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  1. Or copy sym_load.cmd to the AeroGlass folder, delete symbols folder the .cmd to download newest symbols from MS. Reboot. sym_load.cmd Requirement: Debugging Tools only from the Windows 10 SDK Kit https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/downloads/windows-10-sdk/
  2. Then if AeroGlass needs only a whitelist string please BigMuscle give us customers a small update-release!
  3. Which download links? All from here http://www.glass8.eu/download are working fine!
  4. If an AeroGlass error message pop ups after a Windows Update + reboot, yes! If it doesn't help after download new symbols and a reboot AeroGlass needs an update!
  5. Follow JTB3 post! After set the requirements (Debugging Tools, copy sym_load.cmd to AeroGlass directory) delete the symbols folder in the AeroGlass directory and run the cmd to download the new symbols. reboot! sym_load.cmd
  6. I'm on 1909 Build 18363.387 now and latest AeroGlass works after reload the symbols!
  7. Yup. Primary for UWP apps and some system dialogs i think. https://docs.microsoft.com/de-de/windows/uwp/design/style/acrylic
  8. ..nope, doesn't work for me Thursday before MS stopped anything related RS5. Symbols are loaded but didn't work.
  9. Yeah we know it bigmuscle! You must know we are test lemmings and trying everything. And just for info for other visitors here: AeroGlass 1.5.9 doesn't work without issues on Windows RS5 1809 ! Wait for an update !
  10. Also here AeroGlass doesn't start. No errors or anything related in the debug.log Tried to reload the symbols from MS but doesn't help.
  11. ..and where can i find the aerohide.exe? With Google no luck! I know there was a solution for the task planer without any extra exe here in the forum. But after reinstall Windows 10 i forgot to save this task and i doesn't find this post here anymore.. And BM,, please ignore this post completely!
  12. Watermark for beta info ok, debug window ..mmpf. Better optional! But i respect the choice from the dev and i wait nervous on my chair with hitting F5 every hour. just my 2cent.
  13. It's normal, It's beta! Now tweak your AeroGlass with this app...
  14. Updated also directly to Win 15063.0 and had no problems on screen. AeroGlass simply off and some .dmp files inside AeroGlass folder (one for every windows start).

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