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  1. Where did you come up with the dot number after the 10586? From regedit current release I got the following from the initial update to the first cummulative update: Windows 10 Home 10586.0.amd64fre.th2_release.151029-1700 10586.17.amd64fre.th2_release.151121-2308 I'm trying to learn just how to know what release Win 10 is and the preferred location to determine the revision. Thanks in advance. Bud P.S. From another thread I noticed that you use DISM. Does that work with non-imaged installs as well? P.S.S. OK. I finally found it: Settings>System>About. Sometimes obvio
  2. The Win 7 made it to Win 10 activated. Used a Win 10 iso. It's at 10586. Maybe some crap is a little less crappy. Maybe. ********************* Update: The system is still up after 2 days!!!!!! and it actually did a consolidated update once!!!! Good crap is a little hard to take after all these months!!!!!
  3. For what it's worth: Downloaded Windows 10 iso using MediaCreationTool yesterday. Today, after a few hours of determination, the iso updated my activated Windows 7 Home to an activated Windows 10. The Windows 10 is 10586.0.amd64fre.th2.release.151029-1700.
  4. On older PCs, the 64 bit capable AMD or Intel CPUs may not be enough to run some 64 bit operating systems. The supporting chipset on the motherboard may limit the success. In updating to 64 bit Win 7, some PCs make it and some don't. Some that don't have run 64 bit Linux Mint. Most all of the 64 bit capable CPUs will run 32 bit software with no problem. I always try 64 bit operating systems first for the added computing potential. However, malware, virus or just bad code can bring down the best of systems.
  5. BudwS

