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  1. Winamp 5.24 Msi Release

    <item display="Winamp 5.0.94"> <execute display="installing..."> <program>#SOURCEDRIVE#\Install\winamp\Winamp5094.msi</program> <arguments>/qn -Xlibrary=1 -Xintex=1 -Xmodernskin=1 -Xaudio=1 -Xextra=1 -Xtypecont=1 -XQuicklaunch=1 -XREGAUD=1 XREGVID=0 -XREGPLS=1</arguments> </execute> <execute display="Configuring startmenu..."> <program>#SOURCEDRIVE#\Install\winamp\startmenu.cmd</program> <hide>true</hide> </execute> </item> I'n using xplode to install winamp from comandlines.txt but i get the "windows installer screen" showing me the options how to use it (switches and stuff) then i click OK but winamp is not installed? anyone know whats the problem? thanks!
  2. hiding a splash screen

    I don't get it... I used reshacker, serached all the files , found the bitmat recource...tried resizing , deleting...(AVWIN.DLL) before as well as after installation.. it still comes up!
  3. hiding a splash screen

    1. Is is possible to hide a splash screen that appears when antivir-guard starts after antivir installation? i use taskkill to kill the guard but it takes to long and the splash still comes up... can u use <hidewindow> and what window class is it then? hoe does this work? will <hidewindow> wait until it sees the right window class and then hides it? thanks!
  4. xplode from cmdlines.txt

    thanks for your answer! 1. I've got a completely silent office XP installer made with office -shrink. can i use this directly or does this have have to be done using the method in your sig? 2. If i run from cmdlines.txt will these programs be installed for all users? how does this work? gr.
  5. add user + automaticaly logs in

    How can i add a user and let that user automaticaly log in? (with Xplode) thanks!
  6. GFXinstall plug-in settings

    very helpfull thanks!
  7. GFXinstall plug-in settings

    I want my xplode to integra in the windows XP install like this : Does anyone know which settings i have to use for the plugin to fit over the screen? (like font,position etc...) Thanks!
  8. xplode from cmdlines.txt

    1. I want my xplode installation integrated in my windows install : To do this i've read that it has to be started from cmdlines.txt. But i've heard this wasn't possible for all programs because some need administrative rights or something? i wan't to install these programs : -nero -office -winrar -java -.NET -winamp -firefox -antivir -adobe reader -msn messenger can this be done from cmdlines.txt? can i run batch files at this stage? 2. If i run xplode with the [setup-params]-method, at which stage of the install will it be executed then? which method is more suitable for the above programs and why? thanks a lot! (i've searched the forum and checked the docs. but couln't find the answer...i'm new to this stuff)
  9. Hello, Is is possible to prevent antivir personal to show the window with the program files after unattended setup? thanks!
  10. Silence of the foxes

    Is it possible to incorporate an option to copy passwords in the installer? also how can i makr the 7zip extractor silent? can't do i with reshack. thanks!
  11. Office Shrinker [reduce source of o2k3/xp/2k]

    can i use the /qn switch for the office install ti make it silent? thanks
  12. winrar 3.40 install

    Hi , i've got a question about an install (i'm very new to this stuff) : I want to run setup from runonceex but i want it to install in the default program files-folder. with nlite you can specify a default program-files folder and i want that to be on - let's say - my D: (and C: would be my system drive) i found this on the winrar site : but i want to keep it "universal" and not point winrar to a specific drive (because that may change/not be the same for everyone). so is it possible to let winrar install in the "default prog.files folder" (whatever drive that might be on) (configured with nlite). Is this possible with other programs? like : adobe reader,office ,nero thanks a lot!
  13. Nero Custom Applications Builder (NCAB)

    I get the message that it can't find winrar on my system but i do have winrar installed! (3.11) , also tried 3.40..
  14. How to make a 7-Zip Switchless Installer

    Hello, I'm new to this stuff and i've read this guide and made a simple winrar installer but i've got a few questions : - how do i tell it which path to install? - hoe can i preconfigure some setup options? (like shortcuts yes/no and file associations and whatever..) or is this not possible? Thanks!