called the place were i bought it from they said its a common issue, if id know that id have went with the NXT Nemisis Elite, its about $20 more but im sure it wouldnt have a prob like that, the front panel is basicly warped and isnt inline with the rest of the panel, just wondering if anyone else had ths case and that prob?
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