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  1. R.I.P.

    Thanks for your mods all these years.

  2. I cannot confirm this, but it is reported that Gora "Evgeniy Sakharov" passed away July 7, 2016. Very sad if true, I believe it to be so. (Creator of the Gora Universal Extractor mod which I used for years.) R.I.P Gora! Thanks for all your freeware contributions over the years. Thanks for picking up the torch Bioruebe!
  3. I haven't tried W10 so far. No "Desktop" is a start, but aren't there still thumbnails, even larger than before? Or am I thinking of another switching mechanism? Yes adding it and or removing it does not change the situation, some games actually force windows to use classic alt tab, even when not in compatibility mode as I mentioned in my post earlier. That's why I need this to remove search pane, for whatever reason nobody else is reporting my difficulties but changing the registry setting does nothing. That's why I need this patch to remove search pane... which unfortunately isn't removin
  4. Thanks bud, I was able to get the game to stop that behavior... unfortunately alttab is still showing "search pane" when in use, anyway this can be fixed? I double checked and relaunched the installer, it asked me if I wanted to uninstall it so I know it's working. Thanks!
  5. Hi can you please update AltTab varriants to 6.3.9600.17415 dated 10/28/2014? Thanks very much! I really need this fix because my game forces windows to use the classic alttab and when I use alt tab and the game is in windowed mode it starts bringing up searchpane and my game constantly minimizes when I click something!!! Deleting or adding the registry value does not fix this issue because some games force this. I need something to remove searchpane from alt tab. Thanks!
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