    IE 11 issue

    Did a clean install of Windows 7 Pro to wipe the hard disk and get control back. IE 8 was the browser after the clean install. Went to the Dell support Web site to get needed drivers. A note on the Dell site suggested IE 11 would work better and provided a link to Microsoft to get the download. IE 11 downloaded and installed cleanly. Went directly from IE 8 to IE 11.
  6. Not sure how something that's free is overpriced... Windows 10 updated an activated Win 10 to an unactivated Windows 10. Then MS wanted money to buy a new Key. Yes, "Free" is overpriced.
  7. The Win 7 is just about back to normal with all the Win 10 updates installed and still at Win 7. In the next couple of days will try the "light speed jump" from activated Win 7 to activated Win 10 (hopefully 10586.26 or better). Just another try to get beyond "Worst Crap Ever." It might be possible?????? But the other options are looking better every Day. Just got a New, "OLD" Dell with an i5 quad with Win 7. I feel like a kid who got an early Christmas present. Life is good. This one doesn't get Win 10. But it might get more memory and an SSD.
  8. Is there a way to know what the 10586 version/sub-version is that replaced the version that this thread is tracking? Or does the "fixed" 10586 have the same issues being tracked? I wonder if the 10586 iso that downloaded last week using the MediaCreationTool is the "fixed" 10586? It destroyed(lost the activation) my activated Win 10 when it did the update?????
  9. 10240 to 10586: I got the Activated Win 10 10240 to update to 10586 with one of the iso options, however the Activation was lost in the process????? Got the message to buy a new key to Activate. With VirtualBox Snapshot, I'll go back to Win 7 and try again using the 10586 iso or by now the Flagged update is probably 10586. Glad I grew up on a farm so dogs*** is just a way of life. Makes me long for the country life. Oh, I live in the country so everything is OK.
  10. The facilitation of 10240 to 10586 has been and still is a challenging task for my guest Windows 10 in VB 5. I wonder if there has been a change in which some device drivers 10586 update has "black listed?" 10240 went through the "installing drivers, etc section" and completed the installation. However, 10586 balks in that section and now says there are driver issues that didn't exist in 10240 and stops the ugrade. I wonder why I don't get the option to "continue" so I can deal with drivers after the update completes? Tasked with having fun with the Windows 10 merry-go-round. My techien
  11. "nothing said will change it." I agree with the "64 bit" part. However, the shop where I fix hardware PCs is having a lot of issues that interrupt the production Win 10 PCs. How long that lasts will be interesting. Windows 10 on the quad Dell XPS is just for fun and training to be able to fix PCs. Still trying for a clean 10586 update. Win 7 Pro is still the PC choice. Runs fine as a Host. The production computer at home is an iMac quad i7. It just works and software updates just install quickly. Can't make any money fixing Apple computers, they don't break since the capacitor iss
  12. MS seems to be the Joker. Windows 10 RTM was the joke on me. I found out how to tell what revision Win 10 was installed on the activated Win 10 PC. It turns out that it is 10240. That explains alot. 10240 was a want-a-be preview release that had the same issues as the RTM Windows 10 OS. And yes, the OS windows update failed the same way. I suppose it should, it's the same software. From this and other forums, 10586 has a myriad of issues as well. I guess it's time to wait for 6 months to see what shows up then.
  13. Thanks for the information. However, the purpose of allowing windows update to upgrade/update the activated Windows 10 Home was to see that it would install cleanly. The actual download time was reasonable with the 12 Gbps internet connection. It was the actual install that was the problem. The installed Win 10 Home took up about 23 GB of disk space. There was about 90 GBs of space available for the upgrade to use. The system had been wiped clean for any malware or virus before the update started. I've used a Win 10 iso to try to update several activated Windows 7 systems. However, mos
  14. MS History repeats itself and has achieved another vote for "Worst Crap Ever" Preview at 10240 could/would not update/upgrade with the windows update procedure. The slow download usually completed but the actual install while taking a few hours would crash in the 40 to 60% progress area which required a restart to continue. Never did get a clean upgrade with 10240. And no iso was available. Installed and activated, released Windows 10, windows update downloaded Windows 10 version 1511, 10586. The download completed but the install stopped at 40% and required a restart to continue. This
  15. How can it be???? Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever???? Two times in a row on different PCs with activated Windows 7 using the Update/Upgrade Windows 10 Flag downloaded and installed Windows 10 to the activated status. I can't believe that Worst Crap could be on such a positive roll but it is!!!!! First thing that I did after the clean install was turn off all information gathering parameters. Maybe it was just Thanksgiving phenomenon. Time will tell?! Neither of these new Windows 10 PCs have hung or crashed yet.?! Judging by these two examples, it's pretty good crap. :-) {Mirror image} (-:
  16. Another perspective: In the past year, the only time the production system went down was when a storm came through and the power went out. No UPS. Granted this is my home system but it runs both Apple and Microsoft software. Bought a maxed out iMac 4 years ago and the hardware is still beyond the PCs being sold today in stores. I can choose to install updates or not. OS X updates have been free with no time restraint. The iMac and the iPhone play well together. The Apple store is friendly. Even with Steve gone, the company seems to be run well. I have the feeling that Microsoft hire
  17. My 10240 that came packaged in the Oracle IE11-Win 10 Preview container for VirtualBox seems to be unusually stable. Even updates just work!? However, running 10240 Win 10 Preview just seemed to crash too often. Totally unreliable. I don't know why the IE11-Win 10 Preview just works without Classic Shell. You're right about the released Windows 10. I restarted Classic Shell so it would stablize the hangs and end the start menu issues. Also, uninstalled the 2016 Office (try it for a month) 4 days early. Maybe that unstablized Win 10??? Win 10 is just fun because it is so screwy. But
  18. BudwS

    IE 11 issue

    Good question: Firefox and Waterfox both run with no problems on Windows 7, why not IE11. On my Preview IE11-Win7 VirtualBox container from Oracle, IE11 works fine!?
  19. Sorting out the crap: A couple weeks ago my activated Windows 10 Home Premium play system caught the "Start Menu" problem. Installed Classic Shell to get a working start menu. Exited Classic Shell to see if Windows 10 start menu was working again. It was!? And it stayed working!? Do you think that is an exmple of 3rd party software fixing the released Win 10 operating system???
  20. Crap: Windows 3.0 and 3.1 were far worse than released Windows 10. Windows 10 Previews may compete for Worst. I'd vote for that. However, just yesterday an activated Windows 7 Home Premium actually updated/upgraded to Windows 10 with no errors!? CCleaner removed all the unnedded software which left a clean operating system that didn't crash!? The start menu actually works!? It may even be used to do something useful. I use the Windows 7 Pro operating system to do useful things. Free in itself is not crap. Even if it is Win 10. Linux Mint 17.2 is free. It installs cleanly, much quick
  21. Having worked on crap computer hardware and software for many years, I have to object to giving Windows 10 the status of "Worst Crap Ever." Operating system software in the last 50 years has had some real candidates for the category of crap. Also, consider that crap software has put a lot of groceries on the table over the years. Perhaps, working with crap for so long has given it a place of technical challenge to help grow a few new brain cells. The best part of today's crap is that it runs on computer hardware that weighs less than 20 pounds. When I think of the new operating system sof
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