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  1. This is awesome. Another fine choice instead of MSIE. I'm more Firefox though.
  2. I like AOL for a wee bit. They kept Mozilla and Winamp alive.
  3. Check the WPI-forum. Read the first sections of the help-file, it should help you on your way.
  4. It seems to have been deleted altogether. Why's that?
  5. Goody, my iPod arrived yesterday.
  6. 1. It's an RC. Some bugs will be fixed for tomorrow, the official beta. I recommend waiting a weeeee bit longer. 2. The menu's are fugly due to this bug. I'm a lot less Firefox-principles-enthusiast because of the arrogance this patch was checked in. Time to check out Opera. Oh, and Feedview was checked out due to too many bugs, in case you're wondering.
  7. Yeah, but make sure cdswitch.exe is put in the $OEM$/$$/system32 folder.
  8. Try: cdswitch WPICD2 /g:XPCD1 /d /r:*DRIVE*\autorun.exe /rw WPICD2 = disc to be inserted /g:XPCD1 = detect drive holding this disc and use it /d = suppress autorun /r... = launch a program. *DRIVE* refers to the disc you just inserted. So if you want to launch "D:\autorun.exe" use this. You have to manually launch the AutoRun-stuff. /rw = will make CDswitch wait for the launched program to exit. This way GUIRunOnce won't continue.
  9. Two main ways: 1. Keep a WPI per disc, and launch CDswitch in between. Use the "/r"-command to launch the second WPI. 2. Use one WPI, and put CDswitch as an app between the apps from disc one and the apps from disc two. Make sure it can't be unchecked, or isn't visible, or whatever.
  10. Looks pretty much the same to me. They labelled some buttons, but that's about it. If you're referring to the -now really crappy- Nero Express -which I never use anyway - it's a good thing they moved the akward menu's to the left instead of a new window. Overall, not impressed. They should stop trying to conquer the digital media world in every aspect. Their picture viewer sucks, their media player sucks, their backup program sucks, their multisample audio program sucks (I can continue), but god, the burning program is awesome. They can also keep developing Nero Digital. ^^
  11. It's out now. I don't feel like copying the links tho
  12. I tried using AAC+ at 128 but I noticed some noise. Then I tried 192 and it was transparent, but it was a bigger file than OGG (which is also transparent at that bitrate). Seeking depends on the plug-in your using. in_vorbis was updated a while ago and is now instantaneous.
  13. It's the only difference as far as I know. I'm gonna wait for the final (shouldn't take long), but I still hail OGG over anything. However, now with my iPod ordered and almost shipped, I started ripping my albums again to MP3--alt-preset. I know iPods play ACC, but do they also play +?
  14. Hi all, I'm the author of this small tool. I'm looking for people using CDswitch and WPI together. See, I documented the use for Batchfiles/RunOnceEx/XPlode before, but I have never worked with WPI, and I currently don't have the time to learn it (I will for my next uA disc tho, but probably combine it with XPlode). So, here my request, to anyone that uses CDswitch and WPI, could you post your setup on how to do it? It will be included in the documentation for the next version. Full credits to you will be given of course. Thanks in advance,
  15. Is CDswitch-unrelated, so it's best to start a new topic about this. I've never used WINBOM.INI. If your suspicions are correct, use my "VMcleaner" tool to clear leftover processes.
  16. Sounds even more crappy than MP3pro (and that's saying something).
  17. 1. Beats me, maybe you can use the tools provided by AutoIt to detect the window class 2. Use CMDOW to hide the CMD-window.
  18. Pretty self explanatory I presume. Next up is implementing multiple drives.
  19. Adding a user is described in both example files and the documentation. Automatically logging it in requires a registry value, which you can find in the Unattended Guide.
  20. 1. First see if it works. If not, use my method. 2. It will be installed with Administrator rights under Default User. This means every user will get all the registry and application data settings, as if it was installed under that user.
  21. 1. Works for all programs you mentioned (Office is gonna be more tricky tho, check my signature), and yes, you can execute batchfiles at this point. 2. cmdlines.txt is more appropriate, you have full access to registry etc... 3. that's my screen!

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