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  1. O.k. yesterday evening when shutting down Windows several Windows updates were installed, see screenshot of the update history: I am currently on Windows 10 version 1809 build 17763.737. With AeroGlass I should have the latest version v1.5.12 -- just installed it again. However, since this morning, I get the message "Aero glass does not know how to hook your version of dwm (0x2000)": (Sorry for reporting it nonetheless In addition, the Windows window frames are completely transparent since this morning, as can be seen above. Can anyone make some sense of what is happening here or what the problem may be? Thank you -- PS: here is the content of my AeroGlass folder:
  2. First, I feel it's strange if a paying customer can't login after payment (i.e. can't get the product he paid for), and his polite support request is ignored afterwards, like with Matthias' request above. Second, same happened to me just now. After a considerable donation amount, I get the exact same e-mail saying "You can login by visiting the following link and entering your PayPal e-mail and the following password". But there is no "following password", anywhere. So how can I please get my copy of glass8?
  3. Thanks, that's interesting. What is that Winsxs folder used for anyway? If it's merely some sort of security backup, I'd move it to another hard drive using Junction Link Magic, and leave only some naked Windows system folders on the i-RAM system partition. Cheers, David.P
  4. Hi Forum, I'm curious about minimal size requirements of the system partition. I'm running XP from a SATA RAM installation (Gigabyte i-RAM, to be exact), and its 2GB size are plenty of room for XP. [XP installation took about 12 minutes, boot time now is exactly nine seconds (after P.O.S.T.), making a backup or restoring an image of the system drive takes exactly 15 seconds (because my data hard drive is so slow and the rest of the OS behaves, well, just like if everything always were kept in RAM (what it is ] Programs and Windows\Installer folder are on another hard drive of course. So, what is the least partition size that I could fit Vista into? Thanks, David.P
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